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Bathroom Design Ideas: Bathroom Tiles that make a Statement

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Your choice of bathroom tiles will set the scene for the balance of your interior design scheme so it is important to find that perfect fit that will suit your creative vision. If you are looking to create a stylish statement in your new bathroom, there are many luxurious tiling options to consider from elegant pattern tiles or natural stone tiles to mosaic tiles and more, with each solution offering its own exciting range of benefits in your design scheme.

Creating Pattern with Bathroom Tiles

Pattern tiles offer a sure-fire way to introduce more colour, excitement and personality in your bathroom’s design scheme. There are many elegant and stylish options available from classic motifs to modern geometric styles, with options to suit every style of home. Vintage inspired designs for example, will offer the perfect design option when renovating a period style home while more contemporary designs will add a creative finishing touch to a modern styled home. Pattern tile options are available in a wide selection of materials with the most popular choices for the bathroom being porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are well known for their incredible durability, offering a surface finish that is resistant to heat, staining, moisture and scratching. These qualities ensure a high quality, long lasting finish that is perfect for the humid and often messy environment of the bathroom!

Dolce Pattern Tiles_Bathroom Tiles

Our luxurious Dolce collection includes a range of striking patterns and bold colour options. These glazed ceramic tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, making for a vivid statement in the bathroom.

Experiment with Textures

Adding tactile finishes such as raw timbers, concrete or mosaic tiles in your bathroom’s design scheme will create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Mosaic tiles are a popular solution when it comes to adding an element of texture in the bathroom thanks to their smaller size and the many various materials available in these types of collections. From natural stone tiles to glass tiles and more, mosaic tiles offer a flexible option that unlike larger format tiles, can be wrapped around curved surfaces and used to tile tighter areas such as shower niches for example. Combine a selection of different textures that will tantalise the senses and create a spa-like atmosphere in your new bathroom’s design scheme!

houston sticks_mosaic tiles_kit kat tiles

The Houston Sticks collection offers a rustic, textured style in the bathroom. Featuring subtle irregularities in their shape and finish, this stunning range of Kit Kat mosaic tiles is the perfect solution when you are looking to add an irresistibly tactile finishing touch to your new bathroom!

Create a Light-Filled Bathroom Design with Glossy Wall Tiles

An especially popular solution for smaller spaces or bathrooms that do not receive an abundance of natural light, glossy wall tiles will help you create a design that not only appears larger but will also allow light to travel throughout the space. Glossy tiles create a sense of depth in the home, enhancing the illusion of added space as a result of their surface finish. Their reflective surface will allow light to travel and bounce throughout the bathroom, brightening up a darker space to create the perception of a larger area, making these types of bathroom wall tiles an excellent choice for smaller spaces. The sleek surface will also provide a simple to clean material that will make cleaning up a breeze in the bathroom!

Marbella Gloss Tiles

Available in a selection of luxurious colour options, the Marbella bathroom tiles feature a hyper-glossy surface finish. These tiles are designed to emulate the look and feel of a traditionally handmade product, complete with subtle uneven edges and variations in colour for a realistic style.

Elegant & Timeless: Natural Stone Bathroom Wall Tiles

Natural stone tiles such as marble or travertine tile options have long been a favourite choice as a bathroom wall tile solution as they create a luxurious and sophisticated look that is truly timeless! Natural stone options are available in an endless selection of naturally occurring colours and patterns, allowing you to mix match materials to create a truly unique aesthetic in your new bathroom’s design scheme. It is important to note that natural stone surfaces are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to ensure their longevity in the home. Our Resources page is full of information on the best tile sealing products and methods, specific to each type of material.

red travertine tiles collection

Available in a selection of different shapes and sizes, our Red Travertine tiles create a rich and earthy atmosphere in the home, ideal for making a bold visual statement in your new bathroom’s design!

Bathroom tiles are available in an endless selection of options which will allow you complete creative freedom in designing that perfect look for your new bathroom design! From travertine tiles to mosaic bathroom tiles and plenty more, the possibilities are truly endless!

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, curating the perfect colour and material combination in your next bathroom design project: Visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for tiles online here!