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Bathroom Tile Ideas: 6 Inspirational Projects to help you find your own Style

When starting out on a bathroom renovation or new home build, nailing down your own unique style and creative vision can seem like a challenge at first. After all, there are so many exciting options and design styles to choose from when it comes to putting together the perfect bathroom design scheme!

Drawing inspiration from other designs is often the best place to start when it comes to researching your own preferences. Viewing a range of different completed bathroom designs will offer you an excellent guide as to which different colours and finishes will work well together as well as which layouts may suit your own individual needs and lifestyle. With this information in hand, you can accurately communicate your vision and ideas to your Designer and Builder to ensure a perfect outcome that will meet all of your expectations. The following bathroom designs each represent a different style that can easily be adapted into your own project with the right choice of finishes, colours and materials. 

Dark and Cosy Bathroom Designs

Embracing the confines of a smaller space can work wonders in creating a luxurious and soothing atmosphere; there is no hard and fast rule that a small or narrow bathroom must be designed in such a way as to make the space look larger than what it really is! If a cosy and warm environment is what you are after in the bathroom, bold and colourful ceramic wall tiles will do just the trick! Highlight the interior of the space with a selection of glimmering metallic finishes, feature lighting and a large wall mirror for the perfect balance. 

New wall tiles

This elegant bathroom design scheme by Perini Renovations uses our Nue ceramic wall tiles to create a warm yet bold look in the space. These stylish tiles are designed to emulate the textured look and feel of a traditionally handmade product and are available in a wide range of delightful colours to choose from.

This style of bathroom design goes against the general idea that a small space must always be designed in a way that create the illusion of additional space and instead, creates a cosy and comforting cocoon-like atmosphere that is perfect for winding down in after a long day.

Luxurious Hotel Inspired Bathrooms

Creating a luxury hotel inspired theme in the bathroom will ensure an opulent and timeless design scheme that will last the test of time. This look will often include sleek, glimmering glossy surface finishes paired with bright metallic hardware and tapware as well as classic natural stones such as marble for that perfect finishing touch. Marble floor tiles can be complemented with a range of matching wall tiles to create a bold feature that truly showcases this rich and timeless material. Contrast marble tiles with deep, striking colours in your vanity or stone benchtop for a well-balanced and grounded look in your new design. 

Armani tiles

The elegant Armani collection boasts a range of natural marble options with dark and light varieties to choose from in a modern 3D geometric style. These luxurious tiles create the perfect finishing touch to this timeless hotel inspired bathroom design scheme while perfectly complementing and balancing the luxurious marble floor tiles.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

A modern Scandinavian inspired bathroom design will include a range of different warm and earthy materials and colours to create a luscious yet comforting style. Exposed or painted brickwork, natural stones and rustic timbers are all classic design elements in this style of interior with each material perfectly complementing the next to create an absolute delight for the senses. This style of bathroom effortlessly combines casual living and sophistication, resulting in a timeless and elegant style. Bathroom tiles that are most often included in these design schemes include timber-look porcelain tiles as well as soft white wall tiles to create a breezy and relaxed vibe that is full of character and charm. 

The timeless Brickland collection features in this modern Scandinavian inspired bathroom design scheme, pairing perfectly with the stone and timber used throughout the space for an elegant, timeless and comforting look.

Blush & Gold Bathrooms

Blush and gold: A perfect combination of sot colour and bold metallic finishes. These two classic options pair together exceptionally well to create a warm, glowing, playful energy in the bathroom that will tie in well with a range of classic natural materials such as honey toned timbers and white marbles as well as more industrial themed finishes such as rough concrete for example. There are many different bathroom tile options that will be perfectly suited to this style of interior, from ultra-realistic stone or concrete look floor tiles to natural marble tiles as well of course, as colourful blush toned feature tiles for that perfect soft and elegant finishing touch. 

Perini Tiles marble tiles

An opulent, bright and cheerful bathroom design by Norsu Home, this space uses a combination of soft blush wall tiles, marble tiles and concrete look floor tiles to create a luxurious and timeless design scheme.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs

Contemporary bathroom design schemes combine both trends and classic materials to create a stylish and modern look. Clean and crisp lines, statement pieces and softer, curved edges make for the perfect contemporary look in the bathroom with a nod to minimalist design schemes. Concrete or stone tiles are most often used in these designs and paired with bold feature walls in charcoal tones. Pops of colour can also be introduced into your contemporary bathroom tile scheme with navy blues, vibrant yellows and even burnt orange tones being especially popular. 


This contemporary bathroom design scheme uses our Cimet tile collection. These Spanish made porcelain tiles mimic the look and feel of traditional concrete, offering a sleek and minimalist look in the space.

There are many different interior design styles you can achieve in your next project, ranging from classic and traditional designs to more minimal and contemporary looks. Each style will lend itself well to particular colours, materials and textures so it confirming the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your new bathroom is an excellent way of narrowing down your options when it comes to selecting your favourite bathroom tiles and coordinating materials. Our Design Consultants at Perini Tiles can assist you in curating the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom project, guiding you through the very best solutions that will help you achieve your creative vision. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free virtual design consultation to start working on your next design!