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Bathroom Tile Ideas: 10 Ways

Creating a new bathroom design is an exciting process; from selecting your new bathroom tiles and colour scheme to finding the perfect tapware and fittings to make the space your own. There are many different styles you can create in the bathroom and as can be expected, your tile selection will play a large role in creating the exact look or atmosphere you want to achieve. From sleek and modern options to rustic, earthy styles, dive in to the exciting world of tiles as you create the perfect look in your next project!

Modern Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have long been a favourite choice for the bathroom thanks to their simple yet stylish look. Over the years, subway tiles have been reinvented in many different ways, with more varied shapes and materials being used in their creation to achieve a more modern aesthetic. These classic tiles offer endless possibilities in your next bathroom design or renovation project, from allowing you to experiment with the perception of space in a room by choosing from a range of different layout options to creating a simple and serene backdrop that will allow your bathroom fittings to be in the spotlight in your design scheme. 

The Brickland collection offers a unique reinterpretation of the traditional subway tile in this Scandinavian inspired bathroom design. The rustic texture of the tiles creates a stylish handmade look that perfectly complements the natural timber and stone used in this elegant design scheme.

Subway tiles offer a range of impressive benefits in the bathroom, from providing a simple to maintain surface finish to allowing for the creation of a range of different looks and patterns with your use of tile layouts. It should be noted however that due to their smaller size, more grout will be required to complete the project. Subway tiles are also most commonly restricted to wall use only however, there are some collections available in specific materials (such as terracotta tiles for example) that can be used as a flooring solution. 

Natural Tiles: Marble Bathroom Tiles

Natural tiles are most often made of stones such as marble, slate or limestone to name a few, with each option offering its own elegant, earthy qualities to any bathroom design project. Natural tiles can perfectly complement just about any style of interior, from warm, classic looks to more contemporary designs, allowing you to achieve a vast range of different styles in your bathroom’s colour palette. 

Our luxurious Calacatta collection displays this popular natural stone in all its beauty! The collection includes a range of timeless formats and shapes such as the classic subway tile format, penny round mosaic tiles and even a stylish herringbone tile design for that classic look in your next bathroom design project.

Natural tiles are infamously porous, meaning that the stone itself will have tiny pores in its surface that can absorb moisture and liquids. It is important to ensure your natural tiles are properly sealed and are looked after using only specific cleaning products in order to ensure their longevity in the home. Despite these restrictions, natural tiles offer an elegant and timeless aesthetic in the bathroom that is simply unparalleled, making them a well sought after design choice for your flooring or bathroom walls.

Feature Flooring: Pattern Tiles

An excellent way to introduce a touch of character and energy in your next bathroom renovation is to create a feature of your flooring and balance out the look with a carefully curated selection of colours and materials. Feature floor tiles are most often selected from pattern tile collections that show repeating geometric designs, shapes or blocks of colour. These can range in material, with porcelain tiles or concrete tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles) being some of the most popular choices for the bathroom, along with mosaic tiles. Certain collections of mosaic tiles (especially enamelled glass and natural stone tiles) can be used to create a unique feature bathroom floor that instantly injects your design with pattern, character and texture for a spectacular look. 

The luscious Hola collection features a stunning geometric pattern along with a selection of different colour options to choose from including a soft grey, dusty blue, rosy pink and warm coffee tone to help you create a unique and personalised look. This luxurious bathroom was created by our Perini Renovation team. 

It is important to ensure the remaining colours and materials used throughout the bathroom are perfectly balanced with a feature floor tile or you may run the risk of creating a space with too many elements competing for attention, resulting in a visually cluttered and overwhelming look. Spend some time carefully considering your options to create that perfect balance between pattern and solid colours for a harmonious design in the bathroom. 

Contemporary Bathroom Design: Linear Lines

Using linear lines to create a sense of pattern in the bathroom adds a touch of texture and character to a contemporary or modern design scheme. Line work can be used in your design to add a sense of width or height to the space depending on your selected layout style; running the lines upwards on your walls will create a sense of added height while running line work horizontally across the wall will elongate the space, drawing the eye across the length of the wall. 

Martino porcelain tiles

The Martino collection includes both plain and ribbed designs, allowing you to experiment with geometric patterns in your bathroom’s design scheme. The collection includes a selection of five different rich nature inspired colour options to choose from to create that perfect look!

Tiles that feature a grooved or ribbed design can easily be kept clean with a simple wipe down however more stubborn grime may require some scrubbing. For this reason, it may be prudent to use this style of tile in areas that will not experience as much water splashing (such as the shower for example, where soap scum can build up in the grooves). Instead, these tile designs can be used as a feature wall in other areas of the bathroom, such as behind the vanity unit.

Adding Texture: Handmade & Handmade-look Tiles

Handmade tiles continue to be created using ancient tile making techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next. The tiles are formed using a combination of raw materials and then shaped, painted or glazed entirely by hand before kiln baking to remove moisture from the product. Being a handmade product, slight imperfections, curves and textured surfaces are celebrated with each piece completely unique and distinct from the next. These tiles are most often restricted to wall use only as their undulating finish would not provide a safe surface underfoot. Due to this factor though, you will notice more decorative and ornate styles available as there are no limitations in their design.


The Metro Porcelain Tile collection is specifically designed to simulate the organic lines and undulating surface finish of an authentically handmade product. These glossy tiles create an almost water-like appearance, making them a stunning option for the bathroom. 

