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Bathroom Feature Tiles: The Latest Trends For 2022

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 Creating a feature wall in your bathroom design scheme is the best way to show off your own creativity! A bathroom feature wall offers you the unique opportunity to use more adventurous and bold patterns or colours as the remainder of your colour scheme works as a means of balancing out the design for a harmonious look in your interior design. Tile trends of 2022 are embracing more glamorous options such as sleek glass mosaic tile designs, wild patterns as well as rustic and earthy materials and textures, each of which will allow you to create that perfect personal touch in your next bathroom renovation project. 


Glass mosaic tiles are an exceptionally versatile choice when it comes to creating the perfect bathroom feature wall thanks to the endless range of colour options and design possibilities. Furthermore, their sleek, smooth surface ensures a simple to clean and maintain option for the bathroom, especially useful in the shower area; soap suds can be easily rinsed off and the tiles themselves can be buffed up using nothing more than a soft cloth. 

Greg Natale Bisazza

 Glass mosaic tiles can be used to create solid coloured feature walls, blends of colourful tiles, bold patterns and even stylish murals! Greg Natale’s collection of glass mosaic tiles has been created in collaboration with Bisazza, a world renowned glass mosaic tile brand, and includes a selection of unique and stylish colours and pattern options. 


Traditionally handmade tiles will show variations in texture, shape and colour, creating a spectacular patchwork effect that offers a warm, soothing atmosphere in the bathroom. Each tile is unique from the next, making for an incredibly authentic feature wall option. These tiles are usually coated with a hardened glossy glaze that is baked onto the surface of the tile. This glaze acts as a protective barrier that will ensure your tiles do not absorb moisture or dirt, ensuring a long lasting quality finish that is exceptionally simple to care for, clean and maintain. 

The stylish Saigon Handmade Tiles are made in Vietnam using traditional tile making techniques. The collection includes a range of rich, deeply saturated colours in two elegant, classic shapes 


A timeless classic, natural stone bathroom tiles will always be on trend! Marble is especially popular as a bathroom feature wall thanks to the many different varieties available as well as the unique and elegant finish this material offers, adding a soothing and opulent quality to any style of interior design. Modern natural stone tile options are taking a step away from the more traditional square or rectangular shapes with natural stones being used to create a range of different styles from lantern shaped tiles, penny round tiles and many more exciting designs that will allow you to create a unique touch in your new bathroom design scheme. 

Crazy Paver_bathroom feature tiles

Our spectacular Crazy Paver collection is made of timeless natural stone, suitable for use as either a floor or wall tile. Each individual tile is unique in shape, creating a bold and charismatic feature wall tile option. 


The traditional herringbone tile pattern is created using simple rectangular shaped tiles that are placed at an angle and interlocked with the next. 

Perini Tiles marble tiles_bathroom feature tiles

Elegant and timeless, our Calacatta herringbone tiles offer a rich and luxurious look when used as bathroom feature tiles 

This timeless tile pattern has its roots in ancient Rome where herringbone tiles were used to pave roads. The style is constantly showing up in interior design schemes since then, cementing its place as a timeless and classic design choice. Herringbone tiles are so popular that you will find an endless range of options available to choose from including classic natural stone options, glass tiles, mosaic tiles and plenty more! 

2022 will see more natural materials, textures and colours being included in modern bathroom design schemes, introducing a wonderfully tactile and soothing experience into our homes. Natural stone tiles and handmade tile options will continue to be timeless, classic choices while glass mosaic tiles offer a design solution that allows you to create a completely custom look in your bathroom for a personal touch. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best bathroom feature tiles to suit your style preferences and budget as you create your new bathroom. Visit our Richmond tiles showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your dream home!