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Choosing Pool Tiles: How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for your Swimming Pool

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When it comes choosing pool tiles for your outdoor design scheme, there are a few key factors to take into consideration. These include the types of materials used, the different tile finishes required for pool tiles and pool surround tiles as well as your budget and style preferences.

Choosing Pool Tiles: Materials & Tile Types

The most popular materials or tile types for the pool include glass and porcelain tiles. Each of these options offers a water resistant and non-porous solution that can easily withstand the constant exposure to the elements in outdoor applications while being constantly submerged in water. When installing pool tiles, using high quality tile adhesives and grouts is a must to ensure the longevity of your pool; our team at Perini Tiles will recommend the most suitable solution to suit your new pool tile selection to ensure the very best outcome in your project.

Murray_Kitchen Tiles

The Murray collection is made of a high quality porcelain, offering a super-strong surface finish that is suitable for use as a pool tile. These colourful tiles feature a soft, undulating surface finish that reacts beautifully in the ripples of the water and the refracted light of an outdoor pool setting.

Pool Tiles & Pool Surround Tiles: What is the Difference?

When choosing pool tiles and pool surround tiles, it is important to use the most appropriate materials for each application to ensure the very best results. Both of these types of tiles must adhere to the relevant Australian Standards to ensure safety, longevity and a high quality finish. Pool tiles for example, will be constantly submerged in water and will have to be strong enough to also withstand being exposed to the usual chemicals and minerals in your pool’s water and cleaning systems.

Glass mosaic tiles and some types of porcelain tiles are usually the best solution for this sort of application as they both provide a non-porous material that can easily withstand these conditions.

Solo Travertine look tiles_Choosing Pool Tiles

Timeless and elegant, the Solo collection is available in two classic tile formats that effortlessly emulate the appearance and texture of a natural travertine tile. This collection offers a stylish alternative choice to natural stone tiles, being made of a non-porous and water resistant porcelain material instead.

Pool surround tiles on the other hand are laid on the outskirts of the pool area and as such, will need to provide a water resistant surface with a grip-like finish that will ensure safety in this type of installation. Outdoor porcelain tiles will often be the best solution here; these outdoor tiles are specifically designed for outdoor applications and will include a slip resistant finish that is suitable for use outside a pool where the risk of slips and falls is increased.

Setting a Budget

Tiling a pool can be a costly exercise however, investing in high quality tiles, adhesives and grouts will ensure the very best outcome that will last a lifetime. Whether you are visiting our tile store in person or shopping for tiles online, have a browse of the different pool tile options available in order to gain a better understanding of the various price points. From here, you can use your pool’s size and dimensions to formulate a realistic budget to ensure your project stays on track. When hiring a Tiler, ensure your tile selections, grout preferences and any special design features (for example: custom pool tile patterns, curved surfaces, etc.) are properly communicated during the quoting stage so they can provide you with the most accurate installation price as each of these factors can greatly influence the cost of labour and will of course, play a crucial role in creating your project’s budget.

Colours & Patterns

The most popular pool tile colours include aquatic tones such as blue and light green however, there are many exciting and creative options you can choose from to make your new pool’s design truly unique! Glass mosaic tiles for example are available in an endless range of colours with certain collections even allowing you to create your own custom murals and patterns for an authentic look in your outdoor design scheme. It is also important to take the setting of your pool into consideration when choosing pool tiles; elements such as shady spots, lots of greenery or other outdoor features may alter the final look of your pool’s colour. Your pool tiles will also appear different at various times throughout the day as they react to the natural light that your home receives. When selecting pool tiles, creating a design that will tie in and complement your outdoor space will ensure a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing look in your home.

Bisazza Swimming Pool Tiles_Choosing Pool Tiles

The Bisazza Pools glass mosaic tile collection can be used to create stylish patterns and designs in your new pool. The collection offers a range of different colour options that can be combined to create a form of ‘pixel art’ that will allow you to create ornate designs in your design scheme for a personal touch.

The process of choosing pool tiles includes paying close attention to what types of tile materials can be installed in various applications along with your budget and colour or style preferences. With these key factors in mind, the process becomes simple as our team at Perini Tiles guides you through the process of choosing pool tiles to help you create that perfect look in your outdoor design scheme!