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Bold, Colourful Tiles: Our Top Picks

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Tiles offer a unique opportunity to add a bold, colourful statement element in your interior design scheme thanks to the many varied options available. You will find colourful tiles available in an endless range of options, finishes, materials, shapes and sizes, each of which will offer its own unique set of benefits to your home. Our Richmond tiles showroom is constantly being updated with the latest colourful tiles from all around the world with options that offer an alternative solution to vivid wallpapers, exciting encaustic tile options and plenty more! Our top picks include a range of exciting shapes, colours and patterns that will help you create a vibrant design scheme in your home!

Handmade Colourful Tiles

Handmade tiles offer a wonderfully tactile aesthetic in the home. These types of tiles continue to be made using centuries old techniques and can be created in any number of different shapes and styles. Each individual tile will be unique from the next with slight variations in colour, shape and texture along with luxurious, hand painted patterns, motifs or blocks of colour. These qualities create that exciting sense of character that handmade tiles are so well known for.

Archaic Range_Handmade Tiles__Colourful Tiles

Our Archaic range is completely handmade and painted using traditional techniques. These elegant wall tiles are available in an impressive range of elegant designs and traditional patterns, each displaying a vibrant combination of colours.

Encaustic/Concrete Colourful Tiles

Encaustic tiles are another handmade tile option. Instead of using a clay mixture however, these tiles are created using a combination of wet cement and pigments to create the deep, dusty colour tones these tiles are well known for. Each coloured wet cement mixture is poured into a mould or stencil to form a range of different styles and patterns from intricately detailed traditional patterns to modern styles. Concrete tiles can be used throughout the home’s interior spaces and often in covered outdoor areas as well, allowing you to create a consistent theme throughout your entire home’s aesthetic.

Molokai_Concrete Tiles

Fun, playful and of course, colourful, the Molokai concrete tile collection includes a range of different patterns, shapes and colours to choose from. These stunning tiles can be used as both a floor and wall finish in your home, adding a vibrant finishing touch to any space.

Jumbo Sized Porcelain Tiles: A Low Grout Option

Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability. These tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, staining and scratching making them an exceptional choice for use in any area of the home with certain collections. You will find porcelain tile collections available for both floor and wall use as well as outdoor tile options and even pool tile options, allowing you to create an endless range of exciting design styles inside and outside of your home.

Wallpaper Tiles_Paper41__Colourful Tiles

Our Paper41 Pro collection offers a spectacular range of styles and patterns in a range of vibrant colours. These large porcelain tiles offer a long lasting and durable finish in the home, a perfect alternative solution to traditional wallpapers.

With the many advances being made in tile manufacturing technology, larger sizes are becoming much more easily accessible. These jumbo sized porcelain tiles will often be thinner than traditional options, making them lighter in weight and thus ideal for use as a wall cladding. This quality ensures an almost grout-free tiling solution for your home’s interior design scheme! Modern tile printing technology is used to create vivid colours and high resolution images on the tile’s surface, allowing for more exciting and intricate designs and patterns to be achieved.

Adding Colour in your Home with Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles offer a timeless and elegant choice that is suitable for all areas of the home. These classic tiles use randomly scattered chips of natural stones or coloured glass in a bed of concrete, adding a bold sense of colour and pattern to your design scheme. Being made using porous materials, terrazzo tiles do require sealing in order to properly maintain their unique finish; if you are looking for an option that will not require the same level of care and maintenance, terrazzo-look porcelain tiles are the next best choice! These tiles are designed to emulate the look of an authentic terrazzo tile in a porcelain material, complete with realistic variations in colour and pattern. Similar to authentic terrazzo tiles, terrazzo-look porcelain tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a wall or floor solution with some options even being suitable for outdoor use.

Gelati Terrazzo Look

Fun, playful and full of energy, our Gelati collection offers a porcelain alternative to traditional terrazzo tiles. These tiles combine the beauty and energetic patterns of terrazzo tiles with the immense durability and strength of porcelain to create a spectacular finish in any area of the home!

There are many exciting colourful tiles available to choose from with options available in a wide assortment of different materials, shapes and sizes. Each of the above options offers vivid bursts of colour, energy and pattern with each providing its own specific range of benefits in your home’s design scheme. Our Richmond tiles showroom is constantly being updated with all of the latest tiles from around the world. Whether your opt to shop for tiles online or in our showroom, our team is always on hand to offer their support and advice in creating that perfect colour scheme.