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Bathroom Tile Inspiration- Easy ways to Introduce the Latest Designs  

Comfort, warmth and tactile surfaces: Bathroom design trends that promise to be huge in 2020 as the design world shifts away from highly polished looks to include richer textures, warm, earthy tones mixed with a few more playful hues and intricate, geometric patterns as a nod to the more traditional Art Deco stylings of the 1920s.

These exciting trends feature in our latest bathroom tile collections: Futura, Hampshire, biscuit and Houston Sticks. Each range features its own unique colour palette in varying shapes and formats to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


This exciting Italian porcelain tile collection includes a range of playful solid coloured tiles as well as matching geometric patterned pieces. The collection can be mixed and matched to create your own completely unique look or alternatively, you can select a patterned option to create a show-stopping feature wall or floor that is complimented with contrasting tones from the same collection to ensure a uniform and cohesive finished look.

bathroom tile inspiration

With a smooth, matte surface, the Futura bathroom tile collection includes both patterned tiles as well as solid coloured tiles, allowing endless possibilities in your bathroom design.

Being a porcelain tile, the Futura collection can be used as both a bathroom floor tile or as a wall tile, allowing for infinite combinations when it comes to incorporating this trending look in your new bathroom.



Made in Spain, our Hampshire porcelain tile collection recalls Victorian-era designs with feature patterns that can be mixed and matched, creating distinctly unique pairings in every project. Suitable as both a floor and bathroom wall tile, the Hampshire collection boasts intricate patterns in a soft, pastel tone, making it the perfect choice for creating a visual feature in your bathroom design.

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Whether you are updating a period style property or incorporating a touch of vintage charm in a more modern styled home, the Hampshire bathroom tile collection is the perfect way to create a sense of warmth using patterns and colours in your new bathroom. 

The intricate patterns featured in the Hampshire collection can be paired with a soft, solid coloured tile in the bathroom to provide a sense of balance in your overall design. Pictured above used as a bathroom floor tile, the distinct patterns take centre stage against softer, solid coloured tiles in this space.


Made in Italy, the Biscuit tile collection creates a stunning play on light and shadow with its raised, three dimensional detailed surfaces. Available in selected neutral tones such as warm white, earthy terracotta and a soft orange tone, this collection promises an elegant and timeless look in your new bathroom. Warm, earthy tones are set to take over the world of interior design in 2020, with a strong shift towards an emphasis on comforting, soothing hues and textures in the home, making the Biscuit collection the perfect fit for your next bathroom renovation.

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Featuring an assortment of three dimensional patterns, the fabulous Biscuit collection creates a wonderfully tactile feature wall in the bathroom. With several warm tones to choose from, this unique tile design pairs extremely well with timber textures and modern black or brass bathroom tapware to create an on-trend style.

These tiles can be used to create a stunning visual in your bathroom, making for a delightfully textured feature wall. Paired with solid coloured tiles, use the Biscuit collection behind your bathroom vanity or as a backdrop to a luxurious freestanding bathtub to create the ultimate feature wall in your new bathroom.

Houston Sticks

Featuring a smooth glazed surface, the Houston Sticks collection creates a discreet textural element in the bathroom making it a top choice as a feature wall that will not detract from your elegant bathroom design but rather, create a tactile backdrop for your selected bathroom furniture. Suitable for wall use only, Houston Sticks is available in a highly versatile range of colours, from soft neutrals, trending pastel tones and even bold hues such as deep blue and emerald green.

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Using a matching coloured grout, the Houston Sticks mosaic tile makes for a beautifully tactile feature wall that will not pull attention away from your luxurious bathroom fittings.

These beautifully rustic shaped tiles can be muted with a matching coloured grout or instead, you can opt to make your tile selection truly pop with a contrasting grout that will emphasise the tile’s shape, making for a truly show-stopping bathroom feature wall.

Although bathroom tile trends are forever changing, the collections featured here offer an endless amount of options to assist in creating a bathroom style with timeless appeal. From bold and textured feature walls to traditionally patterned bathroom floor tiles, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!