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Bathroom Trends of 2021

After the tumultuous year we’ve all had through 2020, interior design trends of 2021 are aimed at creating more of a sense of home, using a range of traditional textures, materials and colour schemes. Seeking comfort from the familiar classics, we’ll be seeing a lot more trends that recall the interior design looks made popular from the 1950’s through to the early 1970’s, including traditional speckled terrazzo tiles, textured lighter toned timbers, glistening gold tapware and hardware as well as vibrant retro tiles and colour schemes.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have certainly made a splash in the interior design world throughout 2020 and will continue to be spotted in bathroom designs well into the new year and beyond! Natural Terrazzo tiles are made using chips of marble, glass and granite embedded in a concrete base that can be coloured in a variety of hues to help you achieve the exact look you are after in your next bathroom design project. 

Teknika Terrazzo

Teknika Dalmata Grande Natural Italian Terrazzo makes a beautiful feature as a splash back. Designed by Tux Lux

Terrazzo tiles are available in a variety of different styles from more pared back, neutral looks that use a predominately white palette, to more vividly coloured options that combine a variety of tones, from orange to green, black and many more. The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that aside from offering a wondrously timeless look in the bathroom, they can also be easily integrated into your colour scheme. The varying colours and tones featured in your tile can be used as an inspiration for the remainder of your colour selections in the space, making it straight forward and simple to create the perfect interior design palette.



Light Toned Timbers

Drawing inspiration from the timber textures made popular in the early 1970’s, lighter toned timbers will feature prominently in bathroom design schemes over the next few years, providing a lusciously neutral colour in the space while also creating a sense of texture and natural charm. Blonde timbers or creamed coffee colours can be used to create wonderfully neutral toned bathroom cabinetry, creating a soft feature element that can be easily included in any bathroom design style, from classic or traditional themed designs to bolder and more colourful looks. These timbers can be paired with a wide range of textures, colours and patterns, once again providing a bathroom material that can easily be complemented with a wide range of finishes. 

Gold Tapware 

Becoming increasingly popular through the last year, gold tapware creates a strong sense of luxury in the bathroom. The key to creating a perfectly unified bathroom design using gold tapware is to select pieces from the same bathroomware collection for all of your fittings and accessories. Match up you tapware with your shower rail, shower mixer, towel rails and other bathroom accessories to create a cohesive and unified look, creating a timeless and elegant vibe in the overall design scheme. Gold tapware once again has the ability to tie in well with a range of different materials and design palettes, making it a versatile and timeless choice for your next bathroom renovation. 

bathroom tile ideas

Paired with our luxurious Calacatta marble tiles, the gold tapware used in this opulent bathroom design scheme certainly creates a rich and elegant vibe that is truly timeless!

Patterned Tiles

Patterns can be created using bathroom tiles in a range of ways: Patterns can be featured on the surface of the tile itself, printed or hand-painted onto the surface, or alternatively can be created using a range of unique tile shapes and styles that use a contrasting coloured grout in order to emphasise the tile’s shape. Patterned bathroom tiles allow you more creative freedom in your design choices, offering a unique way to express your own sense of creativity and style in the overall design. 

Retro Collection

Retro inspired patterns and colours are a strong feature of the Retro collection. These stylish bathroom floor tiles provide the perfect feature element for your design and can be paired with a range of softer styles to create a balanced and harmonious colour palette.

Retro Colour Schemes & Materials

Retro colour schemes have certainly been making a strong comeback over the last year, re-introducing bolder tones such as mossy greens, deep navy tones, vibrant orange hues and creamy neutrals into the world of bathroom design. These colours evoke a sense of comfort, using classic, vibrant yet earthy inspired hues that create warmth in the design. You will find many exciting tile collections available using a range of these retro hues which once again can be easily integrated with a range of different bathroom materials and finishes such as timber and gold. 

Butterfly concrete tiles

The stunning concrete tiles of the Atlantic collection feature a range of exciting geometric patterns paired with an exquisite colour palette of retro inspired hues, recalling the comforts of the familiar classics.

Bathroom design trends of 2021 all present a strong sense of comfort, drawing inspiration from the familiar colour palettes and textures seen over the last century to create a soothing and colourful space. From bold colour palettes and patterns to soothing, earthy textures, bathroom designs of 2021 will certainly present a spectacular show of creativity! Our Richmond Tile Showroom is bursting with exciting new collections for your next bathroom renovation with our friendly team on hand to help you through the selection process.