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A Guide to Selecting the Right Colour for your Swimming Pool

It’s often difficult to judge how certain tile colours will look in a swimming pool filled with water. Searching through many different tones of blues and greens from numerous samples and glass mosaic swatches can make the decision even more confusing especially when you also need to consider how colours can change when in water.

And on top of that, it’s important to remember that the colour of your pool can be affected by a number of different outdoor elements such as the colour of the sky at any given time, shadowing from trees and buildings and the depth of the pool. The surrounding colours in terms of coping, paving and house can also influence the tone of colour in the pool.

Read on and view our recent client’s swimming pools and see the colours they used to achieve their desired effect.

1. Galapagos (light blue blend)

The blend of light blue shades in Galapagos gives an iridescent and cool tone to the water.  In this pool Bisazza Galapagos works perfectly with the surrounding soft colours in the surrounding bluestone and concrete walls to create a timeless outdoor space.

Bisazza Galapagos

2. GM 20.49 Turquoise

This Bisazza pool uses GM 20.49 with added gold mosaics. The blend of dark turquoise tones creates serious drama to the colour of the water while the scattering of gold adds a little wow factor. The Le Gemme glass collections is embellished with subtle strikes of copper that reflects light in the water and adds an effective visual effect.

Bisazza Le Gemme 20.49 Turquoise

3. Menorca (mid blue blend)

The bold blue water of this modern pool is the result of Bisazza’s beautiful Menorca glass mosaics. The crystal blue tone perfectly reflects the colour of the sky and creates a resort style feeling to the space.

Bisazza Menorca 

4. VTC 20.10 White

Using white colour mosaic tiles in the pool has become increasingly popular due to how the colour transforms into a beautiful soft green colour.  This indoor pool uses Bisazza’s VTC 20.10

Bisazza VTC 20.10

5. Oxford Green

Bisazza’s Oxford green mosaic adds serious style and bold interest to a swimming pool.  In this pool the deep green colour makes quite the statement and effectively contrasts with the red timber deck and warm coloured surrounds.

Bisazza Oxford Mosaic

6. GM 20.77 Aubergine

This breath-taking swimming pool uses colours not traditionally used for pools yet the end result is stunning.  The interior of the pool is Bisazza’s VTC 20.56 in taupe colour creating shades of blue / green to the water. The bold exterior is Bisazza’s GM 20.77 in aubergine colour.

Bisazza GM 20.77 combined with VTC 20.56

Still unsure what colour to choose for your new swimming pool?

Visit our tile showroom where one of our qualified interior designers will walk you through the process of explaining the different pool mosaic and tile options available and help you put together a colour selection to suit your pool and surrounding colours. Our team have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to choosing swimming pool colours so be sure to visit our Richmond showroom to get expert advice and an end result that you’re happy with.

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