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A guide to selecting the right subway tiles for your bathroom

Did you know subway tiles originated from the walls of subway stations? As far back as 1904, New York city’s first white subway tiles emerged.  They have been popular ever since and continue to offer clean lines, tight grout joints and are an inherently simple design style. Here are 7 different ways to use subway tiles in your bathroom.

1. The Classic 

Its hard to beat the authenticity, simplicity and timeless allure of the white subway tile. When teamed en masse with white grout, the seamless effect acts as a perfect white back-drop against other features in the bathroom such as bath-ware furniture, interesting floor surfaces, towels and various materials.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

2. Size

The classic subway tile size is 75mm x 150mm. Various formats are now also on offer including the more contemporary and ultra-slim profile 70mm x 240mm and larger 100mm x 400mm.  Bigger sized subway tiles will add a contemporary design element to your bathroom.

70mm x 240mm ‘Subway’ Click on image to see more colours

100mm x 400mm. Images courtesy of Pinterest

3. Colour

There is an abundant of colours and textures available in subway tiles.  Colour provides a contemporary edge to the traditional white and brings character and personality to the bathroom.

‘Tavola’ subway tiles in Aqua. Click on image to see more colours

Image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Grout

A popular technique used to make the grout stand out as a feature, is to use a contrasting colour to your tile.  This will accentuate and highlight each individual tile creating a grid like effect on the walls.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5. Layout and orientation of tiles

Applying subways tiles vertically instead of the traditional horizontal way adds an ultra modern ambience to the space.  It enhances visual interest and elongates the height of your bathroom walls.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

6. Marble

For the ultimate in sophistication you can’t beat marble subway tiles. They add opulence to the bathroom with characteristic tonal and pattern variation, veining and natural movement.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

7. Surface

Subway tiles are available in various interesting and textured finishes.

A mirrored subway tile creates a brilliant effect with its highly reflective surface.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

‘Bevelled Mirror’ tiles in black. Click on image to see more colours

A bevelled finish brings charm and character and creates a stylish effect.

‘Beval’ subway tiles. Click on image to see more colours

An undulated finish offers a textural effect and adds drama and sophistication.

Reece bathroom using ‘Vattacan’ subway tiles in white gloss. Click on image to see more colours