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6 Stylish Bathroom Feature Walls

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When creating your new bathroom’s colour scheme, designating a feature wall will allow you to get creative with your colour and material selections. Bathroom feature walls are often the central focal point of the room, often used as a means of ‘framing’ particular features such as a luxurious vanity unit, a freestanding bathtub or an oversized shower area. There are many different feature wall tile options available to choose from including luxurious natural stones, glass tiles, handmade tiles and plenty more! Each of these exciting options will add a glamorous finishing touch to your new bathroom, allowing you to explore your creative side when curating that perfect bathroom colour scheme in your next renovation or build.

Warm & Welcoming: Natural Stone Bathroom Feature Walls

Natural stone tiles are available in an endless range of luxurious options from sophisticated marble tiles to rustic travertine tiles and more. Natural stone has long been a favourite choice for the bathroom thanks to the rich and opulent quality it creates in any style of interior, from traditional to modern design aesthetics. It is important to note that natural stones are porous and will require sealing. Suitable cleaning products should be used on these stylish materials that are specific to natural stone materials in order to ensure their longevity. To find out more, visit our Resources section for specific advice on different types of natural stone tile options.

Red Travertine Tiles_Bathroom Tiles

Available in an array of modern tile shapes our Red Travertine tiles are suitable for use as a floor or wall tile solution. These warm and rustic natural stone tiles can be used in the bathroom to create a stunning feature wall, effortlessly complementing a range of trending bathroom materials and finishes such as brass, concrete or timber.

Tactile & Full of Character: Handmade & Handmade-Look Wall Tiles

Handmade tiles offer a wonderfully tactile finish in the bathroom as their textured, undulating surface finish plays with the light in the space, creating an ethereal effect. Traditionally handmade tiles will show irregularities in their colour, shape, texture and thickness as a result of the hand crafting process which work together to create a stunning patchwork-like style. As can be expected of a handmade product, these tiles can fetch quite a price tag! If you are looking to recreate this look at a different price point, handmade look tiles are the next best thing. These tile collections are machine made however, they are designed to emulate the look and feel of an authentically handmade product.

Metro Handmade Look Tiles_Bathroom Feature Walls

The stunning Metro glazed porcelain tile collection offers a realistic alternative to handmade tile products, complete with variations in colour and texture for an authentic touch. These stylish designer tiles are available in a selection of luxurious nature-inspired colours from deep, ocean blue tiles to warm sand toned tile options.

A Luxurious Touch: Glass Tile Bathroom Feature Walls

Glass tiles are famously hygienic, offering a low maintenance and stain resistant surface finish that is especially handy in the bathroom! Glass tiles are available in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes with mosaic tile formats being the most popular glass tile solution. Recycled glass tiles are another popular choice as a bathroom feature wall as they offer a sustainable design option in a range of exciting different colour options.

Greg Natale Bisazza_Glass Mosaic Tiles

A collaborative effort between renowned designer Greg Natale and the prestigious Italian glass tile house of Bisazza, this collection of glass mosaic tiles offers a selection of stunning modern patterns that will create a luxurious and sophisticated look in your new bathroom.

Adding Colour & Energy with Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles create a soft, vintage touch in the bathroom, adding a sense of energy as well as colour in the space. These types of tiles can be found in an endless range of options from soft floral designs to bold, structured geometric patterns, offering a solution to suit any style of interior design. Use pattern tiles to add a strong sense of character in your new bathroom’s design scheme as you experiment with a variety of designs, shapes and colours.

Dolce Pattern Tiles_Bathroom Feature Walls

The exciting Dolce collection includes a range of stylish pattern options, each with a subtle retro or vintage inspiration. These tiles will create a luxurious look as a bathroom feature wall, adding a strong sense of character and charm to your interior design scheme.

Shape & Pattern with Crazy Paver Tiles

Crazy paver tiles have traditionally been used as an outdoor tiling solution to add a sense of character and pattern in outdoor spaces. Introduce this playful look in your new bathroom’s design scheme using crazy paver wall tiles instead! These tiles are made using a combination of different sized pieces of marble, creating a unique and enigmatic look in any style of interior design. Our crazy paver collection is available in a variety of different marble options from soft blush tones to luxe milky whites and more.

Crazy Paver Tiles_Bathroom Feature Walls_Pink Tiles

Our Crazy Paver tile collection is suitable for use in the bathroom as a flooring or wall tile solution, making for a stylish and playful feature wall idea.

Porcelain Tile Bathroom Feature Walls

Porcelain tiles offer a famously low maintenance solution in the bathroom. These tiles are resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat, making them one of the most durable solutions for the home. Thanks to these impressive qualities, porcelain tile collections have grown to include options that perfectly mimic the look and feel of a variety of different materials from concrete to natural stone and even timber. There are many exciting different porcelain tile options available to choose from, allowing you to create a spectacular bathroom feature wall using any type of material or finish you like!

Argo Porcelain Tiles_Blue Tiles

The dynamic Argo Porcelain tile collection includes a stunning range of colours available in the trending hexagon tile format. Each tile interlocks with the next to create a seamless geometric pattern, perfect for use as a bathroom feature tile.

There are many different bathroom feature wall tiles available to choose from, each offering its own range of characteristics and qualities to your overall interior design scheme. When creating your new bathroom’s colour palette, our team at Perini Tiles is on hand at every step of the way to offer expert advice. Visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for tiles online here to get started on your next project!