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Colour in the Bathroom

Bringing colour into the bathroom can be a difficult task so we asked our good friend and interior decorator Belinda, from Gallerie B with an experienced eye for colour, for some expert advice on how to get it right.

I am a big lover of colour and I think the bathroom is no exception. Many people opt for the safety of neutral tones but I think colour is a great way to lift a space and add a sense of fun and personality.

Here are my 4 tips for adding colour to a bathroom.

1.  The Hard Surfaces

If you are are starting from scratch, this is a great time to choose what colour you would like to introduce.  This can be achieved through the selection of tiles and cabinetry.  Or, by keeping all the hard surfaces in a neutral tone, the walls could be painted a feature colour.

2.  Towels

In the last couple of years, the range of colourful and patterned bath towels has thankfully expanded.  I often wondered why there were so many bright beach towels available but this never seemed to translate to bath towels. Towels can act as the ‘artwork’ for the bathroom and are an easy way to introduce colour.


3.  Foliage and Flowers

An affordable way to soften all the hard surfaces within a bathroom is to add a plant or vase of fresh flowers.  Some plants actually thrive in the moist bathroom conditions.  Just a single stem of green is all is takes to bring the outdoors in.

4.  Accessories

Soap dispensers, soap dishes and candles are inexpensive and can be a more subtle way of adding colour.  Introducing furniture such as a coloured stool can be practical for storage but also give the bathroom a ‘spa-like’ feel.

About Belinda 

I am an Interior Decorator with a particular interest in adding colour into people’s homes.  I love the Hamptons’ classic contemporary style. In the past I have designed my own range of accent chairs for clients and am looking to expand my homewares range. 

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