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Achieve the Perfect Neutral Toned Bathroom

Opting for a neutral colour scheme in your bathroom design will ensure your space has a timeless quality that is truly warm, inviting and soothing in the home. The clean, bright and refreshing vibe of both traditional and modern neutral colour palettes recalls the cool and breezy atmosphere of the ever popular Hamptons interior design style, along with more Coastal colour schemes and even Scandinavian styled interiors, allowing for endless creative design possibilities.  

Interior Design Styles & Neutral Colour Palettes

Pairing extremely well with a vast range of natural textures and materials, neutral colour-tones have long been a go-to favourite for the home and can be used to create a variety of interior design styles, from the classic Hamptons style to the more casual Coastal and Scandinavian styled bathrooms. A neutral bathroom colour palette can include various tones ranging from crisp warm whites, deep earthy browns, soft charcoals and warm greys. These traditional neutral tones will infuse your new bathroom design with endless appeal, ensuring a modern style that will be on trend for many years to come. 

neutral toned bathroomConcrete tiles require regular sealing and maintenance to ensure their durability and longevity in the home. Porcelain tiles however, will not require the same level of care, allowing for a virtually maintenance-free surface finish in your new bathroom. Our stylish Windmill collection provides a stunning replica of a concrete finish with a selection of patterned and solid pieces available, making them a perfect fit for a neutral toned colour scheme.

Over recent years however, the traditional neutral colour palette has expanded to also include soft pastel tones such as powder blue, blush and even mint green. These playful tones add a sense of whimsy and character to your design, allowing you to create your own unique personal touch while still using a predominately neutral colour scheme. 

bathroom tiles for neutral bathroomMade in Italy, our irresistible Futura porcelain tiles are available in a selection of solid colours and geometric patterns, allowing you the freedom to mix and match pieces from the same collection for a more cohesive look. The pastel blue shapes featured in this warm and inviting neutral bathroom design add a touch of personality and pattern to the space’s stylish colour scheme.

Creating a Contrasting Element

The key to creating the perfect neutral colour scheme is to include a contrasting element in your palette. This does not always have to be a contrasting colour however; you may instead choose to contrast the textures presented in your selected bathroom tiles or you may also prefer to include a contrasting feature wall using a combination of solid coloured and patterned wall tiles in the space. There are many creative ways you can introduce a contrasting element in your new design, whether it is in your tile selections, your tapware options or your new vanity unit, this technique will create an element of depth and interest in an otherwise neutral toned design.

bathroom design ideasInspired by the rustic nature of handmade Moroccan tiles, our stylish Pastelle wall tiles are available in an astonishing array of colours, including a selection of warm neutral tones, warm earthy styles as well as more playful pastel hues. The uneven edges create a charming quality in any design, creating a warm ambience in your new bathroom.

Add a Luxurious Touch

A neutral toned bathroom scheme can always be spruced up with your use of accessories, textures and other personalised touches. The added bonus of opting for a neutral toned design is that this style allows you the ultimate creative freedom to mix and match your bathroom fittings, accessories and décor. 

Stepping away from the more traditional chrome bathroom fittings, gold, brass or even matte black finishes provide a sophisticated and luxurious ambience in a neutral toned design, while also assisting in creating a warm and welcoming palette that will truly be both soothing and comforting: a MUST for every home bathroom!

neutral toned bathroomTraditional neutral colour palettes have expanded over recent years to include a range of soft pastel tones such as powder blue, minty green and of course, the always stylish: Blush! Blush tones infuse your bathroom design with a charming and playful atmosphere while also working extremely well with elegant natural materials such as our luxurious Calacatta marble tiles, warm honey-toned timbers and bright gold tapware.

Luxurious materials such as natural stone and timber provide a warm touch to any design. Their raw, organic beauty injects your space with a timeless elegance that is truly captivating, providing a sense of character and charm in a neutral toned bathroom colour scheme. Complement these exquisite materials with luxurious accessories and fittings such as brass, gold or matte black bathroomware, classic light fittings such as chandeliers or modern pendant lights and a range of matching bathroom accessories such as metallic finished trays, tumblers, vases and wall shelves. 

A neutral colour palette in your new bathroom design allows for a world of creative possibilities to help you achieve that perfectly balanced, warm and comforting atmosphere while also providing many key benefits such as an increased re-sale value of your property, to allowing you the complete freedom in mixing and matching different colours, textures and finishes in your selected accessories and decor. 

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