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Cement Tiles in Bathroom Design: The Do’s & Don’ts

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Cement tiles in bathroom design must be used with a few key considerations in mind in order to ensure a long lasting and high quality finish is achieved. These classic and elegant tiles offer a wonderfully rich and sophisticated design element that is full of colour, pattern and texture. Furthermore, cement tiles will last a lifetime in the home with the right care, making them an incredibly popular design choice for the home. When incorporating classic cement tiles in your bathroom design scheme, it is important to explore the design possibilities and any potential constraints in order to ensure the best result.

Cement Tiles in Bathroom Design: The Possibilities

Cement tiles can be used in the bathroom to add a dramatic and elegant finishing touch in your interior design scheme. These elegant, classic tiles are available in a selection of different shapes and in an endless range of colours and patterns. As these tiles continue to be made by hand using traditional methods, each individual tile will be slightly unique from the next, offering a rich and varied tactile design element in the bathroom. Cement tiles offer an immensely long lasting finish for both bathroom floors and walls. Unlike other tiling solutions, cement tiles can be professionally rejuvenated when necessary as their luxurious colours and patterns run right through the entirety of the tile. This quality further ensures the longevity of these elegant tiles, making them an incredibly popular choice for the home, especially in the bathroom.

The Beach Club_Cement Tiles in Bathroom

Our striking Beach Club collection will create a burst of colour and pattern in your bathroom design scheme. These elegant retro inspired tiles can be used in the bathroom to create dynamic feature walls or floors, creating a timeless yet colourful aesthetic in the home.

The Constraints of Cement Tiles in Bathroom Design

Although cement tiles provide a highly durable and long lasting finish in the bathroom, it is important to keep a few key points in mind when selecting your new bathroom tiles. Cement tiles are porous, meaning that they have tiny pores on their surface that can absorb moisture if they are not properly treated and maintained. Similar to natural stone tiles, cement tiles will also require sealing. We often recommend that cement tiles are sealed prior to laying as tile adhesives and grouts can discolour the tile if they are not protected. After your tiles have dried out completely, they can then be laid in the bathroom and sealed again to ensure their longevity. Maintain your tiles by sealing them every few years or so thereafter to best keep them maintained over time. When using cement tiles as a bathroom floor tile, it is recommended that they not be used as a shower base as consistent exposure to pressurised water may damage their surface, as can certain ingredients in cleansers or shampoos.

Argo Concrete Tiles_Green Tiles

A stylish hexagon tile option, Argo Concrete is available in a selection of colourful options. Each tile features a striking geometric pattern that will create a stunning feature in the bathroom.

Alternative Bathroom Tile Solutions

Cement tiles make for a wonderfully long lasting and elegant finish in the bathroom however, they are best avoided for use as a shower floor tile. If you are looking for a bathroom floor tile that can run into the shower area as well, you may instead opt for a porcelain concrete look tile. Porcelain tiles are virtually non-porous and will not require sealing. They can easily withstand exposure to pressurised water, providing a surface finish that will not be damaged or discoloured in this type of application. These tiles offer a surface finish that is resistant to moisture, heat, scratching and staining, making them an ideal solution as a shower base tile.

Cement Tiles in Bathroom

Concrete look porcelain floor tiles are paired with real concrete wall tiles in this modern bathroom design scheme, providing the homeowner with the very best of both worlds!

Cement tiles offer a luxurious option in the bathroom that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. These elegant and timeless handmade tiles are available in an endless range of exciting colours, shapes and patterns, with an option to suit both modern and traditionally styled interior spaces. For those looking for an alternative solution however, concrete look porcelain tiles are the next best choice! Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of luxurious cement tiles whilst our team is always on hand to offer expert advice throughout the entire tile selection process – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!