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A Step By Step Guide On How To Order Your Tiles Online

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Over the last year, the world has had to adapt to deliver products and services in different ways with a focus on accessibility. Our tile store too has introduced online design consultations while also giving you the option of ordering your new tiles online, streamlining the process of shopping for tiles to make it more accessible and straight forward to work through from the comfort of your home. The process of ordering tiles online is simple, from first seeking out inspiration to arranging an online consultation and then ordering your new tiles, it has never been easier to work on your project from home!


The first step when ordering tiles online is to seek out inspiration that will help you create your new design’s overall colour scheme. There are many sources available to help you create the perfect design scheme in your new space from home design and renovator magazines, social media and design blogs as well as lifestyle images that are often included in each different tile’s description in online catalogues. Our website’s tile catalogue includes a range of images of each different tile option, showing how the tiles will look once installed to help you make a decision. This also assists in offering you a guide or idea of what types of colours and materials will match with your selected tiles, helping you to make a decision on the type of look or style you want to create in your new design. 


It can sometimes be tricky to picture just how a certain tile will look in your new design while also considering what other types of materials and colours will pair up well. Our Rainbow Prism wall tiles have been used throughout this stylish bathroom design and paired with more muted colours for a well-balanced look. Seeking out inspirational images will offer you an idea of what to match up with your new tiles, giving you a head start in creating your new design scheme.


Our showroom consultants are available for free virtual design appointments where we can walk you through the different options available that will suit both your style preferences and budget. During your consultation, we will also address any queries you may have and offer expert advice on your selected tile’s best maintenance practices as well as installation tips and layout ideas. Prior to your appointment, you may also like to forward any inspirational images you have gathered to your allocated Designer; this will assist in accurately communicating your ideas and preferences so we can offer you the very best choices. We will be able to guide you through the process of curating a perfectly coordinated colour palette for your bathroom renovation project inclusive of wall paints, cabinetry finishes and benchtop options for a cohesive aesthetic in your new space. 

asiago_tiles online

During your online design consultation, we will offer ideas on what types of products and colours will tie in well with your new tile selection, helping you to create an entire colour palette for your project. Our Asiago porcelain tiles are used in this space as a soft, neutral backdrop allowing the colourful statement hand basin to take centre stage.


Browsing through our online tile shop, you can select your favourite tile samples to be delivered directly to you. You can also arrange for your tile sample order during your online consultation with one of our Designers. When ordering tiles online, samples will offer the most accurate representation of the colour and texture present in your tile selections, ensuring you are happy with the finish before committing to an order. 

It is also important to view your tile selections in your own home’s natural light as this can have an impact on the tone or colour of your selection. It is also advised that you seek out sample pieces of the other materials and finishes that you have selected for your renovation project to ensure each option will work well when placed together, allowing you to make a better informed decision on your entire colour scheme. 


Finally, it’s time to order your brand new tiles! It is important to have accurate measurements of the space being tiled to ensure you have ordered the correct amount, If you are unsure of just how many tiles you will need to order, this is something our team at Perini Tiles can assist you with during your online design consultation. Depending on your selected tile’s size and shape, we will recommend the most appropriate amount of tiles to include in your order as well as suitable grout colours and quantities to properly fill your order. 

pez_tiles online

Once you’ve placed your online tiles order, our team will confirm lead times and delivery for you to keep your project moving. The most exciting part of any home build or renovation project is seeing it all come to life! Our Pez Ceramic Tiles provide the perfect complement in this elegant bathroom design, tying in exceptionally well with the period style features of the property and adding that perfect designer touch to this project.

Our website offers a Tile Quantity Calculator with each and every tile listing, making the process simple and efficient. The calculator also includes a prompt to ensure you have allowed for adequate wastage in your tile order; Tile waste refers to a small additional amount of tiles that should be added to your order to not only ensure that you have adequate tiles to fulfil your needs but also to have a few extra pieces that can be stored away on the property for use in case of damage to your tiles. One may wonder why you can’t just order more tiles later on down the track if they are needed; this is because tiles are manufactured in batches and as with all manufactured products, there can be differences between batches as a result of alterations or variations in the raw materials used in their creation or the equipment used in their manufacture. Using tiles from a different batch in the same project can lead to distinct differences, especially when placed side-by-side where these differences will become much more noticeable. Tiles can also be discontinued after some time, once again making it extremely difficult to match up your existing tiles with new ones if needed. Once again, your consultant will recommend a suitable amount of additional tiles to add to your specific order to ensure that peace of mind.

Our website has been equipped with a range of features to help you keep your project moving from the comfort of your own home, with a range of exciting inspirational images, tile calculators to help you with your order, sample services and even free online design consultations for expert advice in your project. If you are unable to visit our Richmond Tile Showroom, you can book a free online design consultation and get started on your dream home today!