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Beige is Back: Neutral Tile Options for Modern Designs

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Warm, neutral tile options are back in a big way! Traditional beige tiles have faded from popularity over the last decade or so with a stronger focus on grey and charcoal tones. Although these neutral tones continue to be a classic choice for the home, we are now seeing a shift back towards warmer, softer neutrals including classic beige tiles. With the continued popularity of traditional Moroccan tiles, modern designer tiles are embracing textures and warmer tones to create a fresh look that is heavily inspired by nature and the art of traditional tile crafting.

We explore some of the latest beige tiles to see how this timeless colour has been reintroduced into the world of interior design.

New Neutral Tile Options: Handmade Look Subway Tiles

Bejmat tiles are a form of Moroccan tile art. Filled with luscious texture and charm, these types of tiles are traditionally made by hand using centuries old techniques, adding a strong sense of character in the home. This popular form of tile art is reinvented in our handmade look Fez Bejmat tile collection. These tiles are designed to look and feel like an authentic handmade tile, complete with organic variations in colour, size and texture to complete the look.

Fez Bejmat Tiles_Neutral Tile Options

Our Fez Bejmat tiles are available in a selection of rich, earthy colour options including a selection of deep beige tones that will add a sense of warmth and rustic charm in the home.

Modern Geometric Moroccan Tile Art

Modern interpretations of Moroccan tiles continue to explore traditional geometric patterns while embracing neutral tones. Our Oasis collection for example combines various geometric shapes that interlock with one another to create a stunning pattern tile option that can be used to create subtle yet stylish features throughout your home.

Oasis Moroccan Tiles

Crafted in Spain, our elegant and timeless Oasis collection is made of durable porcelain and can be used as a floor and wall tile throughout the home. These elegant geometric tiles draw inspiration from traditional Moroccan tiles using a neutral toned colour palette, allowing their use in a wide range of interior design styles.

Neutral Tile Options: Elegant Lantern Tiles

Lantern tiles are often used in the home to add an element of interest and drama in a design scheme. These types of pattern tiles are a popular choice for use as a bathroom tile or as a kitchen splashback tile, making for a stunning complement in any style of design. Our Hanoi Rustic collection is designed by Andrea Loon, and offer a variety of uses both inside and outside of the home as they can be used as a floor and wall tile in interior and exterior spaces. Their rustic design creates a rich and refined look in any application that is full of character and charm.

Hanoi Rustic Lantern Tiles

Available in a selection of classic tile formats including lantern tiles, subway tiles and more, the elegant Hanoi Rustic collection features luscious variations in tone to create a distressed look. These stylish tiles can be used in interior and exterior applications to add a rustic element to your design scheme.

Timeless Terracotta Look Floor Tiles

Terracotta tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home thanks to their luxuriously warm and rich aesthetic. These classic tiles have also been reinvented in ways that explore modern tile shapes while offering a range of rich and classic neutral tile colour options, including subtle beige tones. These modern interpretations of the traditional terracotta tile allow for the introduction of this classic material in more modern and contemporary spaces, effectively combining the old with the new to create a stylish statement. Our Rustika collection for example, is a porcelain tile that has been specifically designed to emulate the look and feel of traditional terracotta tiles while also offering a range of new colour options that take a step away from the usual rusty reds that have become synonymous with terracotta tiles.

Rustika Neutral Tile Options

Available in a selection of rich beige tile options, the Rustika collection offers a modern interpretation of the traditional terracotta tile. Suitable for use as an interior floor or wall tile, Rustika can be used to create a timeless look in any area of the home.

Modern neutral tile options embrace the elements of texture, pattern and shape to create a more contemporary look that can be used in a wider range of interior design styles. From elegant handmade look porcelain tiles to luxurious Moroccan tiles, there are many exciting modern options available to choose from! Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of modern designer tiles in a range of colours, shapes and finishes – Visit us or shop for tiles online here to get started on your next project!