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5 Ways to Add Style to your Bathroom

Creating your own unique sense of style in the bathroom can easily be achieved using a range of different options. Your new bathroom tiles will set the groundwork for the space’s overall look and feel while bathroom furniture, accessories, wall and ceiling paint will provide those all-important finishing touches to help you create a space

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Why are Patterned Tiles so Popular Right Now?

Using patterned tiles in your interior design project creates a spectacular sense of character, movement and energy in the space, instantly breathing life into your design scheme. These unique qualities have given rise to the immense popularity of patterned tiles and paved the way for new and exciting techniques using tiles as a feature element

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Best Bathroom Feature Tiles

Using feature tiles in the bathroom to complement your selected colour scheme is the very best way to create a strong sense of drama and interest in the overall design. Aside from the traditional feature tile choice of using a contrasting coloured tile on the one wall, there are many different ways to introduce a

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How to Choose Kitchen Splash Back Tiles

Tiles are perhaps the most popular kitchen splashback option and with good reason: The right kitchen splashback tiles can create the perfect complement to your overall kitchen design scheme and colour palette while also providing an exceptionally low maintenance finish. As tiles are available in a vast range of colours, shapes, patterns and even materials,

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Tile Trends Expected to be BIG in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, we are all looking forward to seeing some new and exciting interior design trends in 2021! Bigger, bolder colours, luscious textures and warm, earthy tones will all be showing up throughout our interior design schemes in the new year, all of which are reflected in the latest collections of

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Colour Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When designing a small bathroom, taking the time to carefully consider your colour and material palette will ensure you create the perfect space that will accurately represent the exact atmosphere you want to achieve. A small bathroom layout can still offer plenty of room for creativity provided that you clearly define your intentions for the

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Bathroom Trends of 2021

After the tumultuous year we’ve all had through 2020, interior design trends of 2021 are aimed at creating more of a sense of home, using a range of traditional textures, materials and colour schemes. Seeking comfort from the familiar classics, we’ll be seeing a lot more trends that recall the interior design looks made popular

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Different Styles with White Bathroom Tiles

White bathroom tiles are perhaps one of the most popular colour options thanks to their renowned versatility. White after all is the perfect neutral backdrop for any range of colours and materials, allowing you to easily change up the look and feel of your bathroom design and decorating scheme by simply swapping out your accessories,

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Tile Trends: Retro Tiles

Colour, energy and pattern, all are qualities of the trending retro inspired tiles. Following the resurgence in popularity of home design features of the 1970’s, tile manufacturers have recreated the visually stunning looks of this vibrantly coloured era, using authentic patterns and shapes that stay true to the excitement of the 70’s.  There are many

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