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Best Tiles For Splashbacks Behind Gas Cooktops

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When designing a new kitchen, it is important to note that there are many guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to in order to ensure a safe and functional space. Ideally, your new kitchen should be designed and documented by a qualified and experienced kitchen designer or interior designer to ensure all safety measures and legal requirements are met in your home. Fire safety is especially of concern in a home’s kitchen so when you are updating the splashback surrounding a gas cooktop in particular, it is crucial that you ensure adherence to Australian Standards for a safe and well-functioning space. 

According to Australian Standards, a gas cooktop should be installed with a minimum clearance of 200mm between the nearest gas burner and any vertical surface (such as the kitchen splashback or a cabinetry end panel for example). Where this is not possible due to the layout and constraints of the space, there are only selected materials that can be used as a splashback to ensure the space is safe from fire. 

Perfectly simulating the luscious look and feel of a handmade tile, our Bala Porcelain Tiles feature a tactile finish and varying shades of colour for a rustic and timeless look in the kitchen. These porcelain tiles can be safely used beside your gas cooktop while also offering a stylish look in your new kitchen design scheme.


Where induction or electric cooktop models feature a flat, glass surface that is heated from beneath, gas cooktops include an open flame as a heat source. The heat that a gas cooktop produces radiates around it, which can heat up any vertically installed surfaces that are within a certain distance. This can of course lead to heat damage or worse, a kitchen fire where incorrect materials have been used or the cooktop is installed too close to unsuitable materials which is the reason why it is so important that Australian Standards be adhered to in the design and construction of your new kitchen. 

Induction cooktops will not radiate heat as a gas cooker would, allowing you more freedom in your splashback material selection. Our Daliri subway collection is featured in this modern kitchen design scheme paired with an induction cooktop, laid in a herringbone tile design for a stylish and timeless touch.

It should be noted that failure to comply with Australian Standards while renovating or building a new kitchen can lead to many difficulties later on down the track. Aside from the obvious risk of fire spreading throughout the home, you can also run into issues with surrounding vertical surfaces melting or being severely damaged if they are not fit for purpose as well as potential issues with your home’s insurer when suitable materials have not been used in your new kitchen.


Where it is not possible to achieve a minimum of 200mm of clearance between the nearest gas burner and the kitchen splashback, there are materials you can choose from that will allow you to achieve a fire safe finish in the kitchen. Materials such as natural stone or engineered stone should be avoided in these situations; instead, you can use porcelain tiles or toughened glass that has a fire safe backing included in the plasterboard behind it. 

Bursting with character and charm, our Sora Porcelain Tiles offer a safe and elegant choice as a tiled splashback for the kitchen that can be paired with a gas cooktop in installations where a minimum clearance of 200mm cannot be achieved. The collection includes an impressive range of luscious colour options and can even be used as a kitchen floor tile.

Porcelain tiles are perhaps the safest and most popular choice in these sorts of installations as they offer a hygienic surface finish that has the added bonus of being available in a vast assortment of shapes, colours and styles, allowing you more creative freedom in your tiled splashback while still providing a safe option beside a gas cooktop when a minimum of 200mm clearance cannot be achieved. If you can however create a design that allows for this distance between the gas burner and the splashback, you do have the option of using other materials such as engineered stone, natural stone or ceramic tiles for example. 

Featuring a glossy, undulating surface finish that effortlessly replicates the look and feel of a traditionally handmade tile, our Undulato Porcelain Tiles are available in a range of bold colour options allowing for a feature tiles design in your new kitchen’s splashback. Once again, these porcelain tiles can safely be used behind a gas cooktop in situations where an adequate clearance cannot be achieved.

When creating a new kitchen, it is important to adhere to all the necessary legal safety regulations as noted in Australian Standards. Working with a qualified and experienced Interior Designer or Kitchen Designer is the best way to ensure your home and family’s safety in creating the perfect space as part of your next home renovation or new build project. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the best selections for your new tiled splashback to ensure the best possible outcome that will suit your needs, style preferences and budget. Visit our Richmond tile store or schedule a free online tiles consultation where we can help you with your kitchen project right from the comfort of your own home!