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A Bathroom renovation Guide- 9 Tips for Success!

First of all, make life easy by breaking your project into a step-by-step ‘to do’ list to ensure you have planned to the last detail.  Even then be realistic and know that things can still go wrong but dealing with one or two unexpected situations will be easier to cope with if everything else is running smoothly.

1.  Decide on the theme and design of your bathroom

Research is the key here.  Flip through home magazines and online websites like Pinterest to get ideas on the design of bathroom you want to achieve.  Create a scrapbook of ideas and designs you like to keep everything together. Keep in mind the style of the rest of the home and be mindful not to stray too far so as to keep a harmonious feel.  Decide on goals that need to be achieved here.  Is it more storage, more light, adding a bath tub, a double shower etc.  When you have a clear idea the design of your bathroom will be easier to achieve.

2.  Choose your ‘must haves’

Renovating usually means improving on the existing.  Make a list of fittings, fixtures and accessories you ‘must have’ and do not want to compromise on in your new bathroom and add them to your budget breakdown. Here is your chance to prioritise on those luxury items you’ve always dreamed about whether it be a good sized bath you can soak in at the end of the day, a bold piece of stone for your vanity top or a double shower to make getting ready in the mornings easy.

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3. Use a licensed bathroom builder

Once you have a good idea on what you need in your new bathroom, it’s time to employ an expert to not only professionally design your space but to also build your bathroom.  An expert who does this work everyday will let you know what to expect as well as talk you through the process, give you all the options and ensure all decisions have been made.

Always ask to see your builder’s certifications and it also pays to ask to see their previous work.  This will give you a good idea of what they are capable of and if their quality of work is up to your standards.  A registered bathroom designer will ensure that your bathroom’s design works well with your lifestyle, is practical and functional and most importantly when you hire a professional you will avoid the risk of things not done properly and any nasty surprises down the track.

At Perini Bathroom Renovations their sense of pride and craftsmanship is evident. They run only a few jobs at a time so are readily available with any concerns or queries you may have along the way and best of all you can meet up regularly during the construction phase.

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4.  Set your Budget

After discussing your bathroom plans with your builder you will have a pretty good idea on what costs are involved to bring your new space to life.  Now’s the time to set your budget.  When setting your budget ensure you have allowed about 10% extra for emergencies or unexpected costs.  For example, once your existing tiles have been removed you may find that your floors need amending, old pipes should be replaced or electrical wiring need some attention.  If you have allowed for a contingency plan unexpected costs will not be so hard to accept.

5.  Plan lighting that works

Clever use of lighting is a big plus for bathrooms so if you don’t have windows think about installing a skylight to let the natural light stream in.  Also consider a combination of both practical and decorative lights to enhance your bathroom design.  Choose functional lighting around the vanity such as sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror or a light above the tap to make everyday tasks such as shaving and applying make-up effective. This type of lighting will provide a shadowless and flattering illumination.  To add a serious style statement to your space, consider installing a showstopper pendant for not only design value but also to create a moody ambience and a luxurious feel.

6.  Tiles

Here is your chance to get creative and add personal style and flair to your space.  Decide whether you want to make a design statement with your tiles by adding colour, pattern and texture or whether you opt for a more neutral and organic tile theme that acts as a moody backdrop to other fixtures and accessories in your bathroom.

7.  Fixtures & Fittings

When choosing bathware go for good quality pieces that will not only last but suit the design of your bathroom.  Before purchasing that dream bath, sit in it to ensure it meets your expectations.  If your mornings are hectic with family members all trying to get ready for the day at the same time, consider installing a double vanity. When purchasing a toilet we always recommend good quality as the cheaper ones simply don’t last.  When it comes to tap ware, towel rails and other fixtures ensure you choose matching styles.  There are many to choose from nowadays including metallic polished, brushed, powder coated etc.

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8.  Storage

Bathroom storage is an essential necessity and can be successfully achieved in many ways. Whether it be a mirrored shaving cabinet for functionality and convenience or under vanity storage drawers for ease of access, ultimately your bathroom’s floor plan will dictate what is possible.  Clever storage areas such as above the toilet, hidden corners or unused spaces will go a long way.

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9.  Accessorise

Once your bathroom renovation is complete it’s time to accessorise and add the finishing touches.  This is an essential step in the process especially if you have purposely kept tiles and fixtures neutral and minimalistic.  Interchanging coloured and patterned towels can be an effective way to alter the look and mood of your bathroom.  Have fun with the styling of your bathroom by using plant life, artwork and candles to name a few.

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