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Are Terrazzo Tiles Timeless?

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Terrazzo tiles continue to be a popular tiling solution for the home this year, being a standout option for the kitchen, bathroom and living area. These luxurious tiles feature a randomised speckled pattern, a unique characteristic of traditional terrazzo that is made up of assorted chips of natural stone or coloured glass. With their continued popularity, you may be wondering if they are a timeless choice for the home; in this post, we explore the characteristics of these tiles and whether or not they are a timeless option for your home’s interior design scheme.

What are Terrazzo Tiles?

Traditional terrazzo tiles have their roots in Italy where scraps of marble would be gathered up from artisanal studios and embedded in a cement tile to create something new. This method of re-using by-products of the stone manufacturing industry continues to this day, allowing for a sustainable approach to tile design. Terrazzo tiles can be found in a wide range of options with different cement colours available, varying sizes of stone chips and different textures or sheen levels available to suit your own unique sense of style.

Ditto Terrazzo Tile Shapes

Our playful Ditto collection includes a range of different tile shapes and unique colour options to choose from. These stunning terrazzo tiles can be used to create stylish features throughout your home’s interior spaces, adding a sense of character to any style of design.

Caring for your Tiles

Both concrete tiles and natural stones are porous materials meaning that these products have tiny pores in their surface that can absorb liquids. Without the right care, these types of tile materials can be susceptible to staining or discolouration as a result of liquid or powder spills. In order to best maintain your terrazzo tiles which are made up of both of these materials, a quality tile sealer should be applied prior to installation, again after the tiles are laid and then every few years or so thereafter. This will provide the very best protection against damage or staining of your terrazzo tiles.

New Tech Living Room Tiles

Available in a variety of rich and sophisticated neutral colour options, the New Tech collection is a stylish large format tile with a smooth, honed finish that is ideal for the home’s interior spaces.

The beauty of authentic terrazzo tiles is that unlike other products, they can be professionally rejuvenated over time if necessary. This process will grind off the topmost layer of the tile, leaving a fresh, unblemished surface where any marks or stains have been removed. By rejuvenating your tiles, you can ensure their longevity in the home, once again furthering their sustainable qualities as these tiles are incredibly hard wearing and durable.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Timeless?

With all of the above points in mind, one would wonder if terrazzo tiles are a passing trend or a timeless option for your home’s interior spaces. Given their history and endurance over time, terrazzo tiles are most definitely a timeless option for the home especially when they are paired with other classic colours and materials such as timber or natural stones. In the right setting, these types of tiles will provide endless appeal and charm, adding a strong sense of character in the home while effortlessly complementing a range of different interior design styles, from classic to contemporary looks. Their sustainable qualities and incredible resilience further ensure that these stylish tiles will continue to offer a timeless and classic aesthetic in the home!

Terrazzo kitchen tiles

Our collection of unique Terrazzo tiles includes a stunning variety of colours and chip sizes to choose from. A standout option for modern and contemporary styled homes, these classic tiles can be used as a floor and wall tile throughout the home’s interior spaces.

A quality terrazzo tile will offer a lifetime of use and enjoyment with the right care. These stylish tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious options, offering a terrazzo solution to suit every style of interior design. A popular choice as a floor tile throughout the home, these tiles will add a strong sense of character and charm while easily complementing a range of classic colours and materials in the home. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an endless collection of terrazzo and terrazzo inspired tiles, each with its own unique style. Visit us to browse our collection whilst our team offer expert advice in how to pair your chosen tiles with your home’s colour palette to ensure a sophisticated and timeless look!