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Are Mosaic Tiles a Good Choice for the Bathroom Floor?

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Mosaic tiles have long been a favourite solution in the world of architecture and design, being used to adorn homes and architectural marvels throughout history. These tiles promise a hard wearing yet decorative option for the home however, are mosaic tiles a good choice for the bathroom floor?

What is a Mosaic Tile?

Mosaic tiles are a small format (or small size) tile solution that are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the most common of which being the classic square shape mosaic tile option. Due to their smaller size, these tiles are usually sold in sheets, where each individual tile is attached to a mesh sheet backing in varying sizes, often around the 30 x 30cm size with variations in sheets size being a result of the different shapes of these tiles.

A luxurious natural stone mosaic tile option, Greg Natale’s Marmo II collection offers a luxurious bathroom floor tile option for the home. These impressive tiles use a combination of Norwegian Rose, Carrara Gioia, Nero Marquina and Emerald Green marbles to create a stunning feature option.

Using mosaic tiles in a sheet format allows for their simple installation in the home, making the process more straight forward and simple in comparison to ancient structures that used artisan mosaic tile art where each individual piece was created and laid by hand.

Are Mosaic Tiles a Good Choice for the Bathroom Floor?

There is a reason why mosaic tiles are traditionally used in public pools and changing areas; these tiles are incredibly hard wearing, hygienic and offer an excellent solution for wet areas. When selecting mosaic tiles for the bathroom floor, it is important to consider their texture and material as certain options cannot be used as a flooring option while others can. Usually, natural stone mosaic tiles and most glass mosaic tiles can be used as a bathroom floor tile option however, it is always important to check with us during your consultation at our Richmond tile store to ensure your selection is the best fit for your bathroom design scheme.

Cleaning Mosaic Tiles

Perhaps the most common concern when it comes to using mosaic tiles for the bathroom is cleaning the grout lines in between each individual tile. With most glass mosaic tiles, an epoxy grout solution is often recommended in place of traditional cement based grout options while natural stone tiles will better suit a cement based option that is sealed and properly maintained.

Bisazza_Mosaic Tiles for Bathroom Floor

Our Bisazza glass mosaic tile collection offers a world of flexibility in your bathroom design scheme! These shimmering tiles can be used to create a feature wall or floor in your bathroom. Due to their smaller size and shape, mosaic tiles can even be used to effortlessly tile over curved surfaces as well as tight areas such as shower niches for example.

Epoxy grout is a non-porous option that will not stain or discolour and will actively assist in the build-up of grime and dirt in your bathroom floor tile’s grout lines. It should be noted that as with most bathroom materials, harsh cleaning products such as bleach for example should not be used to clean epoxy grout.

These sorts of harsher cleaning products can cause discoloration to occur in the product. In general, a quality epoxy grout should only require a simple solution of warm soapy water to keep clean and tidy, as is the case with glass mosaic tiles as well. For a more intense clean, Perini Tiles recommends certain specific products which you can find out more about in our Resources section.

Crazy Paver_Mosaic Tiles for Bathroom Floor

The Crazy Paver Collection is made of natural stone and can be used to create a truly show-stopping bathroom feature wall or floor. These delightful mosaic tiles use varying shapes and sizes to create a paver style, making for a unique bathroom design solution.

If you’ve been wondering if mosaic tiles are a good choice for the bathroom floor then you can rest assured that there are many exciting options available to help you create the perfect bathroom design scheme! These versatile options can be used to create a wonderfully tactile flooring option in the bathroom that is bursting with colour, texture and energy!