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Avoid these Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

The average bathroom renovation consists of a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure a quality end result that meets all of your expectations. There are a few key steps to follow however that will help you avoid any costly renovation mistakes along the way – our top tips will help you keep your project on track and ensure you achieve the perfect bathroom renovation as smoothly as possible!

Specifying your Bathroom Tiles

Your new bathroom tiles will effectively set the scene for the space’s overall look and feel so it is important to pay close attention to detail when it comes to selecting your perfect tiles as well as ensuring you’ve also considered their layout in the space. Our showroom is full of displays to help you make the perfect selection while our friendly team of design consultants can guide you through the process. During your visit to our showroom or your online design consultation, we will also ensure you are aware of any necessary cleaning or maintenance advice for your specific tile selection. It should be noted that various tile materials such as natural stones, concrete or terrazzo tiles for example may require different methods of cleaning as well as sealing to ensure their finish and longevity. Each different material will require different techniques; our guide details the best techniques and products for cleaning tiles. 

common bathroom renovation mistakes

 Sealing tiles is essential when it comes to properly caring for natural materials such as luxurious marbles for example. Greg Natale’s Marmo II collection includes a combination of natural marbles laid in intricate geometric patterns to create an elegant and timeless look. The natural stones can be easily maintained with our range of specific cleaners and sealants to keep them looking their best!

Specify your Preferred Tile Layout

Aside from your specific tile selections, you will also want to ensure you’ve specified your preferred layout pattern to your Designer and Tiler to avoid any miscommunications throughout the process of your renovation. Your preferred tile layout can be drawn into your documentation and for added peace of mind, can be discussed with your Tiler prior to laying. In the case of more intricate tile laying patterns (such as herringbone or chevron tiles for example) or pattern tiles that feature some level of variation their design, a ‘dry lay’ is recommended. This entails you and your Tiler preparing a layout using your new tiles without actually laying them to allow you a better visual for approval. 

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Tiles that feature varying shapes, patterns or surface finishes should always be reviewed prior to laying to ensure you are content with their final layout and placement. Our Metro Porcelain Tiles for example, offer a realistic representation of a traditionally handmade product and as such, show variations in texture, shape and colour to create a wonderfully varied surface finish.

Reviewing Product Samples and Bathroom Fittings

Wherever possible, viewing your selected bathroom products, finishes and accessories in person is always recommended. Samples of cabinetry and benchtops can all be ordered from their respective brand websites and delivered directly to you for testing and viewing to confirm your selections. As these samples are often quite small, it is advised that items featuring a large pattern (such as a marble stone benchtops for example) be viewed in their entirety in a showroom to ensure an accurate representation of the product prior to ordering.

Reviewing online catalogues is an excellent way to start narrowing down your options in terms of bathroom fittings however, if you can visit a showroom to view these items in person, this too is advisable. When seeing the product in person prior to ordering, you can review it’s dimensions and ensure it is comfortable to use as well as meets your expectations in terms of colour, finish and of course, quality. 

Project Documentation

When starting off on a bathroom renovation project, ensuring you have the necessary documentation prepared is the best way to properly communicate your design goals as well as all of the project’s particulars to all of parties involved. The average bathroom renovation will include a variety of trades, from cabinet makers, plumbers and electricians, to tilers, painters and glaziers; it is important to have a complete set of the proper documentation drawn up prior to starting your renovation to keep all of these trades on the same page and thus ensuring there are no miscommunications or costly misunderstanding along the way.

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Your Interior Designer will assist you through the process of selecting the perfect finishes for your bathroom renovation as well as creating accurate and thorough documentation to ensure all trades involved are well informed. You can also use inspirational images as featured throughout our online catalogue to help you gain an understanding of what type of design style you are after in your renovation – Our Futura Porcelain Tiles are featured in this space, perfectly complementing the soft texture of the timber vanity unit and warm white vanity top.

Working with an Interior Designer, prepare plans of both the existing and proposed layouts while also including all the necessary elevations that will properly communicate your design vision. Your Designer will also prepare a Specifications document that will list out all of your selected materials, bathroom tiles, colour or material selections as well as fixtures and fittings. When seeking out quotations from tradespeople or contractors, issue a copy of these documents to each to ensure all the quotes you receive are based on the exact same information which will in turn allow you a realistic and accurate cost comparison, avoiding any surprises down the track!

ALWAYS have a Contract

Often overlooked in small renovations, having a written contract between yourself and your contractor is a MUST! Legally, you must have a written contract for construction work that exceeds $10,000 in value however it would also be prudent to request a written contract or documentation for projects that fall under this value to ensure your own peace of mind. This practice will also further ensure that all parties are on the same page in terms of what items are actually included in your quoted price, avoiding any costly renovation mishaps along the way. 

Keeping these crucial factors in mind, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free bathroom renovation. Our team of design consultants at Perini Tiles can provide expert advice to help you achieve the perfect outcome in your next project while also assisting you in curating the perfect colour palette for that designer touch! Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book in a free online design consultation to get started on your next renovation project!