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Bathroom wall tile trends of 2023 are shifting towards simple, timeless neutral tones as well as bold, murals and patterns or subdued shades of blue for those wanting to include more colour in their home. Although each of these styles may seem vastly different at first glance, they each share a common theme; each style is heavily inspired by nature. From showcasing soft neutral tones paired with natural textures to using lush botanical murals or cool aquatic tones, interior designers are drawing inspiration from natural colour palettes to create a sense of serenity and safety within the home.

Back to Basics: Creating a Warm Aesthetic with Neutral Tones

Bathroom wall tile trends are returning to the simple, classic and timeless aesthetic of warm neutral tones. From soft white tiles to earthy timbers, rich natural stones and more, combining a selection of nature inspired hues and materials will create a warm and welcoming aesthetic in the bathroom. A strong emphasis on texture in the bathroom’s overall design will further enhance this warm atmosphere in a way that will truly activate the senses. The rustic texture of a natural timber can be replicated in modern porcelain timber tiles; rich, natural stone tiles will also add a luscious element of texture and pattern as will handmade tiles. Handmade bathroom wall tiles feature subtle uneven edges as well as an undulating surface finish that will create a soothing, tactile element in your new bathroom’s design scheme for an elegant finishing touch that will effortlessly complement a simple, neutral colour palette.

Brickland_White Tiles

The elegant Brickland collection offers a Spanish handmade style bathroom wall tile option that combines classic square and rectangular shapes. Brickland is available in your choice of matte white or gloss white tiles, offering a soft and minimal backdrop for warmer finishes and textures in your new bathroom’s design scheme.

Bold & Colourful Bathroom Wall Tile Trends

For those looking to create a strong sense of drama in the bathroom, large format porcelain panels in mural designs are the perfect choice. These types of tiles are designed to be super-thin and immensely large, leaving little to no grout lines to clean while providing maximum impact in their bold and vivid pattern options. Inspired by traditional wallpaper designs, large format porcelain sheet tiles can be used in the bathroom to create a bold and charismatic touch with options available in lush botanical themes, geometric patterns and plenty more.

Paper41 Pro_Porcelain Sheet Wall Tile

The Paper41 Pro collection is an ultra-thin porcelain sheet option that is a perfect choice as a bathroom wall tile. This elegant collection draws inspiration from traditional wallpaper designs, reflecting the bold and vivid colours often used. From lush botanical options to softer geometric patterns, the Paper41 Pro collection includes options to suit every taste and style!

Keep it Cool with Dusty Aquatic Colour Options

Cool things down with subtle, dusty shades of blue and aqua! Aquatic tones are a classic choice for the bathroom; aside from their obvious connection to water, these colours also create a sense of tranquillity and serenity, making them an ideal fit in the home bathroom. As subway tiles have proven to be quite the popular choice for the home bathroom, you will find many modern colour options now available in these collections that will allow for more creative and unique designs to be achieved using the classic subway tile format.

Navara Blue Tiles_Bathroom Wall Tile Trends

Made in Italy, the Navara collection features a slim, elongated subway tile format in a range of cool, dusty colour options, perfect for the modern bathroom. These stylish bathroom wall tiles can be laid in a variety of different patterns from the classic brick bond style to the trending herringbone tile pattern to create a sense of texture and energy in your bathroom’s design scheme.

Patterned Bathroom Wall Tile Trends

Pattern tiles have always been a go-to choice for the bathroom as they add colour, texture and of course, pattern in the space! Modern or contemporary designed bathrooms will often include striking geometric patterns that are created using various tile shapes or printed tiles. For those looking for more of a traditional, timeless aesthetic, there are many exciting vintage inspired pattern tile options available to choose from. These types of tiles draw inspiration from classic designs and colour schemes to offer a subtle nod to the past in a modern setting. Pattern tiles can be used as a bathroom feature wall tile in your new design scheme to add a show-stopping element of interest and colour in the space.

Betty_Pattern Tiles_Bathroom wall tile trends

A new addition to our already extensive tile catalogue, Betty includes a selection of vintage inspired pattern tiles as well as solid coloured options that will effortlessly complement your feature bathroom wall tiles.

Pattern tiles, cool blue tones and rich, earthy neutrals are all trending bathroom wall tile options this year. Each of these options draws inspiration from patterns and colour schemes seen in nature, creating a sense of tranquillity and serenity in your new bathroom design. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best bathroom wall tiles to suit your own unique aesthetic, budget and layout: Visit our Richmond tile store or shop for tiles online here!