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7 simple ways to update your bathroom without undertaking a major renovation

Australian homeowners spend an average of $19,500 on a bathroom renovation, usually accounting for approximately 2% of the property’s overall market value. Of course, each individual renovation can vary greatly depending on your selected finishes and fixtures however there are other ways of sprucing up your home without undertaking a major renovation.

If your existing bathroom is still in good enough condition but can simply use a bit of a refresh, there are many strategies that can help you breathe new life into the space, from reorganising your storage, to resurfacing your fittings, grout and bathroom tiles. 

De-Clutter and Reorganise your Bathroom Storage 

The first step to revamping your bathroom is to take some time to clear out the clutter and organise your existing storage space. This will allow you to gain a clear picture of which areas need work, whether or not you need to include more storage and of course, offer you a fresh and tidy canvas to work with! 

Clear up any items from your vanity top, bath surround or wall shelves, as well as from your vanity storage and medicine cabinet. Purge unwanted items while also taking note of which products you prefer to keep in a spot where they will be easily and quickly accessible. These are the items you will be storing either on your vanity top or medicine cabinet, as well as on your bathroom wall shelves. All other products should be neatly tucked away in your vanity storage where they will still be accessible but won’t be needed on the daily. 

red travertine collectionA modern bathroom design will benefit from a clear and clutter-free look. Only keep the necessities on display on your vanity top such as your toothbrushes, soap dispenser and hand towel. Our Red Travertine mosaic tiles create the perfect neutral backdrop for the sleek timber vanity unit in this design which includes ample storage space for all those extra bathroom products.

After cleaning up, you will be better able to evaluate your bathroom’s existing storage and see where (if any) improvements can be made. Storage solutions to consider include: Drawer dividers, additional wall shelves, freestanding storage cupboards (separate from your vanity unit), etc. You may also want to find space for a small bin and laundry hamper if possible, which will help keep your bathroom tidy and organised, making household chores much smoother!

Fresh Paint & Window Treatments

It is incredible just how much of an impact a fresh coat of paint can make in a home! Clean, prepare and repaint your bathroom’s ceiling, walls, architraves and skirting boards to help revitalise the space. Complement your new paintwork with new window treatments; Plantation shutters are especially popular in the bathroom as they provide both privacy and style while also being an incredibly low maintenance option. Other options include roller blinds made of a water resistant fabric that can be easily wiped down and cleaned, as well as simple and modern venetian blinds. 

Re-Finish or Replace Bathroom Fittings

If you find that your bathroom fittings and fixtures are getting a little dated and tired, you can choose to either re-finish or replace these items. Shower bases, bathtubs and basins can be resurfaced using specifically formulated products that will breathe new life into your bathroom, extending the life of your fittings. Although there are many DIY solutions on offer from brands such as Dulux or Rustoleum, there are also plenty of services available that can professionally resurface your fittings and bathroom tiles for a fresh new look. 

Rejuvenating your Bathroom Tiles & Grout

Tired of the look of your existing tiles? If they are still in great condition but are simply looking dated, you have a few options available that will help you create a modern look. 

Start by deep cleaning your existing grout:

How to Clean Bathroom Grout: Using warm soapy water, remove surface dirt and grime from your tiles and grout, followed by a solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray your grout and allow to sit for about 5 minutes before scrubbing off for a deep grout clean. Melamine foam cleaning erasers can also be used where dirt and grime requires a more intense scrub to efficiently remove. 

After thoroughly cleansing your existing grout, wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles, you’ll have a better idea of what your next steps should be. Your options include: keeping the existing set up (the power of a deep clean can work wonders after all!), painting your grout with specialised grout paint pens, painting both your grout and tiles using specialised tile paints or completely replacing the existing grout and/or tiles. Although all of these solutions can be completed as a DIY project, we always recommend consulting a professional if you are uncertain of how to proceed.

Refreshing your Vanity Unit

Refreshing your existing vanity unit can be quite simple; once again, you will find specialised products that can be used to paint over the existing cabinetry finish to create a fresh new look in your bathroom. It is important to properly note the existing cabinetry finish that has been used on your vanity unit (i.e. laminate, solid timber, vinyl wrap, etc.) as each product will require different methods of preparation to ensure the new paint properly adheres to the surface and has a long lasting finish. Your local paint store will be able to offer advice for how to properly prepare each material and which paints are the most suitable for the intended application. Further update the overall look of your bathroom vanity with a new set of cabinetry handles or knobs; these items can easily be swapped out to provide a fresh new look in the space. Replacing knobs is a very straight forward swap however, you should ensure you’ve correctly measured the space in between the existing drill holes if you are replacing larger handles so you can be on the lookout for the same sizing in your new hardware. 

Verona collectionOur Verona porcelain tiles offer an ultra-realistic simulation of natural terrazzo tiles, providing a soft neutral backdrop for the crisp white vanity unit in this bathroom design. Your vanity unit can be refinished using specific preparation techniques and paints for a fresh new look.

Replace Shower Screens & Mirrors

A worn out shower screen can seriously date your entire bathroom design. A new frameless or semi-frameless shower screen will work wonders in breathing new life into your bathroom interior while also ensuring your family’s safety. Many older screens use float glass (which normally breaks into sharp shards) whereas a new shower screen will be made using safety glass (or tempered glass) which instead, crumbles into smaller pieces upon impact, drastically minimising the risk of injury in the home. 

Your existing bathroom mirrors can also be replaced if necessary, once again providing a fresh new look in your bathroom. You can also choose to include a luxurious new wall mounted mirror on a blank wall, which will not only serve a practical use but also help create the impression of added space in a smaller bathroom.

Accessories & Décor

Finally, finish off your newly revamped bathroom with matching accessories and decorative pieces. These items will complete your new look and tie together all the elements of your design to create a more cohesive and consistent style. Include stylish storage trays on your countertop to house your soap dispenser, tumblers and other smaller accessories you would like to keep within close reach, replace your bathroom towels, floor mats and hand towels to complement your colour scheme and consider including new pot plants, flower arrangements or hanging plants for a vibrant burst of lush greenery as a means of introducing the beauty of nature into your home. 

Washington collectionInclude accessories in your bathroom that will complement the space’s existing style and colour scheme, creating a consistent and stylish look. Our soft grey Washington porcelain tiles are a perfect contrast to the bold black vanity unit and accessories in this contemporary bathroom design, offering the perfect neutral backdrop.

Updating your bathroom does not need to include a major renovation, especially when all the space really needs is a simple update. These strategies will help you create a luxury bathroom look for less, offering a new lease on life for your existing space. You will find a world of inspiration in our Richmond tile showroom where our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you with your design choices and colour schemes.