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Bathroom Tile ideas – The Benefits of Large Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles

Large bathroom floor and wall tiles create a sleek and stylish minimal look in the bathroom, offering the perfect selection for those looking to achieve a contemporary feel in their home. These tiles are designed to create a bold and dramatic touch, usually being suitable for both floor and wall use to offer an enormous range of design possibilities for your interiors. There are many exciting benefits of using large format bathroom tiles, from allowing you to play with the perception of space in a smaller bathroom to achieving a sleek and minimal look that includes fewer grout lines. 

What are Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are exactly as the name suggests: these tiles are manufactured in jumbo sizes, offering a sleek and modern option that is perfect for the bathroom. These tiles are most often made of porcelain and most often suitable for use as both a floor and wall finish. The edges of the tiles are usually rectified (a machining process which ensures a precise and sharp 90° edge along the tile, resulting in significantly thinner grout lines than normal) which in turn leads to a wonderfully low maintenance finish in the bathroom. 

Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles

Contrary to popular belief, using larger tiles in a smaller space can actually create the perception of a larger room rather than it feeling constricted. The key in creating the perfect balance in a small bathroom using larger tiles is to work with the dimensions of the room itself and find a tile that will fit into those measurements with minimal cutting required. For example, a bathroom that measures 2.4 metres in length would benefit from a tile with measures 800mm in length as the tile will fit in perfectly in a row of four along the length of the room. As grout lines are kept at a minimum, there is less visual clutter in the space, effectively enlarging the look of the room. 


The minimally styled Cimet porcelain tiles are inspired by the sleek look and feel of a traditional concrete tile. The collection is available in an impressive range of sizes and neutral colour options to create that perfect look in a contemporary themed bathroom design scheme. This space uses large format tiles and introduces a stream of natural light to create a luxurious feel in the narrow design. 

Minimal Tile Grout = Less Cleaning!

As mentioned above, using large format bathroom floor tiles or wall tiles will result in minimal grout lines in your new bathroom design scheme. Cleaning and properly maintaining your grout in the bathroom can often be a nuisance, especially in a busy home; although there are modern grout solutions and sealants available that will drastically minimise the amount of care and attention your bathroom tile grout will require, this issue can still be of concern in a busy home’s bathroom. Using large format tiles will of course, drastically reduce the amount of grout lines in the space and lead to less hassle while cleaning. 

Perini Solo collection

Italian made, our luxurious Solo collection offers a stunningly realistic representation of natural travertine stone. This exciting collection of porcelain tiles is suitable for both flor and wall use and includes a range of contemporary colour options and formats.

Furthermore, as these tiles are most often manufactured to include a sharp rectified edge, the grout lines will be even thinner than the norm, once again assisting in reducing the amount of care and maintenance required in looking after your bathroom tiles. 

Achieve a Modern and Sleek Aesthetic

Featuring exceptionally thin grout lines offers another advantage aside from streamlining your cleaning and maintenance process; grout colours can be selected to match the main colour of the tiles themselves in order to achieve a near seamless finish. Grout lines fade into the background using this method, making your new bathroom tiles the standout feature of your design scheme without the visual distraction of a contrasting coloured grout, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic in your design. 

The spectacular Maya collection includes sharp rectified edges to achieve an exceptionally minimal grout. In this space, the grout colour has been carefully selected to complement the tile, resulting a wonderfully sleek and modern style that makes the texture and pattern of the wall tiles the main focus rather than the grout.

Key Points to Consider

Large format floor and wall tiles offer a range of benefits when designing your perfect bathroom however, it should also be noted that their use will often incur additional labour costs in the creation of your project. Due to their larger size, your Tiler will need to take certain precautions to allow for their safe installation. Your flooring must also be perfectly level in order to achieve a high quality finish that will last the test of time as any unevenness or movement in the property itself can potentially lead to issues down the track. If you are planning on using large format tiles in your next bathroom renovation, it is important to communicate this information to your Tiler or Builder to ensure that the space is properly inspected and all the necessary inclusions have been accounted for in their pricing of your project. 

Large format tiles will create a wonderfully sleek and modern look in the home thanks to their impressive size and the minimal grout lines present. These tiles can often be used as both a floor or wall option to allow for a world of possibilities to be achieved ibn your next bathroom design project. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting your perfect bathroom tiles along with curating a perfectly arranged colour palette to suit your needs, style and budget. Visit our Tiles Showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your dream bathroom! You can also explore bathroom tile trends for 2021 in our blog.