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7 Types of Tiles & Their Best Uses

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Tiles are available in an endless variety of materials, shapes and colours with each option offering its own unique range of benefits and uses throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces. From modern porcelain tiles to traditional terracotta or terrazzo tiles, we explore the different types of tiles and their best uses for your home!

Types of Tiles: Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular tiling options for the home thanks to their many benefits; these tiles are a non-porous option and are resistant to heat, moisture, scratching and staining. These incredible qualities have cemented the popularity of porcelain tiles in all areas of the home as they are a versatile solution that can comfortably be used as floor tile in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, as well as in outdoor spaces for an elegant and luxurious look.

Legno Timber Tiles_types of tiles

Elegant and timeless, the Legno collection offers a stunning representation of rustic timber in a porcelain tile finish. These stylish tiles can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, the perfect alternative to traditional timber finishes!

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are most often restricted to vertical applications only as they are a softer and more lightweight option in comparison to other types of tiles. This quality paves the way for more elaborate and stylised tile designs to be achieved as there is no consideration required in terms of slip resistance or tripping hazards as there would be in the design and creation of floor tiles. Ceramic wall tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious options from lush, glossy tiles to 3D designs and plenty more! Ceramic tiles offer a popular choice as a bathroom wall tile, a laundry or kitchen splashback tile or as a feature wall tile in other areas of the home such as the entry way or living area.

Deco Kit Kat Tiles_Mosaic Tiles

The Deco Kit Kat collection features a luxurious, sleek glaze and a peaked 3D design. These decorative Art Deco inspired tiles make for an excellent feature element in the home being a stylish option as a bathroom wall tile or kitchen splashback tile.

Natural Stone Tiles

From marble tiles to travertine tiles and more, natural stone tiles are available in a vast range of naturally occurring colours and patterns. These tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home, creating a sophisticated and timeless experience in any application. Most natural stone tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile option, being a popular choice for the living area, kitchen or bathroom, as well as a cladding for a large fireplace feature. Some varieties of natural stone tiles can also be used in outdoor spaces however, it is important to note that natural stone tiles are porous and will require sealing.

Caido Collection_Natural Stone Tiles

The Caido collection includes a wide variety of natural stone tile options including marble tiles, travertine tiles and more. Each luxurious option can be used individually or combined with other stones in the same collection to create a luscious patchwork style effect.

Types of Tiles: Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or encaustic tiles) offer a timeless and stylish option that can be used in most areas of the home. These tiles hold a rich history and continue to be handmade around the world using centuries old techniques. Available in a wide selection of vivid colours and patterns as well as modern solid coloured options, concrete tiles offer a timeless choice as a flooring solution or as a wall tile, being especially popular as a living room tile solution. Although concrete tiles can be used as a floor tile in the bathroom, it is advised that they are not the most suitable choice for use as a shower base; certain ingredients found in common bathing cleansers and lotions can be harmful to these tiles and cause discolouration or staining. Instead, porcelain concrete-look tiles offer the next best choice for shower applications.

Greg Natale Cubo Collection_Concrete Tiles

Available in a selection of monochrome pattern tile options, the Greg Natale Cubo concrete tile collection can be used as both a floor and wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces. Concrete tiles will add life, character and charm to any interior design scheme with their smooth finish, vivid patterns and colours.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles offer an incredibly versatile design choice. These tiles are available in an endless range of colour options with an impressive range of different applications. Glass tiles (especially glass mosaic tiles) are most often used to create decorative features throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces with many varieties also being a suitable choice as a pool tile. Recycled glass tiles are emerging as a popular choice for the home, allowing more sustainable options to be included in your next renovation or new home build. From bathroom feature walls to kitchen splashbacks and more, glass tiles offer many different uses throughout the home!

Zafra Recycled Glass Tiles_types of tiles

Made with over 90% recycled glass, our elegant Zafra collection offers a hyper-realistic representation of natural marble. These elegant glass tiles are available in an endless range of shapes and colours and can be used as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Types of Tiles: Terracotta Tiles

A rustic option that offers a traditional, country style look in the home, terracotta tiles are most often used as a floor tile solution throughout the home’s interior spaces. These tiles are also a popular choice as an outdoor tile in covered areas such as a verandah for example. Similar to concrete tiles and natural stone tiles, terracotta tiles are porous and will need sealing however, their incredible charm and timeless appeal make for a stunning and timeless choice!

Prato Terracotta Tiles_types of tiles

Handmade in Mexico, the Prato Terracotta collection is a celebration of texture and shape. The collection includes a range of different shapes and sizes that can be used as an interior floor or wall tile.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are created using a random assortment of marble or coloured glass chips that are scattered into a concrete base. These types of tiles can often be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, making for a popular option where a timeless look is desired. Made of durable concrete, you will find that terrazzo tiles will offer a lifetime of use and enjoyment!

Ditto Terrazzo

Smooth, elegant and full of character, the Ditto terrazzo mosaic tile collection combines the classic style of a traditional terrazzo with the modern Kit Kat tile format. These modern tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, allowing for a creative finishing touch to any design scheme.

There are many different types of tiles, each offering its own unique set of benefits and uses throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces. From stylish natural stone tiles to shimmering glass mosaic tiles, you will find an endless range of exciting designer tile options to suit just about any application in your next project. Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the tile selection process, offering their best design tips as we curate the perfect colour palette for your next project!