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Best Bathroom Feature Tiles

Using feature tiles in the bathroom to complement your selected colour scheme is the very best way to create a strong sense of drama and interest in the overall design. Aside from the traditional feature tile choice of using a contrasting coloured tile on the one wall, there are many different ways to introduce a bold feature element in your design, from exciting different tile shapes and energetic patterns to bold textures and many more!

Unique Shapes

Mosaic tiles are an especially favourable option for those who prefer to include more unique shapes and styles in their bathroom. Creating a dramatic look using shaped feature tiles is simple as there truly is an endless amount of choices to choose from! Classic penny-rounds, paddle shapes, mini hexagons, diamonds and more, you are sure to find a stylish shape that will help you create the ultimate feature element in your next bathroom design project. An excellent technique that will make your shaped tiles standout is to use a contrasting coloured grout – This solution will emphasize the tile’s unique shape to create a stunning visual display in your design. 

emerald wall tiles

Using a range of irregular shapes, the Tempo mosaic tiles feature a rich and elegant colour palette of varying emerald shades to create a stunning feature element that is perfect for the bathroom.

Patterned Tiles

2020 has seen the introduction of many new and exciting different tile trends, including the increased use and popularity of patterned tiles. Providing a wonderfully timeless look in the home, patterned tiles can be used to create a strong sense of character and charm in the bathroom while also offering you the opportunity to get more creative in your use of colour in a design. Using pattern and colour, you can perfectly complement the character of a period style home or alternatively, introduce a striking element to more modern or contemporary home design. 

patterned wall tiles

Recalling the warmth and elegance of times gone by, the Dolce Porcelain Tiles provide endless appeal in the home thanks to their classical patterns and soft colour palette. 

Minimalist Feature Tiles

Should the minimalist look be more your style, there are many beautiful options to choose from that will perfectly tie in with your home’s overall design scheme. Natural stone or porcelain penny-round mosaic tiles for example, will create the perfect minimalist feature element in your bathroom, providing a softly textured surface that will perfectly complement your overall palette. 

penny round tiles

The delightful Houston Penny Rounds offer the perfect minimalist feature wall option for the bathroom, creating a wonderfully textured surface that will not detract from the balance of your design scheme but still offer a standout feature element.

Handmade and Handmade Look Tiles

Handmade tiles create a warm touch in any bathroom design thanks to their distinct characteristics. Each piece is unique, featuring soft curves and a delightfully undulating surface finish that perfectly reflects light when paired with a high gloss glaze. Aside from the traditional handmade tile varieties, you will also find a range of porcelain tiles that look like handmade tiles that offer the same style and unique personality of a hand crafted product in a low maintenance and budget friendly range.


Our incredibly stylish and on-trend Metro Porcelain Tiles combine the look and feel of authentically handmade wall tiles with the durability and strength of porcelain to create a wonderfully textured finish. Available in a range of warm earthy tones as well as deep, bold colourways, the Metro Porcelain Tile collection makes for a truly incredible bathroom feature tile.

Timber Tiles

Timber has traditionally been a material that is avoided in the bathroom as the increased levels of moisture and humidity can potentially lead to warping, discolouration and damage of the material. Porcelain tile manufacturers have created a wonderful alternative solution that allows for the timeless character and elegance of natural timber to be used in the bathroom in the form of a tile. Porcelain tiles that perfectly replicate the tonal variations and textures of a natural timber product can be used as a luxurious feature element in your new bathroom design, creating a wonderfully earthy touch in the space. These tiles can be used in both classically styled and more modern interior design schemes while also providing the perfect complement to other trending colours and finishes such as warm white tones, earthy marbles and rustic concrete.


The popular Huski collection can be used as either a floor finish or bathroom wall tile to create an unexpected feature element in your next bathroom design project.

There are many exciting different ways to introduce a bold feature element in your new bathroom design, from using a range of bold colours and tactile textures to experimenting with shapes and patterns in creating a truly unique look in your next bathroom design or renovation project. 

Our team at Perini Tiles is on hand both in our Richmond Tile Showroom as well as online via virtual showroom tours and consultations, allowing you the freedom to shop for your new bathroom tiles when it best suits you. During your consultation, your Design Consultant will help you select the perfect feature tiles for your project along with any coordinating finishes such as vanity tops and cabinetry.