9 Ways to decorate with Geometric Tiles


A triangular design on the floor gives this living room show-stopper appeal making the space feel dramatic and bold.  The tile is also used on the wall to further accentuate the graphic pattern.

Interesting shaped tiles in monochromatic tones create visual interest without overwhelming the space.  These rhombus shaped tiles are perfect for bathrooms as their small scale and  textured finish function on both an aesthetic and practical level.

Cement tiles with their highly decorative and geometric patterns have been seen in many historic homes and public buildings throughout the world. Today they are still popular with both traditional and new patterns emerging.  They often create a sense of nostalgia while also establishing warmth and a sense of coziness to the space.

Combine dynamic patchwork tiles with a simple palette of materials to balance the space. The geometric pattern brings a sense of playfulness and personality while creating a striking design element.

Hexagon tiles continue to reign supreme when it comes to geometric tiles, especially when they are highly embellished like these multi faceted ones.  This visually arresting wall oozes a  sense of luxury and the black and white colour palette creates a timeless elegance and sophistication.

Traditional hexagon mosaics in block hues give aesthetic appeal and dimension to floors.  Play it up with bold colour choices in bath-ware like this black  freestanding bath and vanity from Reece.

The long hexagonal pattern gives way to a more contemporary feel in geometric tiles. Combine these striking black marble hexagons with stark white fittings to create a bold effect.

Vibrant colour and pattern on floors can create the ultimate ‘wow’ factor.   Colour blocked furniture and fittings accentuate the impact without overwhelming the space.

Tile in 3D cubes and scale formats offer an individual look that are also irresistibly tactile. Innovative shapes make a spectacular feature and can complement more common shaped square and rectangle tiles. Keep highly decorative geometric tiles in neutral tones to keep the space interesting without being too overbearing.

Luxe materials such as Carrara marble are getting in with the geometric craze and new innovative and extraordinary patterns are now available. A feature floor in basket-weave pattern creates a stunning focus and enhances the sense of luxury and sophistication.