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Choosing Tiles for a Wet Room Bathroom Design

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A wet room bathroom design offers a long list of benefits in the home when designed and executed well. Providing a flexible design solution for the home that makes the absolute most of smaller bathrooms, a wet room design can be customised to suit your own individual needs and preferences in the home to create a space that will work best for you. When choosing bathroom tiles for a wet room design, your choices are not dissimilar to what would normally be recommended for use in a traditional bathroom layout however, there are a few key points to take note of in order to ensure the best quality outcome.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

The term ‘wet room’ usually refers to a space that has been completely waterproofed. This style of bathroom design will often feature a spacious shower without a raised shower base; the flooring of your shower will be at the same level of the rest of the bathroom’s flooring, eliminating any lips or steps to create a seamless transition between the main bathroom area and the shower space. The floor of a wet room using this type of layout will need to be carefully angled towards a drain in order to ensure that water will drain away easily and not stay on the surface of your bathroom floor tiles. Alternatively, a portion of the room can be sectioned off with the use of a glass shower screen (or other water proofed vertical divider) to create a wet area that is separate from the rest of the room where the vanity or toilet is.

Bathroom Tiles_Wet Room Bathroom

Our luxurious Carnivale porcelain tiles are used in this modern wet room bathroom. The collection includes a smooth tile option that can be used as both a floor and wall tile as well as matching feature tiles for the bathroom in a luxurious 3D pattern finish.

A wet room bathroom design can also include a bathtub. Depending on the type of bathroom layout you choose, the tub will most often be placed within the shower zone, creating a large space where water can comfortably splash about without leading to any damage to the surrounding surfaces as these would have all been waterproofed and water resistant materials (such as bathroom floor and wall tiles) would have been applied.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Wet Room Bathroom?

This style of bathroom design can provide a long list of benefits to your home however, it is always important to keep a few key things in mind in order to ensure the highest quality outcome.

A wet room bathroom will create a luxurious and elegant look which may add value to your home’s resale value. If you are looking to increase the resale value of your home with a wet room, including a bathtub will be a crucial factor as there are many home buyers who will be wanting a bathtub in their main bathroom. This style of bathroom layout is a great choice for smaller spaces as it makes the best possible use of the space, allowing you to fit more into a small bathroom design scheme.

Washington Grey Tiles_Porcelain Tiles

Our luxurious Washington porcelain tiles are used throughout this stylish small bathroom design across the floors and walls for a contemporary look. The bathroom layout includes a lush freestanding bathtub and shower along one side of the room which is separated from the rest of the space with a clear glass shower screen, creating a wet area in this stylish space.

It is important to keep in mind that a wet room bathroom design will of course, be much more expensive than a traditional bathroom layout. This is due to the increased level of attention required to ensure a quality build as well as the additional materials required: the flooring of the bathroom will need to be properly angled in order to ensure water can easily drain away, there will be an increased requirement for waterproofing and tiling and a custom shower screen will also need to be included in installations where dividing the wet area (i.e. shower and bathtub zone) with a dry area (i.e. bathroom vanity unity, WC, etc.).

If the space has not been well designed and not properly installed, there is also a risk of water pooling on the floor and not draining away properly which in turn can lead to water damage and potential structural issues, both of which can be rather costly to fix!

What are the Best Bathroom Floor Tiles for a Wet Room?

A wet room bathroom will experience higher amounts of moisture than a traditional bathroom layout would making proper ventilation a must as well as ensuring the right materials are used in the space. With this in mind, it is important to consider the type of material your bathroom floor tiles would be made out of in order to ensure they can withstand the higher amounts of moisture, steam and condensation this space will experience. Porous tiles such as natural stone tiles or encaustic tiles will require more attention and maintenance in order to be best protected in these sorts of environments. As they have a more sensitive nature, these sorts of tiles may not be the best choice for this style of bathroom however, a porcelain tile will offer a non-porous alternative solution that is resistant to water, heat, scratching and staining, making them an immensely durable choice. Porcelain tiles will not require sealing, once again ensuring a low maintenance finish for a wet room bathroom design. Another excellent point in favour of porcelain floor tiles in a wet room bathroom is that due to their popularity, porcelain tiles are available in an endless array of luxurious colours, styles and textures, ensuring a wide range of choices to suit any style of interior design.

Entika Hexagon Tiles_Pink Tiles

A lush glazed porcelain tile, our Entika Hexagon tiles are available in a selection of soft and elegant colours. These versatile porcelain tiles will not require sealing and can be used as a floor or wall tile solution in your new wet room bathroom design. Featured in this modern bathroom design as a floor tile running through the wet area of the space, their classic hexagon shape adds a soft patterned touch to this bathroom’s colour and materials palette.

Choosing Bathroom Wall Tiles

There is much more creative freedom offered when choosing wall tiles for a wet room bathroom design as your wall tiles will not receive the same levels of pressurised water as your floor tiles would. With this in mind, you have the freedom of selecting from a wider range of materials and creative tile designs including encaustic tiles, luscious handmade tiles and mosaic tiles.

As with traditional bathroom layout, ceramic tiles are still one of the most popular choices for use as a wall tile in a wet room as these types of tiles will often feature a sleek, baked-on glaze that will act as a protective barrier across the tile. This glaze eliminates the need for sealing your wall tiles and offers a surface finish that is simple to wipe down and keep tidy. Ceramic wall tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious options ranging from traditional square shaped tiles in a variety of tactile textures to stylish tile shapes such as fishscale tiles for example that will add a strong element of pattern in your new design scheme. Another benefit of ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom is that unlike other tiling solutions, these tiles are softer and lighter in weight. These qualities ensure better ease of installation of wall mounted accessories such as towel rails, wall hooks and open shelves in the bathroom.

White Wall Tiles_Wet Room Bathroom

A traditional wet room bathroom layout will usually include a shower and bathtub within the ‘wet area’. All walls and floors in this part of the bathroom will need to be properly water proofed and then finished with water resistant materials such as wall and floor tiles. A classic white tile is included in this stylish wet room design, selected from our White Walls & Basics collection.

A well designed and built wet room bathroom design will provide an incredibly versatile feature in your home, especially with the inclusion of a bathtub as well as shower. Although some care should be taken when choosing your bathroom floor tiles, you will have a lot more creative freedom in your selection of bathroom wall tiles in your new design scheme. If you are on the hunt for the best bathroom tiles in Melbourne, make sure to visit our Richmond tiles store to view our ever changing range of stylish tiles!