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A Guide To Using Terrazzo Tiles in Your Home

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Terrazzo tiles offer an incredibly versatile surface finish for the home both in terms of their impressive strength and durability as well as in their unique characteristics that offer a distinct style in any area, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. These versatile qualities have cemented terrazzo tiles as a timeless classic showing up in interiors over the decades as a stylish, pattern tile choice. Thanks to their incredible strength and versatility in design, terrazzo tiles have many uses throughout the home, making for a timeless, strong and durable option throughout your interior spaces.


A popular and timeless choice for the bathroom, terrazzo tiles can be used as a floor or wall solution that will tie in seamlessly with a range of interior design styles, from classic looks to more contemporary designs. Thanks to the many varied and colourful options available, you will find that terrazzo tiles can be paired perfectly with a range of trending and timeless materials such as warm, rustic timbers, earthy terracotta, industrial themed concrete and even bright, bold blocks of colour in your bathroom cabinetry or décor.

New Tech Terrazzo Tiles

The stylish New Tech 2.0 Terrazzo Tiles offer a spectacular pattern tile choice that can be used in all areas of the home to add an energetic and colourful element to your design scheme.

Traditional terrazzo tiles are porous in nature however, requiring regular sealing in order to ensure protection against discolouration and staining. If this ongoing maintenance is a concern in your home, using a terrazzo look porcelain alternative option instead may be the right fit for your needs in the bathroom. Unlike authentic terrazzo tiles, porcelain tiles are non-porous and do not require sealing, making them an excellent choice as a bathroom floor tile and even as a shower floor tile where soap scum and cleaning products can easily be wiped off their surface. 

Authentic terrazzo tiles can make for the perfect bathroom wall tiles however, where spills are less likely to occur and they will not require quite as much attention as your bathroom floor tiles. These tiles can be found in a vast range of size options, including jumbo sized solutions that will ensure minimal grout lines in the bathroom; an especially popular solution in creating a near seamless finish for your bathroom walls! With the right cleaning products and sealing techniques, using terrazzo tiles as a wall finish in the bathroom will ensure a stunning and timeless look that will last a lifetime! 


Once again, terrazzo tiles can feature in your new kitchen design project as either a floor or wall tile option, making for a highly durable solution in either (or both!) applications. As a kitchen floor will not experience the same soap spills as a shower floor would, these tiles make for an excellent choice here. 

New Tech Terrazzo Tiles

The New Tech Terrazzo Tile collection is available in a range of stylish colour combinations in an impressive 600 x 600 size, perfect for use as a kitchen floor or splashback tile.

They can be easily wiped clean with a simple mop and easily maintained in terms of sealing. When used as a kitchen wall tile, terrazzo provides a stunning feature element in the kitchen, with the various patterns and colours shown in the tiles providing the perfect complement to your kitchen’s overall colour scheme. Using terrazzo tiles as a splashback in the kitchen can make creating your overall colour scheme simple; by picking out particular colours from your terrazzo kitchen splashback tiles, you can use these as inspiration when narrowing down your options for cabinetry and benchtop colours, allowing for a simple and straight forward colour selection process. 


Authentic terrazzo surfaces are often much thicker than other floor tile options, making them an incredibly durable and strong surface finish for the interiors of your home, especially in high traffic areas such as entry ways and corridors as they can withstand the higher amounts of wear. 

Terrazzo Tiles

Authentic terrazzo tiles are incredibly strong, thick and highly durable, making them a popular choice for interior flooring applications throughout the home.

Another benefit of using terrazzo floor tiles in these areas of the home is that unlike porcelain or ceramic tile options, terrazzo can be professionally rejuvenated when need be. Professional terrazzo maintenance services will be able to buff out any marks or discolorations, restoring the tiles to achieve a high quality finish. These qualities ensure that with the right care and maintenance, terrazzo products can be used throughout your home’s interiors and enjoyed for a lifetime!

Terrazzo products have many uses throughout the home, from providing an immensely strong and renewable surface finish for your interior flooring, a colourful kitchen tile option and as a bathroom feature tile for a distinctive and timeless touch in your design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best tiling solutions for your project, whether you are working on a new home build or interior renovation project. Visit our Richmond tiles showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your dream home!