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Choosing Kitchen Tiles: Floor Tiles, Splashback Tiles & More

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When choosing kitchen tiles, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best fit for your home. As the kitchen is usually a high traffic area of the home, a hard wearing tile that will be simple to clean and maintain is often the most ideal solution. Tiles can be used in a range of different applications throughout your new kitchen’s design scheme, allowing you to create your own unique style and colour palette using a selection of kitchen floor tiles, splashback tiles as well as feature tiles.

Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

Floor tiles provide a hard wearing and durable flooring solution for the kitchen. Being one of the busiest areas of the home, it is important that your kitchen’s flooring needs to be able to withstand that level of foot traffic while also allowing for a low maintenance solution that will not require a huge amount of effort to keep clean and tidy. There are many exciting floor tile solutions available that will tick all of these boxes with porcelain tiles being the most popular choice. Porcelain kitchen floor tiles are resistant to heat, scratching, moisture and staining, making them an excellent choice for this part of the home. These tiles will not require sealing and will usually only require a simple mop with warm, soapy water to keep clean and tidy. Natural stone tiles and concrete tiles are also popular options for the kitchen, offering an immensely durable and long lasting surface finish while also adding a strong sense of character to your overall design scheme. Although both of these floor tile solutions are porous and therefore will require sealing, they offer an impressive range of benefits that will ensure a lifetime of use! For more detailed information on maintaining different tiles specific to their material, visit our Resource page.

Canaria Porcelain Tiles_Choosing Kitchen Tiles

Available in pattern tile options as well as matching solid coloured tiles, the Canaria glazed porcelain tiles provide a sophisticated designer tile solution that can be used as a floor and wall tile in the home., These Spanish made tiles offer a range of uses and can even be used as an exterior floor tile in covered outdoor areas such as verandahs or patios.

Splashback Tiles

When choosing splashback tiles, it is important to consider the tile’s material and texture and how this will play a role in not only the tile’s location in the space but also impact your cleaning and maintenance routines. When selecting splashback tiles to surround a gas cooktop for example, it is important to ensure your cooktop’s burners are at least 200mm away from the nearest vertical surface (i.e. your splashback) as the heat from the burner radiates to these surfaces and if they are situated too close, they can burn or be set alight. If this is not possible in your kitchen’s layout then there are certain very specific materials that can be used to ensure your safety with porcelain tiles being the most popular solution. Porcelain tiles provide a heat resistant surface that will give you peace of mind in these sorts of applications. There is of course much more freedom in your splashback tile selections in layouts where the gas cooktop sits further away from the wall or an induction cooktop is being used instead.

Fracture_Splashback Tiles

A large format Kit Kat tile option, Fracture is available in four timeless colour options that can easily be paired with a range of materials. This unique kitchen design combines a marble splashback with a tiled splashback to create interest and texture in the space.

A kitchen’s splashback can get messy! From water splashing around the sink to food splattering or grease building up around the cooktop, your splashback will experience plenty of mess! With this in mind, it is important to select a splashback tile that will provide an easy to clean surface finish. Gloss tiles and semi-gloss tiles are popular choices for use as a kitchen splashback tile as their sleek finish allows for a simple cleaning process. Their glossy surface also allows light to travel through the space, effectively brightening up your kitchen area. If you would prefer more of a textured surface finish however, these tiles will also provide their own set of unique benefits. A textured finish in the kitchen offers a characteristic look while also creating a wonderfully tactile finish. These tiles will also offer a simple to clean surface finish and are also known for being more forgiving when it comes to showing fingerprints, making them an appealing choice for the kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Feature Tiles

Instead of using wall tiles to create a feature of your kitchen splashback, you may instead prefer to create a dramatic feature in other areas of your design. Kitchen feature tiles can be used in many different ways in your design scheme to add elements of pattern, colour, shape and texture. These types of tiles can be applied to areas such as the face of a kitchen island for example, creating a stylish feature of this area while also providing a hard wearing surface finish over your cabinetry at the breakfast bar. In open plan areas where the kitchen, living and dining area are connected, you may opt to use decorative wall tiles to create a feature wall running throughout theses spaces which will tie each area together, creating a consistent theme.

Fern Ceramic Tiles_Choosing Kitchen Tiles_Green Tiles

Available in a selection of rich, deeply saturated colour options, our Fern ceramic tiles make for a stunning feature tile in the kitchen. In this example, these stylish handmade look tiles are used to connect the kitchen and dining area for a consistent and dramatic finish.

Tiles can be used in a variety of different applications in the kitchen making for the perfect choice as a splashback solution, feature wall or flooring option. With an endless range of luxurious and colourful solutions to choose from, the design possibilities are truly endless! When choosing kitchen tiles, our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of creating the perfect colour scheme using a combination of different tile options; visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here!