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Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas – 6 Best Options to Consider

When it comes to selecting your new bathroom floor tiles, there are many different styles, materials, colours and formats to consider. Each different option will create a distinct look in the space while also requiring different care and maintenance solutions to ensure your new tiles are well looked after throughout their lifespan. From timeless natural stone tiles to ultra-modern timber look porcelain tiles and more, there are many new and exciting options to consider when selecting your perfect bathroom floor tiles. 

1. Natural Stone Tiles

A popular and classic choice for the bathroom flooring, natural stone tiles create a luxurious, earthy look in a design scheme. Ranging from assorted varieties of marble to limestone and more, natural tiles can be used in your new bathroom as a strong and durable floor finish that will last a lifetime. 

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Our Piccolo Marble Mosaic tiles are the epitome of refined elegance and classic charm, creating a luxurious experience in the bathroom that will never date or go out of style!

It is important to note that natural stones are porous and therefore, will require sealing to ensure any dirt, soap scum or spills do not stain or discolour the material. A quality sealant specific to your tile’s material will be applied prior to laying and then every few years throughout the tile’s lifespan to ensure the best maintenance. Following this procedure will ensure your new tiles will always look their best, especially in the humid environment of the bathroom!

2. Encaustic Tiles (Concrete Tiles)

Encaustic tiles (also commonly referred to as concrete tiles) are made using poured cement that can include pigments or dyes to create patterns and designs in the tile. As with natural tiles, concrete tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home, being especially prominent in Edwardian or Victorian styled buildings. These stylish pattern tiles will often include intricate geometric designs, floral prints or stylish repeating shapes to create a stunning visual statement, making them an excellent choice as a bathroom feature floor.   

 The Beach Club concrete tile collection has been designed by leading Australian interior and fashion stylist, Sarah Ellison. Options include a series of stylish and playful repeating patterns and designs to create a unique touch in your next bathroom renovation.

Due to their usual bold patterns and colouring, encaustic tiles are most often paired with more subdued bathroom wall tiles to create a sense of balance in the space. It is also important to note that as concrete is a porous material just like natural stone tiles, these too should be properly sealed to keep them looking their best in the bathroom over time. 

3. Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are often used to create elaborate and glamorous feature walls in the bathroom however certain varieties can also be used as a stylish bathroom flooring option. Our collection of Bisazza mosaic tiles for example, can be used to create the perfect bathroom flooring solution, offering an immensely durable and hard wearing surface finish that is not susceptible to staining or marking. Pair with a suitable epoxy grout for the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom; unlike traditional cement based grouts, epoxy grout sets into a water and stain resistant finish that helps prevent the build-up of dirt and grime, making cleaning the bathroom an absolute breeze. 


Bissazza is one of the most popular mosaic tile manufacturers in the world. These Italian made glass mosaic tiles are available in an immensely vast range of colour options and can be used to create a variety of design solutions, from blends of colourful tiles, intricate murals and artworks as well as feature flooring for the bathroom. Our Bisazza Online collection includes a selection of options that are suitable for all types of applications, allowing for a world of creative design solutions.

4. Timber-look Porcelain Tiles

Natural timber flooring is usually avoided in the bathroom as the high amounts of moisture and humidity in the space can lead to discolouration, staining and warping of the material. Thankfully, porcelain tiles can be used instead. Porcelain tiles can be designed to perfectly mimic the same look and feel of natural timber down to the distinct tonal variations and textures of real timber flooring. Unlike a traditional timber flooring however, porcelain timber-look tiles will not stain, scratch or warp over time, making them an excellent option for your bathroom flooring. You may also want to consider running the same or similarly designed timber-look tiles throughout your home’s interior to create a seamless and continuous look.

timber look floor tiles

The Huski collection offers a perfect representation of natural timber, making for an excellent alternative option in in the bathroom and throughout your home’s interiors.

5. Terrazzo Tiles (and terrazzo look)

Created using a concrete tile that includes chips of assorted marbles, natural stones and even coloured glass, terrazzo tiles provide an incredibly strong and durable surface underfoot making them ideal for the bathroom. Although terrazzo tiles are a porous material, they can be sealed and maintained to ensure their longevity in the bathroom and if need be, they can even be professionally rejuvenated, making them an incredibly long lasting option for the home. If you are instead in looking for a maintenance free option, terrazzo-look porcelain tiles are the next best choice. These tiles will not require sealing however they cannot be rejuvenated later on.


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Positano is an Italian porcelain engineered collection that perfectly represents the natural nuances and look of terrazzo stone. Bathroom design by TuxLux

6. Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

Similar to timber look tiles, stone look porcelain tiles offer a perfect representation of natural stones such as marble, limestone and more. Made of durable and long lasting porcelain, these tiles will never require sealing and are scratch, water and even heat resistant, making them an incredibly popular choice in any area of the home, especially the bathroom. 

The elegant Hellin collection is inspired by the naturally occurring characteristic of slate. Natural slate tiles offer an earthy elegance to a home however these can be susceptible to cracks, chips, fading and discolouration, requiring ongoing maintenance to ensure their longevity. Slate-look tiles such as these will not require the same level of care, making them ideal for high traffic areas as well as spaces such as the bathroom where moisture, humidity and soap scum can become an issue.

Our tiles showroom in Richmond is full of exciting tile options to assist you in making the right choice for your next bathroom design and renovation project. Our expert design team will guide you through the different material and colour options to find that perfect fit that will meet your needs, style and budget. Visit our showroom or book a free online design consultation to start working on the perfect colour palette for your next project.