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Las Vegas

The Beauty of Green Tiles and why they will Always be on Trend

Green tiles are a hot trend this year and with good reason: their tranquil and serene vibes provide a wonderfully nature inspired colour palette for the home that will never fade from style, providing the perfect timeless touch to your interiors. With obvious connections to nature, different shades of green are often associated with a

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Sicily Collection

The 10 Most Popular Tile Collections of 2020

Tiles provide one of the very best solutions for your floors and walls, offering a strong, durable and immensely hard wearing surface finish that will last a lifetime. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of searching for the right tiles though is seeing just how many incredible options are available! Unlike other traditional flooring options such

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Torquay collection

Update your Bathroom with the Latest Styling Tips & Tricks

There is a world of opportunities when it comes to creatively styling your living spaces and bedrooms however, styling a bathroom can often be a challenge. When your bathroom is in need of freshening up, you will find that these simple yet effective solutions can make a world of difference in creating an elegant and

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Perini Pez Collection

New Year, New Tiles- A Review of our Latest Designer Tiles

Featuring lively and intricate patterns, botanical designs, luscious textures and rich materials, our latest tile designs form a perfect representation of current and forecast interior design trends. From incredibly durable Italian porcelain tiles to softer natural marbles and even slate inspired porcelain tile, our latest additions can be used in any interior design project to

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