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Everything you need to know about Subway Tiles

With their origins in the old subway tunnels of New York, the first subway tiles were made of smooth, white glass and restricted to wall installation only. Born of a Victorian-era obsession with cleanliness and hygiene, the first subway tiles featured a smooth, high gloss finish that would ensure their resistance to staining while also

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mosaic tiles bathroom ideas

Mosaic Tiles Bathroom Ideas – Contemporary Design Ideas

Mosaic tiles offer an incredible amount of style options in the creation of your contemporary bathroom colour scheme. They can be used in a multitude of ways to create the exact look and feel you are looking to create in the space, from opulent feature walls or flooring to wrapping over curved surfaces for a

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How Terrazzo Tiles have made their Way Back into our Homes

Terrazzo tiles were invented many decades ago in Europe when it was discovered how to use up old and unwanted marble chips.  During that time marble tiles and slabs were used extensively to lavish upscale projects on walls and floors.  The scraps and off cuts of marble were then set into concrete, the surface polished,

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bathroom tile ideas

The Norsu Home Bathroom

Tiles have come such a long way in recent times and designing a new bathroom can be filled with utter excitement at the thought of selecting beautiful new finishes.  The abundance of colours, styles and designs available have exploded and walking into our tile showroom can make you feel like a child in a candy store. 

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5 Standout Bathrooms to Inspire You

Mountains  This bathroom encapsulates everything we love about modern design. Using the ‘Mountains’ collection, the clever designers at MMad Architecture were able to create a bold and striking ambience to the space.  The herringbone tile pattern adds an element of edginess and is certainly the hero of the space.  Warm, soft timbers and stone bench tops compliment

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Tile Trends To Look Out For

With years of experience in the tile industry we have seen many tile trends come and go and we have a good idea on what is a passing fad and what will be a meaningful and innovative trend. Our following checklist of 6 tile trends are set to dominate. Terrazzo Tiles  Even though terrazzo tiles

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Product Spotlight- Terracotta Tiles

This guest post is from interior designer Amie who works in the Perini showroom. Amie specifies products and tiles for clients and creates dreamy bathrooms and kitchens on a daily basis. A material that has been around for many hundreds of years, and what seems to be overlooked, is now at the forefront of interior

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Top Tile Trends- The Ultimate Checklist

Terrazzo  Terrazzo tiles are trending in a big way at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the pattern and natural stone so appealing, it is a look that is forever timeless. Terrazzo effortlessly adapts to other finishes and colours and depending on its tone and placement in the space can

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How to get the Material Crush bathroom look

Your bathroom is a place to escape the stresses of the day. It’s also a fresh canvas for creative expression. It stands to reason that if you create a place that realises your vision and expresses your personality, you’re going to produce an environment conducive to rejuvenation and relaxation, no matter what look you’re going

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4 Benefits of using Custom Cabinets in your Home

There are many benefits in using custom cabinets in your home; not only do you have complete design control over every single aspect of your new piece but the quality, longevity and overall workmanship of custom cabinets are a great investment in your property. Today we’ll be exploring the many benefits of custom cabinetry and

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