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A Guide to the Latest Mosaic Tiles and How to Use Them 

Mosaic tiles have long been a favourite in the home thanks to their versatility in allowing more creative, colourful design, texture and pattern. Mosaics add character and personality to any space, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even as a feature throughout other areas of the home, even as an outdoor feature.

Over the years, there have been many strides in the technology and design of mosaic tiles; designs are now available using a huge variety of materials ranging from glass, ceramic and stone as well as a varying range of colours and textures. Patterns and highly tactile surfaces can be created in the home, along with beautifully detailed murals all with the use of mosaic tiles.

The Latest Mosaic Tiles

With most homeowners seeking timeless beauty as a key element in their new home build or renovation, trends in mosaic tiles are shifting towards a more neutral ‘Back to Nature’ colour palette with an emphasis on varying shapes, luxurious finishes and highly tactile patterned mosaics. Think metallic tones, shimmering glass, textured tiles with a rustic charm, and natural marble mosaics with a touch of Art Deco styling.


This collection is a perfect representation of modern tile trends: patterned shapes with a textured metallic finish. Featuring a stunning variation in colour among the interlocking pentagon shapes, the metallic Dino mosaics pictured above are available in an assortment of neutral tones to suit any modern home, creating the perfect feature wall for your bathroom or living area. 



The stunning Soul collection includes a variety of opulent hues, made of semi-precious Mother of Pearl freshwater shell. This mosaic tile will effectively bounce light around your space for the ultimate shimmer making it a versatile feature for all spaces, whether there is an abundance of natural light or not.



Marble finishes make for the ultimate in luxury home design, providing sophisticated, timeless appeal. The very elegant Tappeto natural stone mosaic pictured above features an intricate geometric pattern; a stunning visual statement that can be used as both a floor and wall tile.

How to use mosaic tiles

Mosaics as Floor and Wall Tiles

Many mosaic tiles (especially stone mosaics) can be laid both vertically and horizontally, allowing you the option of creating a feature wall or feature floor in your space. Pair your selected feature with sleek, neutral toned tiles for a well-balanced look that won’t make your design feel too crowded or busy.


The very fabulous Stellar porcelain mosaic tiles feature a smooth matt surface and are available in an assortment of modern neutral tones that will tie in well with just about any colour scheme. Being a porcelain tile, these mosaics can be used on both floors and walls making it a very versatile option for your home renovation. 


Mosaic Tile Kitchen Splashbacks and Island Panels

Mosaic tiles add an elegant and luxurious touch in the kitchen, making them a perfect option for your splashback. You can also opt to match your splashback tile with your kitchen island bench, as demonstrated in the image below using our Glacier glass mosaic tile. Complete this glittering look with LED strip lighting mounted beneath your overhead cabinetry or under your island benchtop’s overhang to create a refined and dramatic statement in your kitchen, complete with mood and task lighting.



This glamorous modern kitchen uses our Glacier Glass Mosaic tile in colour Silver Penny. The mosaic has been paired with a tinted mirror splashback to further enhance the amount of natural light travelling throughout the space and is matched with the island feature panel for a balanced look.


Mosaic Feature Walls in the Bathroom

Whether you choose to create a feature wall in your shower, behind your bathtub or behind your vanity unit, mosaic tiles offer the perfect solution to create an eye catching design. If you are however, looking for an option that’s a little more discreet while still creating a certain level of contrast for your feature wall, the Houston Stick mosaic pictured below is the perfect fit, combining rustic charm with neutral, timeless elegance. 


Our Houston Stick mosaic makes for the perfect neutral backdrop in this modern Scandi inspired bathroom design, allowing the natural finishes of the space to take centre stage while still providing an element of interest and texture to the overall design.

Household and Outdoor Feature Walls

Mosaic tiles are not just for the kitchen or bathroom; these tiles can be used in other areas of the home to create the perfect feature wall, creating an especially grand statement when used in a living area or outdoor area. Many mosaics are suitable for outdoor use (you can discuss your options with our friendly staff, contact us) and can make quite the impact for any alfresco dining space or outdoor garden feature. Their flexibility and size means that in most cases, they can easily be wrapped over round surfaces (such as columns for example) making them an excellent option for dressing your outdoor living space.


Our Marrakech Collection features strong, geometric lines, making it a fabulous architectural feature for any contemporary home. View all available colours here.

Mosaic tiles offer you the freedom of creating designs that simply cannot be achieved with any other material. Their flexibility and range means you will never be short on choice, with an incredible amount of styles, patterns, colours, shapes and even finishes to choose from. 

Make sure to visit our tiles showroom to view our complete collection of mosaic tiles; our experienced team of qualified Interior Designers will be able to guide you through every step of the process with expert advice and tips to help you along the way!