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Are Matte or Gloss Tiles Better? Our Top Tips to Selecting the Perfect Tile Finish

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If you are in the process of selecting your new tiles and find yourself tossing up between matte or gloss tiles, our tips on selecting the perfect tile finishes will help make this decision easier. We explore the benefits and recommended applications of each option to ensure your tile selection will meet your expectations not only in terms of style but also in function.

Which Tile Finishes are Better as a Flooring Solution?

This all depends on how each tile finish is used in your design scheme as tile finishes and textures will dictate how a particular tile is used in the home. For example, 3D tiles are usually restricted to vertical use only as their 3D surface finish would create a tripping hazard if used as a floor tile. This same logic applies to matte or gloss tiles; in outdoor applications, roughly textured matte finished tiles are the best choice as a gloss tile would create a slippery surface underfoot and has not been designed for this type of application, making it a bad choice for outdoor flooring. In residential interior applications however, there is a bit more leeway in how gloss tiles are used. Certain gloss tiles can be used as a floor tile however, it is always recommended that floor mats be used in key areas of the home where water is likely to be a concern (such as the bathroom and laundry as well as entry ways and exits to outdoor spaces where rain drops and moisture can be carried into the home).

New Tech Terrazzo Look Tiles_Matte or Gloss Tiles

Gloss tiles can be used as a floor tile solution in a residential application, creating a luxurious and sophisticated quality in your interior design scheme. Our New Tech tile collection for example, offers a stunning representation of terrazzo tiles in a glossy porcelain material.

When deciding between matte or floor tiles as a flooring solution in the home, it is important to take this into account to ensure the best choice for your needs. If you are specifying tiles for a commercial project however, there are specific guidelines in place that must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of the end user. Your floor tiles will have to meet specific slip resistance requirements relevant to the type of project you are working on; for more information on tile ratings and slip resistance, see our guide here.

How to use Gloss Tiles in the Home

If you are wanting to use gloss tiles as a flooring solution in the home, there are many options available that will be a perfect choice for this type of application. It is important to keep in mind however that wet areas such as the bathroom, laundry room or entry/exits between the home and outdoor spaces should include a floor mat that will catch droplets of water and prevent them from being carried through the home as this can increase the risk of slips and falls.

Gloss tiles provide a popular choice was a wall tile option for the home, being an excellent choice as a bathroom wall tile or kitchen splashback tile. Their sleek surface finish offers a simple to clean material, ensuring a low maintenance finish in these spaces. Another key benefit of gloss wall tiles is that their reflective surface will allow light to travel through the room, creating a sense of depth which in turn will create the illusion of a larger space. These qualities make gloss tiles the most popular solution for wall applications in the home.

Adonis Triangle Tiles

Glossy wall tiles will allow light to be travel throughout the space, creating the appearance of a larger room as they provide a sense of depth in your interior design scheme. Our stylish Adonis collection includes an array of playful colours in a classic triangle tile shape. This collection features an undulated, glossy surface finish, being a wonderful wall tile solution for any area of the home.

Using Matte Tiles in the Home

Matte tiles offer a popular floor tile solution for the home as their surface finish will provide more friction underfoot. These tiles can also be used as a wall tile option in the home however, creating a modern aesthetic that will add a contemporary finish in your interior design scheme. Their non-reflective finish will create more of a flat look in comparison to gloss wall tiles, making them a better choice for larger rooms as they will not enhance the perception of space in the room as gloss tiles would. Despite this quality, matte tiles will offer many wonderful benefits as they are available in such a wide range of luxurious materials, shapes and colours that will help you create a stunning look in your next project. Furthermore, matte tiles will offer a low maintenance finish, minimising the appearance of marks and fingerprints (especially if they feature a bit of a texture or a varied pattern on their surface), making them an especially popular solution for use as a floor tile in the home.

Asiago collection_Matte or Gloss Tiles

Matte tiles offer a luxurious look in any application throughout your home’s interior spaces. These tiles are available in a wide selection of materials, colours, shapes and patterns, being a popular choice for the kitchen and bathroom. Our Asiago porcelain tile collection offers an elegant representation of terrazzo tiles in an elegant matte finish, available in a selection of versatile sizes.

Matte and glossy tiles each offer their own unique benefits in the home. One option is not superior to the other but rather, each tiling solution can be used in specific ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and the practicality of your design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in creating the perfect colour scheme for your next home renovation project, combining various tile finishes and materials to ensure the perfect look – Visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here!