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Biophilic Design: Introducing a Natural Touch with Tiles

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Biophilic design principles aim to create a strong bond between a building and its outdoor environment. This style of design creates a rich and elegant atmosphere in the home, enriching the daily lives of the occupants by ensuring better ventilation and natural light while fostering a bond between the user and nature. In this post, we examine the different aspects of biophilic design while looking at how floor and wall tiles can be used throughout a home’s interior and exterior spaces to complement this rich and luxurious aesthetic.

What is the Biophilic Design Concept?

The biophilic interior design concept aims to create a stronger connection between the occupant of a building or dwelling with nature, placing a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials while also allowing for the intermingling of the building’s outdoor and indoor spaces. Although the term ‘biophilic design’ is considered relatively new, the actual design concept has been a strong feature of architecture and design for thousands of years with gardens, courtyards and water features being prominent features of ancient architecture. This style of design aims to not only promote a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces but also allows for more sustainable design solutions to be achieved while also providing a healthier living experience for the building’s occupants.

Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles_Biophilic Design

Including direct links between a home’s indoor and outdoor spaces will encourage a stronger connection with nature. This modern kitchen design scheme uses am elegant terrazzo tile to frame a kitchen window that overlooks lush greenery.

Design Elements of Biophilic Design

Biophilic design in the home should create a union between the building’s natural surroundings and its interior spaces. This can be achieved in many different ways, whether it be through the building’s architecture or interior decorating and design scheme.

If you are redecorating an existing home and cannot experiment with the building’s envelope and architecture, introducing more natural features within the home’s interior decorating scheme will provide a simple solution to introducing more of a natural aesthetic. Think natural fibres and textures along with natural stone or timber pieces. Adding indoor plants and even artwork featuring stunning landscapes is another great way to introduce more of a natural touch to an existing home.

Carnivale_Biophilic Design

In projects where the budget does not allow for authentic natural stone or concrete tiles, porcelain ‘lookalike’ tiles are the next best choice! Our stylish Carnivale porcelain tiles are used in this luxurious bathroom, elegantly framing an oversized window that not only offers an excellent amount of natural light in the space but also boasts a stunning ocean view!

When designing a new home, considering how the exterior areas will interact with the home’s internal spaces is a crucial step in the biophilic design process. The user should be able to directly experience nature whilst inside the home. There are many different techniques that will allow for a stronger connection to the natural environment from luxurious courtyards to dramatic water features and more. Introducing plant life and vegetation in areas inside and outside the home is an excellent place to start; examples of this include creating a window splashback in the kitchen area for example where lush plants and greenery are on full display. Alternatively, designing a home where the living space surrounds a central courtyard will allow for a constant view of the garden and weather while also allowing for natural light and air to enter the home’s most used living areas. Ensuring the home has excellent ventilation and receives natural lighting is another must when looking to create a space that is not only inclusive of the building’s natural surroundings but also creates an energy efficient and comfortable living environment.

Using Natural Stone in the Home

Natural stone is a strong feature of this style of design and architecture, offering an unparalleled element of texture, colour and pattern in the home. From luxe marble benchtops to elegant natural tiles, there are many ways you can use natural stone throughout your next design project! Natural stone floor tiles for example have provided an immensely popular choice for the home for hundreds and even thousands of years! Many of these ancient structures are still standing serving as a testament to the immense longevity and beauty of natural stone in construction and design.

Natural stone floor tiles are especially popular for the home, being an excellent choice as a bathroom floor tile, kitchen tile or even as a flooring solution throughout the entire home. Natural living room design aesthetics for example, will often combine natural stone tile flooring with luxe leathers and fabrics, along with rustic timber furniture to create a wonderfully rich and tactile experience in the home. Natural stone tiles can be used to create ornate features in the bathroom as a feature wall or feature floor tile, as a luxe kitchen splashback tile or they can be used to create dynamic feature walls in other areas of the home such as the entryway for example.

Natural stone tiles can often also be used in outdoor applications in residential project, once again providing greater connectivity with the natural environment of the building. Travertine tiles for example are a popular choice for use as an outdoor pool surround tile while terrazzo tiles can often be used to create stunning features in covered outdoor areas. From pavers to pool tiles and outdoor flooring solutions, these rich and timeless materials can be used to create luxurious features in the home’s outdoor design scheme, ensuring a timeless finishing touch!

Tumbler Travertine tiles

Natural travertine tiles such as our lush Tumbler collection will offer the perfect pool surround tile, creating a rich aesthetic that will complement the home’s outdoor design scheme.

Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

When choosing natural stone tiles for a project, it is important to note that these tiles will require a different level of care in comparison to other tiling solutions. All natural products (as well as concrete or terrazzo tiles) are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. Without proper sealing, these pores can absorb liquid or powder spills which in turn can lead to staining or discolouration. Unless otherwise specified in the product’s description, all tiles that are made of natural stone, concrete or terrazzo tile require sealing. Perini Tiles recommends that these types of tiles are sealed prior to installation to ensure that no tile adhesives or grouts damage their porous surface. Once completely dry, the tiles can then be laid and sealed once again to provide the very best protection. Reapplication of tile sealant should then occur once every couple of years or so (depending on the tile’s wear) in order to ensure a high quality finish. For more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles, see our Resources hub here.

Missano Marble Tiles_Concave Tiles

A stunning marble feature tile, the Missano collection includes an array of sophisticated naturally occurring colours to choose from. These stunning marble tiles can be used throughout a home’s interior spaces to create spectacular feature elements, adding a rich and vibrant textured element.

Biophilic design aims to provide a strong connection between nature and indoor spaces, creating a sense of continuity and togetherness with a home’s natural surroundings. This method of design offers many exciting benefits for the occupants of a building, creating better forms of ventilation while exposing the user to better natural light and encouraging a strong interaction with nature. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect tiles for your next project, offering expert advice on tiling materials and maintenance techniques to ensure the very best solutions. Our Melbourne tiles showroom is open to design and architecture professionals; we welcome you to visit with your clients to have a browse of our endless tile collections or reach out to us here to order tile samples for your residential and commercial design projects.