Authentically handmade artisan tiles will often fall in a higher price bracket, making them an excellent choice as a feature element in the bathroom that is balanced out with more simple, pared back wall tiles. Handmade-look tiles however (as shown in the bathroom pictured above) will offer a similar look in a lower price bracket, making this stylish look more widely available for the bathroom. 

Earthy colour Schemes: Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles can be used in the bathroom to create an earthy and warm atmosphere. They can be used as a floor or wall option, making for a stylish yet timeless solution that can pair well with a range of materials such as timber or stone as well as neutral coloured complementing tiles for the perfect combination. 


The Prato Terracotta collection offers a warm, earthy charm in the bathroom that is simply full of character. These luscious tiles are handmade in Mexico with each piece being unique to the next, further enhancing their rustic and timeless qualities.

Terracotta tiles offer a strong and hard wearing surface finish however, it should be noted that they are a porous material and as such, should be maintained with a quality sealant and cleaned using only specific products to ensure these bathroom tiles stay in their best shape for many years to come. 

Textured & Colourful: Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles create a wonderfully textured surface finish while also providing an impressive range of options to choose from, including colourful blends, murals and patterns to create that perfect customised look in your next bathroom design project. Certain collections of mosaic tiles can actually be completely customised to your specific sizing, colour and design preferences; you have the creative freedom of selecting from a range of designs or create your own custom mural or image, select from a vast range of colours and of course, customise the sizing of your mosaic artwork to create the ultimate feature in your new bathroom design scheme. 

 Mosaic tiles can be used in a range of ways to help you create the perfect custom look in the bathroom. Specific collections of mosaic tiles allow you to completely customise your tiles, from selecting your favourite colours to creating your unique patterns or murals.

Due to their miniature size, mosaic tiles will of course require more grout to lay and will often require an experienced hand to work with the various shapes and designs. This can fetch a higher price tag when it comes to installation so it is important to specify relevant information with regards to your tile selections to your Tiler before proceeding.

Speckled Patterns: Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles continue to be made using traditional techniques; these tiles were first created as a means of using up assorted chips and pieces of natural stones and glass that were left over from the artistic, construction and manufacturing industries. These pieces of stone or glass are embedded in a large cement tile and dried out of all moisture, resulting in an incredibly hard and durable surface finish that will last a lifetime. 


Our Teknika Italian Terrazzo tiles are designed and made in Italy using traditional techniques. These stylish and timeless tiles feature the distinct speckled pattern that has become synonymous with terrazzo products and can be used in the bathroom as both a floor and wall finish.

An authentic terrazzo tile will also require sealing and specific cleaning products in order to maintain the product’s longevity in the bathroom so this is in important factor to take into consideration when making your bathroom tile selections. Alternatively, if you are after an option that will not require regular sealing, porcelain terrazzo-look tiles will fit the bill!


The Positano collection is manufactured in Italy using high tech porcelain and perfectly simulates all the beautiful characteristics of real terrazzo.Positano does not need sealing and is perfect for all floors and walls in your home.

Glimmering Luxury: Double Glazed Tiles

The process of double glazing a tile creates an almost translucent quality to the surface of the product, resulting in a glimmering and luxurious option that is an absolute breeze to maintain in the bathroom thanks to the sleek and slippery surface. These tiles are often best suited to wall use only as their glossy surface finish is not the best suited option underfoot. 

Creating an ethereal quality in this playfully coloured shower space, our Taffee wall tiles offer a realistic representation of handmade tiles. The collection features a double glazed finish which creates a translucent quality on the tile. You will find a range of colours and styles to choose from in this exciting new collection!

As these opulent tiles are most often restricted to wall applications only, you will find more decorative and ornate options available that play with not only colour, but also texture and shine. From bevelled designs to spectacular shapes, there are many exciting options to choose from!

Experimenting with Shapes: Hexagon Tiles

Experimenting with shapes is simple with tiles with so many different options to choose from! A popular choice is the hexagon shape; hexagonal tiles can be paired with a contrasting coloured grout that will emphasise their trendy shape and help you create a standout feature in the bathroom, whether it is feature flooring or a feature wall behind a vanity unit or in the shower. 

The colourful Argo Hexagon Porcelain Tiles create a designer touch in the bathroom as they play with colour, shape and geometric line work, offering a distinct and stylish look.

When selecting tiles, there are many different styles and shapes to choose from, including hexagonal tiles, triangles, circles, diamond shapes and plenty more. If you are looking to select from these collections, it is important to also consider the other elements that will be going into the space aside from the coordinating materials and finishes used to create the bathroom itself (such as the glass, mirrors, benchtops, etc.). You should also consider what accessories you may include in the space and ensure these items will be in keeping with the space’s design while also offering some balance; make sure to keep your bathroom’s material and colour scheme in balance with the accessories and furniture that will be included in the room to ensure a final look that is harmonious and easy on the eye. 

There are many exciting options available when it comes to selecting the perfect bathroom tiles, from stylish shapes and colours, to luscious materials and more. You may also consider experimenting with different layout styles as well to help you achieve that perfect personalised touch in your next bathroom renovation. Our team of Design Consultants can assist and guide you every step of the way, helping you create the perfect colour palette for that designer touch in your next project. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your project today!