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Ceramic Subway Tiles: A Combination of Classic & Modern Design

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Ceramic subway tiles are available in many varied options from luscious modern pastel tones, sleek metallic finishes, 3D effect tiles and many more! These versatile tiles are often restricted to vertical applications only as they are often softer and lighter than their porcelain counterparts which are often denser and harder, making them an ideal solution as a flooring throughout the home. This quality however means that more elaborate and decorative styles can be achieved in ceramic tile collections, allowing you to introduce more exciting colours, shapes and styles in your home’s design scheme.

Modern Pastel Toned Ceramic Subway Tiles

Modern interior design combines a range of rich colours and textures to create a sensual experience. Smooth, pastel toned ceramic subway tiles are increasing in popularity in interior design as these colours offer a brighter, more playful option when you are looking for a neutral base for your colour scheme. Similar to the traditional neutral tones of white, beige or black, pastels can be easily incorporated into a range of interior design styles, pairing well with trending materials such as terrazzo tiles, concrete, timber and more.

Blends pastel tiles_Ceramic Subway Tiles

Our Blends collection is available in a selection of luscious pastel tones perfect for creating luxurious statement walls throughout your home’s interior design scheme while easily complementing a range of trending materials such as terrazzo, concrete or timber.

Luxurious Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes create a luxurious vibe in the home, instantly recalling a rich and elegant experience. These types of tiles are often favoured in darker colour schemes as they provide a strong sense of contrast while allowing light to travel throughout a space by offering a lush reflective surface finish. Metallic ceramic subway tiles can be used in darker colour schemes or smaller spaces to add a dramatic finishing touch that will reflect light, creating a rich and refined style in a modern interior design scheme.

Chrysos metallic tiles

The stunning Chrysos collection is available in a three exciting metallic finishes: gold, copper and steel. These stylish subway tiles add a glamorous touch to any interior design scheme, allowing light to travel through your home’s interiors by offering a reflective surface finish.

Tactile 3D Effect Ceramic Subway Tiles

3D effect tiles are another exciting tiling option that continues to rise in popularity. These tiles make use of raised and lowered surfaces to create a 3D effect that experiments with light and shadow to create a stunning feature in the home. These tiles are often used to add a sense of drama, pattern and texture throughout the home’s interiors, being a popular choice for entryways, kitchens and bathrooms as a feature tile.

3d tiles Konvek_Ceramic Subway Tiles

Konvek is available in a selection of luscious colour options that each feature a sleek, glossy surface finish. These tiles can be used to create luxurious feature walls in the kitchen and bathroom as well as other areas of the home such as the entryway or living space for a dramatic decorative touch.

Handmade & Handmade-Look Ceramic Tiles

Handmade tiles create a wonderfully tactile experience in any application in the home, whether they are used in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom. These tiles celebrate imperfections, featuring uneven surfaces or textures, irregular edges and shapes to create a warm and charming atmosphere in any application. For those looking to recreate the style of a handmade tile in their home at a different price point, handmade-look tiles offer the next best solution. These machine made tiles are designed to emulate the look and feel of an authentic handmade product, offering the same irregularities and tactile qualities. These types of ceramic subway tiles can be used to create a range of luscious patterns in your interior design scheme, with a range of different layout patterns available to choose from.

Lucida Handmade Look Tiles_Ceramic Subway Tiles

Made in Spain, our Lucida collection of handmade-look tiles are available in two different sizes and a selection of neutral and colourful options. These handmade-look tiles can be used as a wall tile in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry to create a warm and tactile atmosphere in the home.

Ceramic subway tiles can be incorporated in your home’s interior design scheme to create a stunning patterned look. Thanks to their lightweight qualities, ceramic tiles are often restricted for use as a wall tile only, allowing tile designers to create more elaborate and decorative designs that celebrate texture and pattern for a luxurious look. Our Richmond tile showroom features an endless range of ceramic tiles to choose from, including exciting metallic options, handmade-look styles and plenty more!