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6 Subway Tiles for Bathroom Bliss

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Subway tiles for bathroom design have certainly evolved over the years to include a vast range of luxurious and varied options. Taking a step away from the traditional sleek white subway tiles we are used to seeing, new tile designs embrace elements of texture, shape and colour to offer something fresh and new to our home’s interior spaces. From elegant marble tiles to luscious textured subway tiles and more, we explore some of the latest subway tiles for the bathroom.

Textured Subway Tiles for Bathroom Character

Textured subway tiles will add a wonderfully tactile element in your bathroom design scheme, creating a charming space that is full of character. Combine a range of rich textures in your overall bathroom design scheme to create a luxurious, nature inspired aesthetic that will offer a strong sense of tranquillity, perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom. The example below combines a matte white subway tile across the walls with timber textures and natural stone fittings to create a soothing experience that is bursting with character!

Brickland_Subway Tiles for Bathroom

Available in a white gloss tile and a matte white subway tile option, Brickland features a wonderfully textured surface finish that will add a tactile touch in your new bathroom design scheme.

A Charming Aesthetic with Handmade Look Tiles

Further exploring the element of texture in the bathroom, handmade and handmade look tiles will once again create an irresistibly tactile experience in your interior design scheme. Handmade tiles will feature irregularities in their colour, texture, shape and size as a result of the hand crafting process; when these elements are paired together, they create a luscious, rich and earthy touch in the home. Whether you opt for an authentic handmade tile or a machine made tiling option that has been designed to appear handmade, these types of tiles will add a sense of warmth and character in your interior design scheme.

Marbella Pink Tiles

Our luxurious Marbella subway tiles are available in an impressive selection of rich, earthy colours, each featuring a luscious glazed finish. With an elegant variation of tone and texture, the Marbella subway tiles will instantly elevate your bathroom design scheme, filling the space with colour and light.

Marble Subway Tiles for Bathroom Luxury

Real marble tiles have become synonymous with luxury interior design since ancient times. Being one of the most popular bathroom tile choices, these luxurious stone tiles are available in a wide selection of naturally occurring marble colours and patterns ranging from soft whites to deep blacks, lush pink tones and even elegant pistachio tile options, each offering its own unique sense of character to any style of bathroom design. Marble bathroom tiles will last a lifetime with the right care and treatment; visit our Resources page for more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles.

Calacatta Marble Subway Tiles

Our Calacatta marble tile collection includes a wide variety of tile shapes or formats including a classic subway tile option. This soft and elegant bathroom design scheme uses a marble tile to form a timeless herringbone tile design, adding a soft touch of pattern to the space.

Playful Patterns with Subway Tiles

A great way to introduce more of a unique touch in your bathroom’s design scheme is to get creative with your tile layout. The classic brick bond layout is the most often used subway tile layout however, there are any different ways you can lay these stylish tiles; visit our quick guide here for more inspiration on creative bathroom tile layout options. This technique will add a luxurious element of pattern in your bathroom’s design scheme while also allowing you the option of creating your own unique touch, making the space feel more personal and specific to your own creative vision.

Taffee Subway Tiles for Bathroom

A lush, ultra-glossy wall tile option, Taffee is available in a selection of soft pastel tones as well as an elegant white tile option to suit a range of different interior design styles. These luxurious subway tiles can be laid in a range of creative patterns from the classic brick bond style to a unique basket weave pattern and more.

Modern Subway Tiles for a Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary and modern styled bathrooms focus on creating a sleek and minimal style. With an emphasis on clean and crisp colour palettes as well as structured lines and shapes, this style of bathroom design embraces minimalism while allowing you to add bold pops of colour or texture as a means of introducing more character in your design. Our Studio Wall Tiles collection offers the perfect subway tile option for a modern design scheme being a simple and elegant classic format with an endless selection of colour options to choose from.

Studio Wall Tiles

Available in a selection of modern and contemporary colour options, our stylish Studio wall tiles will add a luxurious element of texture and pattern in your new bathroom design scheme.

Light Vs. Shadow

A great way to add more interest in your bathroom design scheme is to experiment with 3D tiles that play on light and shadow to create bold patterns. 3D tiles combine raised and lowered surfaces that can be highlighted with feature lighting to enhance their form, adding a dynamic touch in your bathroom’s interior design scheme. Most often restricted to wall applications only due to their shape and texture, these tiles offer the perfect solution when you are looking to create a stylish bathroom feature wall.

Viva Subway Tiles for Bathroom

Our elegant Viva collection includes 3D tiles as well as classic subway tiles and square tile options. The smooth matte finish creates a wonderfully tactile quality in the bathroom while the endless range of modern colour choices offers a world of design possibilities!

Using subway tiles for the bathroom allows for an incredibly vast and varied range of design aesthetics to be achieved with options available to suit any style of interior design. From modern 3D tiles to timeless natural stone tiles, there are many exciting options available to choose from! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you at each step of the tile selection process, offering expert advice that will help you nail your new bathroom design – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!