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Bathroom Design Tips with Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic tiles offer a versatile decorative feature for the bathroom as well as an impressive range of benefits that will ensure your new bathroom design is not only beautiful but also simple and straight forward to clean and maintain. When creating your new bathroom, there are many things to consider, from ensuring an understanding of the materials that have been used and how they will react in the humid environment of the home bathroom to carefully coordinating your bathroom fittings to create a space that is functional and user friendly. 


Ceramic tiles are available in a wide array of options, making them the perfect choice when you are after a bathroom feature tile. Glazed ceramic tiles are especially popular in the bathroom as their sleek, baked-on glaze creates an almost glass-like barrier across the surface of the tile resulting in a luscious decorative finish that is simple to clean and maintain. These tiles can be used to create an elegant feature wall in the shower, behind an extravagant freestanding tub or behind a luxurious vanity unit to add a touch of colour and texture while highlighting these key features.

Lucida_Ceramic Tiles

Making for the perfect backdrop to the luxurious designer basin, our Lucida ceramic wall tiles feature a smooth, glossy surface finish that is incredibly simple to wipe clean, making them a perfect fit for the bathroom.


When selecting your new bathroom wall and floor tiles, being aware of the material’s recommended care and maintenance techniques will play a crucial role in your decision. Natural stone tiles for example will require different cleaning products and techniques from ceramic tiles. When looking at ceramic tiles specifically, unglazed options will again require different cleaning and care methods in comparison to glazed varieties. 

In the case of glazed ceramic tiles, the glaze itself protects the body of the tile from absorbing moisture and humidity, meaning that these types of tiles will not require sealing (unlike un-glazed ceramic tile options). The sleek surface finish also allows for a fuss-free cleaning process in the bathroom as water and soap can be easily wiped away, making these types of tiles an excellent choice as a bathroom feature wall where a simple to clean material is most desired.

Marbella_Ceramic Tiles

Our luxurious Spanish made Marbella Wall tiles are available in a selection of nature inspired tones with each individual tile showing variations in depth of colour, texture and finish to recreate the authentic look and feel of a traditionally handmade product.

Unglazed ceramic tiles on the other hand do not include this protective barrier and will require regular sealing. As these tiles are porous when left in their raw state, moisture and dirt can enter the tile’s pores and lead to staining or water damage so it is important to be aware of this before making your tile selection while also 

ensuring you have all the relevant information that will help you best maintain your new tiles. Unglazed ceramic tiles can often be used as a floor finish however, as the shower area will experience large amounts of pressurised water, soap scum and excess run-off from bathing and cleaning products, these tiles are best avoided in this area in order to ensure a high quality finish. Visit our Resources page for more information on what cleaning and sealing products are best used on unglazed ceramic tiles. 


A sure-fire way to ensure a perfectly balanced bathroom design scheme is to keep your new tiles in proportion with the space’s dimensions. The key to selecting the right tile size in your new bathroom is to take note of the space’s overall dimensions (length, width and height) and ensure your selected tile’s measurements can comfortably fit into these figures with minimal cutting required. 

Cloud Wall Tiles_Ceramic Tiles

The elegant Cloud Wall Tiles are featured in this luxurious bathroom design scheme laid running vertically up the walls to accentuate the room’s overall height. You can use a tile’s shape and size to create visual cues in your design that will enhance the space’s dimensions, a technique that is especially useful when creating a design scheme for a small bathroom.

For example, a narrow bathroom design with a width of 1800mm will be a perfect match for 600 x 600 mm or 300 x 600 mm tiles for example as these figures can comfortably fit into the space’s measurements without the need for cutting into the tiles. Of course, tile sizes may not always fit so perfectly into a design’s measurements in which case, a tile size that will only require a minimal amount of cutting to fit into to design will be the most suitable option. This technique ensures a clean and polished finish in your new bathroom design scheme every time!


As with selecting tiles, it is important to take your bathroom’s dimensions into consideration when choosing your fittings and accessories. Ensure each piece is in proportion with the room’s size for a polished look in your bathroom design scheme while avoiding any unnecessary items. For example, a bathtub is not always essential if you prefer showering however, if you are hoping to ensure your home’s potential resale value, it may be wise to allow space for a comfortably sized tub in the main family bathroom. Keeping your new bathroom fittings in proportion with the space’s overall dimensions will not only ensure the design is aesthetically pleasing but will also enhance the room’s functionality and make it significantly more comfortable to use. 

Our luxurious Concrete Basins are completely custom made to suit your own preferences and spatial requirements. You have the freedom of selecting not only a custom colour and shape but also a custom size, ensuring your new basin will perfectly fit into your bathroom design scheme.

When designing the perfect bathroom layout, it is important to pay close attention to size, proportion and overall usability before making decisions on your colours and materials. As your wall tiles will set the scene for your new bathroom’s overall colour scheme, it is always recommended that you carefully consider the look and style you want to achieve in order to ensure the perfect solution. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in creating the perfect bathroom colour scheme for that unique designer touch! Book a free online design consultation or visit our Richmond tile showroom to view our immense and ever growing collection of stylish bathroom tiles.