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7 ways to add colour to your new bathroom

Creating the ideal colour story in your new bathroom should be an enjoyable experience. From selecting the perfect bathroom tiles to coordinating your complementing finishes and completing your bathroom’s final design scheme with accessories and furnishings, there are several different ways to create a perfectly harmonious look that will truly showcase your own personal style and creative flair.

Feature Wall Tiles

A classic technique, creating a feature wall in your new bathroom design provides an excellent way to inject the space with both colour and pattern. There are many options available to help you create the ultimate bathroom feature wall, from using a contrasting colour than that of the balance of your wall tiles, using patterned bathroom tiles that create interest and movement, or even creating a bold mosaic feature wall using colourful glass tiles for a luscious, shimmering effect.

Perini Tiles marble tilesOur impressive Patagon hexagon mosaic tiles are available in four trending colourways, including the soft blush pictured above which perfectly complements the gold bathroom fittings while tying the rose toned basins in with the entire scheme. Bathroom Design: Norsu Interiors.

Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

A wonderfully timeless bathroom design trend, patterned floor tiles instantly create character and charm in any design. From Art Deco styled geometric patterns to ornate, Victorian inspired pieces, patterned floor tiles come in a vast range of styles and colours to help you create a stunning feature element.

Futura bathroom floor tilesIncluding colour in your new bathroom design can be as loud or discreet as you prefer. Our stunning Futura porcelain tile collection features a delicate patterned colour palette, the perfect way to introduce a soft layer of colour in your interior design scheme.

Mosaic Tiles

Using mosaic tiles as a feature element in your new bathroom is a sure-fire way to create a strong burst of colour, texture and pattern in the space. Our Bisazza collections include many exciting pieces, from glistening solid coloured or blended glass tiles to precious metals such as white and yellow golds, Swarovski crystal embeds and even custom designed ornate murals that will create the ultimate show-stopping feature. Our friendly staff at Perini Tiles will assist you with the process of creating your own custom designed mosaic mural, allowing you the freedom to select your favourite patterns, imagery and colours.

Bisazza greg natale mosaicsCreated using luxurious Bisazza glass mosaic tiles, this timeless feature wall uses an achromatic scheme to perfectly complement the bathroom’s design scheme. This design uses Greg Natale’s Bisazza mosaic tile collection which is available in an assortment of stylish colours and patterns.


bathroom mosaic tilesCleo mosaic tiles create an eye catching and striking feature in this powder room. Design- Jasmine McClelland

Bathroom Finishes

Aside from your selected wall and floor tiles, your bathroom finishes will also assist in creating a colour story in your new bathroom design. Vanity tops and cabinetry finishes should ideally complement the balance of your design scheme, acting as a means of tying together the whole look. Engineered stone products (such as Caesarstone for example) provide a luxurious and low maintenance vanity top option that is perfect for the bathroom thanks to its virtually non-porous surface finish. These stones are available in a vast variety of colours, from simulated black or white marbles to timeless speckled granite or terrazzo look products and even modern industrial themed concrete inspired surfaces. 

Bathroom Fittings & Furniture

Stepping away from the more traditional bright chrome bathroom fittings, modern designs now include several different coloured styles including bright gold, aged brass, matte black or pure white, creating an ultra-modern look. Using coloured hand basins can also infuse your design with  a more modern aesthetic, with dyed concrete basins being especially popular in interiors the world over. 

bathroom tile ideasOur range of sleek concrete basins is available in an array of sizes, designs and colours making for the perfect colourful addition to your new bathroom design.

Including stylish pieces of bathroom furniture can also provide pops of colour and texture in your new design. Timber stools or side tables make for the perfect accompaniment to an opulent freestanding bathtub for example, while ornate armoires or small chests of drawers provide an abundance of storage space while also creating a feature of interest in your overall design scheme. 

Lighting Temperatures and Fixtures

Lighting temperatures specify the amount of red versus blue in your lighting. Lighting fixtures that include more red are considered to be warmer toned, casting a soft yellow glow whereas fixtures tinted with blue are considered to be cooler in tone, casting a sharper white to blue colour in the space. Warmer tones are most popular in the bathroom, creating a comforting and soothing atmosphere however your preferences and individual needs will dictate this decision. 


blue bathroom tilesThis Collingwood bathroom renovation by Perini Renovations uses our incredibly colourful Nue ceramic tiles. These delightful ceramic tiles are available in a large variety of deep, luscious colours from ocean and wine tones to lime green and citrus hues. Warm feature lighting adorns the custom made vanity, creating a luscious glow in this soothing design scheme.

Lighting fixtures themselves represent another crucial design element in the bathroom; from luxurious chandeliers to sleek and modern glass fixtures, there are many options available to create the ideal bathroom lighting scheme. Use decorative pendant lights over your bathtub or vanity unit to create a stylish and colourful feature while balancing out your lighting plan with more focused task lights over your vanity mirror.

Bathroom Accessories

Once your bathroom renovation is complete, including selected décor and bathroom accessories will help to accentuate your chosen colour story. Complete your bathroom’s new look using a combination of soft furnishings such as decorative towels and bath mats, vanity accessories such as trays, tumblers and canisters while also adding fresh bursts of colour using artwork, florals and bathroom-friendly plants.

Curate the perfect bathroom colour story with the help of our Design Consultants, available for in-showroom as well as virtual consultations using Zoom and FaceTime. Your Design Consultant will walk you through all of the available options to help you design the perfect bathroom colour scheme, including wall and floor tiles as well as bathroom finishes.