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Coastal Tiles: Creating a Beachy Vibe in your Home

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A coastal theme in the home will create a luxurious yet casual vibe that is timeless and soothing. With the continued popularity of interior design styles such as the Hampton’s look or Japandi interiors, coastal tiles are becoming increasingly available to suit. We’ve selected a variety of luxurious designer tiles that are perfect for creating a tranquil coastal vibe in your home’s interior design scheme with options available in stunning timber tiles and terrazzo tiles, along with a variety of lush pattern tiles to complete the look.

Coastal Tiles: Timber Look Porcelain Tiles in the Home

Porcelain tiles are famous for their incredible strength and durability in the home. Being fired at extreme temperatures, porcelain tiles are a non-porous option that will not require sealing. Furthermore, these tiles provide a surface finish that is resistant to moisture, scratching, staining and heat, making them a well sought after solution for both interior and outdoor applications in the home. Due to their immense popularity, porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly available in a wide range of options that emulate the look and feel of more sensitive materials such as natural stones, timber or concrete. If you are looking to create a casual coastal vibe in the home, timber look tiles are an excellent choice! Featuring the same variations in tone, pattern and texture we would expect from real timber, timber tiles combine the beauty of wood with the durability of porcelain to create a luxurious solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Timber Tiles

Available in a wide selection of timber styles, our Dante plank tiles offer a realistic representation of real timber, allowing you the option of using this luxurious material in all sorts of applications throughout your home.

Coastal Themed Pattern Tiles

Create a vibrant coastal touch in your home’s interior design scheme using feature pattern tiles! These types of tiles are an excellent choice for adding a decorative touch to any interior space from creating a feature wall in the bathroom to adding a sense of drama to your kitchen design scheme as a splashback tile. Pattern tiles can be introduced throughout your home’s interior design scheme to create an element of interest in a space. Balance out you colour scheme with solid colours to create a sense of harmony in your overall colour palette.

Mykonos blue pattern tiles

Our luxurious Mykonos collection is inspired by the lush patterns and colours of Mediterranean design. The collection includes a variety of pattern tile options as well as solid coloured tiles that can be used together to create a sense of balance in your interior design scheme.

Stunning Terrazzo Coastal Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are an excellent choice when you are looking to create a coastal theme in your home’s interior design scheme. These traditional yet timeless tiles were first created as a means of using up by-products of the stone manufacturing industry; assorted chips of stone such as marble or granite are embedded into a cement tile in a scattered pattern, creating a wonderfully varied designer look. Terrazzo tiles continue to be created in this fashion, offering an immensely long lasting and durable finish for the home.

Portsea Terrazzo Look Tiles_Coastal Tiles

An exquisite porcelain tile collection, the Portsea range has been designed to emulate the appearance of a traditional terrazzo tile, offering the immense durability of porcelain combined with the aesthetic beauty of classic terrazzo. Available in a selection of luscious neutral colour options, Portsea can be used as a floor and wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Introduce a Touch of Colour with Soft Feature Tiles

Traditional costal themes will often include a soft element of colour and pattern that is not overly bold. These patterns are then complemented with the use of solid colours and earthy textures to create a casual yet tranquil vibe in the home. Our Torquay tiles offer the perfect choice when it comes to introducing softer colours and patterns in your home’s interior design scheme. These luxurious Spanish made tiles are available in a selection of elegant patterns as well as solid coloured tile options and can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a wall or floor tile solution, being a popular choice as a bathroom tile or kitchen splashback tile.

Torquay collection_Coastal Tiles

Available in a selection of luscious patterns as well as solid colour tile options, the Torquay collection offers a subtle sense of pattern in the home that is perfect for creating the ultimate coastal vibe in your interior design scheme!

A coastal theme in your home’s interiors will create a soothing and tranquil vibe. This look is easily achieved with the use of designer tiles such as timber tiles and terrazzo tiles with lush pattern tiles being the perfect complement. Each of these options will help you create that perfect beachy touch in your home’s colour palette! Our team at Perini Tiles is available to offer their expert advice and assistance throughout the tile selection process, whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting our showroom in person.