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All About Bisazza Tiles: Creating a Luxurious Touch in the Home

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One of the most prestigious international design houses, Bisazza Tiles Italy is renowned for their incredible creativity, fashion forward tile designs and their luxuriously durable glass mosaic tiles. Bisazza creates a range of exciting options from glass mosaic tiles to pool tiles, concrete tiles and more, ensuring a vast range of high-end finishes that are suitable for a variety of applications, both inside and outside the home as well as in commercial settings. Focusing on their ever-popular glass mosaic tile collections specifically, we explore the many amazing qualities of Bisazza tiles from their endless range of colour and sophisticated design options to their luxurious pool tile solutions.

What are Bisazza Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Bisazza is most famous for their sophisticated collections of decorative glass mosaic tiles. Included in these designer tile collections are options suitable for use as a floor tile in the home, as a wall tile solution in both residential as well as commercial spaces and a wide variety of luxurious pool tiles. These glass mosaic tiles are available in an endless range of colour options in a variety of sizes with the most popular being their 10 x 10mm and 20 x 20mm glass tiles.

Pink Tiles_Bisazza Tiles

Available in a rainbow of colour options the Bisazza Blends 20 collection offers a wide range of applications throughout the home. This blended colour collection can be used to create decorative feature walls throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces and can also be used as a modern pool tile solution, once again for indoor and outdoor pools alike.

How to use Bisazza Tiles in the Home

Bisazza glass mosaic tiles can be used in just about any application throughout the home with certain varieties being suitable for use as an interior floor tile and others offering a luxurious choice as a decorative wall tile for both interior and exterior applications. As noted above, Bisazza also includes a vast range of elegant pool tile options with colours ranging from the traditional aquatic blue and green tones to modern purple tiles, red tiles and plenty more. Bisazza mosaic tiles can be customised to suit your colour and pattern preferences, allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content when creating your interior and exterior design schemes.

Bisazza Smalto Pool Tiles

Available in an extensive range of solid coloured glass tile options, the Bisazza Smalto 20 collection makes for an excellent choice as a pool tile in indoor or outdoor pools. These sophisticated tiles offer a deep, heavily saturated colour solution that will show through the pool’s water, allowing you to create a luxurious custom look.

Glass Mosaic Tile Options

Created in 1965 in Italy, the Bisaza brand has developed an astonishing range of designer mosaic tiles over the years, collaborating with world renowned designers from all around the world. Their collections include options in solid colour options, blends, shading blends, borders and murals. Solid colour collections include a selection of tiling options that focus on a single colour for a more uniform style while the Blends and Shading Blends collections combine varying shades and colours. Borders and Mural collections are often used to add more of a decorative touch and can be included in both indoor and outdoor design schemes.

Greg Natale Bisazza Tiles

In collaboration with world famous designer Greg Natale, Bisazza has created a stunning collection of designer tiles. Made of glimmering glass mosaics tiles, the Greg Natale Bisazza range includes a variety of patterns and colour options to choose from.

How to Clean & Maintain your New Bisazza Tiles

To keep your glass mosaic tiles clean, a wipe down or mop with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water is the most ideal solution. These tiles are non-porous and as such, will not absorb liquid or powder spills. For a deeper clean you may also consider using cleaning products specific to glass. Bisazza tiles are often paired with an epoxy grout rather than a traditional cement based grout. This will actively assist in the prevention of built-up dirt and grime while offering stain and water resistant finish in your tile grout.

Bisazza glass mosaic tiles offer a wide variety of uses in both residential and commercial projects. These luxurious glass tiles are available in an endless selection of colours and patterns, allowing you to completely explore your creativity when curating the perfect colour scheme for your next project. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the selection and ordering process of your new mosaic tiles, offering their best advice and tips at every step of the way. Visit our Melbourne tiles store or start your journey by shopping for tiles online here!