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Colourful Pool Tiles: Pool Tile Options For Your Home

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Pool tiles can be found in a range of exciting options that allow you to completely customise your outdoor or indoor pool area as you experiment with a variety of colours, patterns and even materials. Traditionally, glass tiles have been used in pools thanks to the product’s immense durability and the vast range of colours available. Modern pool tile collections have expanded however to include different variations of the traditional glass pool tile along with porcelain options and even stylish decorative shaped solutions to help you create a completely customised and unique experience in your new indoor or outdoor pool.


Thanks to the strength and durability of glazed porcelain, you will find many lustrous options available that are suitable for use in your new pool. Porcelain tiles are a non-porous form of ceramic tile. These tiles are created using the same raw materials as ceramic tiles however they are glazed and baked at much higher temperatures, resulting in a harder tile with a non-porous finish that will not absorb liquids. These tiles can be made in just about any shape, allowing you to create a stylish personal touch in your new pool design. 

Our glazed porcelain Fishscale Tiles use a classic tile shape to create a stunning pattern in the pool. These luscious tiles feature a sleek, glazed surface finish and are available in a range of deep blue tones as well as crisp white option, perfect for a modern pool design!


One of the most popular choices in pool tiles, glass tiles are available in a rainbow of colours. Thanks to their smaller size, the individual tiles can be arranged into a variety of custom patterns and even intricate murals to create a colourful experience in your new indoor or outdoor pool. Glass mosaic tiles are sold in sheet formats; netted mesh sheets, often measuring 30 x 30cm are used as a backing to keep each individual tile in place during the laying process. 

Omnia swimming pool tiles

Using ocean inspired blends of colour, the Omnia collection is manufactured using 98% recycled glass, making it an excellent choice when designing a home with sustainability in mind.

This stylish choice of pool tile can be used to introduce bold, glimmering colours into your pool area with design options available that allow you to create a completely custom design. Contrasting coloured glass mosaic tiles can be designed into geometric patterns or even detailed murals to create a bold piece of art in your new pool’s design. 

Our Bisazza mosaic tile collection for example, includes endless choices of colourful designs that can be used in a single colourway, in blended options that feature varying shades of colour or you can select from a range of available patterns and designs that can be completely customised to suit your specifications. 

The Bisazza Smalto 20 collection features an extensive colour palette with options ranging from traditional aquatic tones to autumnal hues, soft neutrals and many more! These classic glass mosaic tiles are applied using Bisazza’s exclusive hotmelt system which ensures complete and thorough adhesion to the surfaces of your indoor or outdoor pool.


Porcelain tiles are renowned for their incredible strength, longevity and durability. Their non-porous nature ensures they will not absorb moisture, making them an ideal solution as a pool tile. It should be noted that only specific porcelain tile collections are suitable as a pool option so it is always recommended that you check with your Perini Tiles Consultant on the specific recommendations of your tile selections prior to locking in your choices. As with glass tiles, porcelain tiles are also available in a range of colours, shapes and patterns, allowing you to create a stunning pool area in your home. 

Unlike glass tiles however, porcelain tiles will feature a flat, solid colour. Where glass tiles allow for a play on the light entering the pool’s water with their translucent qualities, porcelain tiles will provide more of a solid, grounded feel in your design scheme. 

Cabra colour porcelain tiles

A luxurious architectural porcelain tile, our Cabra collection includes an impressive range of colour options and sizes. These incredibly versatile tiles can be used in many ways throughout your home, from a stylish bathroom floor or wall tile to a stunning, vividly coloured pool tile. 

Pool tiles can be found in a range of styles and materials, with glass and porcelain being the most popular choices thanks to their impressive strength and longevity. These exciting options each allow you to create your own unique style in your next pool design with an endless range of colours, shapes and patterns available to select from. Perini Tiles offers both in-showroom and online design consultations where we will recommend the very best pool tile options for your design while also walking you through any potential customisation options for the ultimate in creative freedom!