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A Guide to Selecting Splashback Tiles: Kitchen Wall Tiles that will Make your Room Look Bigger

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Kitchen wall tiles can be used in strategic ways in your new design scheme to create the illusion of a larger room. This technique is especially handy for smaller homes where we are looking to enhance the perception of space by creating more depth in your colour and materials selections. From rich, handmade glazed tiles to luxurious metallic subway tiles, there are many different kitchen wall tile options that will help you create the illusion of a larger room in the kitchen.

Reflect Light with Glazed Kitchen Wall Tiles

Glazed kitchen wall tiles will often feature a luscious, shiny face. Tile glazes are made up of a combination of different minerals and metals that are baked onto the surface of a tile, customised to create a range of different looks, textures and opacity levels. A tile’s glaze can vary in opacity as well as texture, especially in the case of authentic handmade tiles where you will notice delicate variations in the tile’s surface finish as a result of the handcrafting process. Selecting a tile with a lush, shiny glaze will create a light-filled space in your new kitchen, allowing light to reflect and travel in the room. This effect will add a sense of depth in the room which in turn will create the illusion of a larger space while also being a great solution for brightening up a darker room.

Arabian Handmade Tiles_Kitchen Wall Tiles

Our Arabian collection is an authentically handmade Moroccan tile which is available in a wide selection of rich, vibrant colours as well as soft neutral tones to choose from. These tiles will feature distinct variations between one tile to the next as a result of the handcrafting process which when combined, will create a luxurious patchwork style effect.

Add a Glamorous Touch with Metallic Subway Tiles

The simple subway tile has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings! Classic white subway tiles were first created as a hygienic wall tile solution for the underground subway stations of New York. Since then, these classic tiles have been reinvented time and time again to include different colour options, materials, finishes, textures and even different sizes to accommodate a variety of interior design styles. Metallic subway tiles for example, are a popular choice for the home as they add a glamorous and sophisticated look that has the added benefit of being a reflective option. Once again, these types of tiles will allow light to travel through your kitchen and brighten up the space, creating the appearance of a larger room.

Chrysos Subway Tiles_Kitchen Wall Tiles

Available in a selection of classic metallic colour options, our Chrysos metallic subway tiles offer the perfect complement to a darker kitchen colour scheme. Their reflective surface finish will add light and depth to your design scheme, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Choose Kitchen Wall Tiles with Linear Lines

Incorporating linear lines into your kitchen design scheme will effectively enhance the perception of space in the room depending on the direction of the line-work. Lines running up the walls for example will create the illusion of a higher ceiling whereas line-work running horizontally across the wall will create the illusion of a wider room. By directing the eye upwards or across a room, you can manipulate the perception of space in your design scheme. Kitchen wall tiles that feature a linear pattern offer the perfect solution here as they can be laid to run vertically or horizontally in the room, being ideal as a splashback tile or as a kitchen feature tile.

WigWag White Splashback Tiles

Our Modern WigWag collection will create a luxurious look in your new kitchen! These tiles feature a linear pattern that can be laid either vertically or horizontally across the wall to enhance the perception of space in the room.

Choose Large Format Kitchen Wall Tiles

Contrary to popular belief, large tiles will actually assist in making a small room look bigger! This is because larger tiles will reduce the appearance of grout lines, thereby reducing the amount of visual clutter in the room that would otherwise be distracting to the eye. The key is to find a large format tile that will sit well within the room’s dimensions; for example, if the length of your kitchen splashback is 1800mm, choosing a wall tile that is 600mm wide will allow you to use three full tiles, creating a well-balanced look that minimises the appearance of grout lines in the room. To further enhance this look, find a grout colour that will complement your tile’s colour rather than contrasting it, allowing the grout lines to further recede into the background of your kitchen’s overall colour scheme. Find out more about tile grout options in our guide here.

Quake Porcelain Tiles

Available in an impressive 600 x 1200mm size, our Quake collection can be used as both a floor tile and kitchen wall tile. These stunning stone-look porcelain tiles offer a rich and sophisticated look in the home, pairing well with a variety of trending materials such as textured timbers, sleek concrete and more.

When choosing wall tiles for a small kitchen, it is important to seek out options that will create less visual clutter in the space. There are many different techniques you can use that will enhance the room’s overall perception of space to create the appearance of a larger room, from large format tiles to a selection of different finishes or glazes. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect kitchen colour scheme, including your new floor and wall tiles – Visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here!