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How to Seal your Tiles

Sealing your tiles is a crucial step in every tiling project when using porous tiles. The process ensures your new wall or floor tiles last the test of time and can stand up against daily wear and tear as the protective coating penetrates the tile and works to prevent the build-up of dirt on the

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The Importance of Home: Focus on Bathrooms

During this period of isolation and social distancing, planning and preparing for an upcoming renovation provides an excellent way to continue working towards your goals and keep your mind active. Thanks to the abundance of available online resources, planning a bathroom renovation from home can be quite simple as you can find all the information

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Update your Bathroom with the Latest Styling Tips & Tricks

There is a world of opportunities when it comes to creatively styling your living spaces and bedrooms however, styling a bathroom can often be a challenge. When your bathroom is in need of freshening up, you will find that these simple yet effective solutions can make a world of difference in creating an elegant and

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Perini Pez Collection

New Year, New Tiles- A Review of our Latest Designer Tiles

Featuring lively and intricate patterns, botanical designs, luscious textures and rich materials, our latest tile designs form a perfect representation of current and forecast interior design trends. From incredibly durable Italian porcelain tiles to softer natural marbles and even slate inspired porcelain tile, our latest additions can be used in any interior design project to

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