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6 Quick Tips for Small Bathrooms

Designing a small bathroom can be tricky as there are no rules of what can or cannot be included.  There are many factors that play a part when selecting styles, finishes and colours for your new space.  Important elements such as natural light, floor plan layout and height of ceilings  all need to be taken in to consideration.


The style of your new small bathroom should be an extension of the existing home and the transition should look seamless.  Consider key features and details of the style and era of the home.  For example, if you have a period style home, choose specific colours and features that you can bring into your new bathroom.  Use this as a jumping point and then add other favourite pieces to blend the look.

Bathroom Renovation South Melbourne
Bathroom Renovation South Melbourne

Bold features such as black wall tiles, paint colour and Nero Marquina bench top have have been specifically introduced to this bathroom to reflect the rest of the home built and designed in the art deco period. The vanity is the statement piece and adds a modern yet classical ambience to the space.


Selecting bathroom furniture and fixtures can be tricky in a small space. Obviously the piece needs to be the correct size but other factors need to be considered also.  This is where your bathroom builder can guide you.  They will ensure fixtures will not only fit in their designated spots but will also consider the clearance needed for necessary items such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and powerpoint outlets just to name a few. An expert can also recommend space saving options such as frameless sliding shower screens. They are not only practical but being frameless will appear almost invisible making your bathroom feel more spacious.


In small bathrooms it’s a good idea to opt for a wall-mounted sink or pedestal basin.  This will save up a lot of space and give the illusion of a bigger floor area.  Of course the downside to this style of vanity is storage.  If this is a concern, go for a wall mounted vanity that is recessed off the floor.  It will give you the storage you need and still create extra floor space.

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Small Details – Maximum Impact!

Small bathrooms allow the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and in a small space simple details can make all the difference.  The below bathroom is the perfect example of how the designer has added black detail throughout to accentuate specific elements.  In this mainly white bathroom the black detail has been carefully considered in the fixtures forming a consistent and harmonious blend between floor and wall.

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Image Source- Helen McVean Projects


Unfortunately many small bathrooms are starved of natural light making them look dull and gloomy  but you can take advantage of this opportunity by adding an exciting lighting feature.   This not only becomes the statement piece of the bathroom but also acts as an essential element of the space.

Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Lighting, Helen McVean Projects

Image Source- Helen McVean Projects

Feature walls

Many people believe that adding a feature wall is not necessary or is too difficult to achieve in a small bathroom.  There are many clever ways to add interest and creativity to a small space without going overboard. A wow factor tile behind the vanity or a subtle coloured mosaic is all it takes to add a dash of sophistication

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Image Source- Helen McVean Projects
Tiles- Cobre copper mosaic tiles


An effective look for small bathrooms is to bring your wall tiles all the way to the ceiling.  This will elongate and create a sense of height to the space.  Using mainly white glossy tiles will also bounce light creating a light and bright ambience. When it comes to choosing tile sizes it’s important to keep formats in proportion.  Mixing sizes can create interest and texture but consider carefully and keep at a minimum so as not to overwhelm the space.  Grout colours should match the tile used in order to minimise contrast and create a more seamless look.

Bathroom Renovation South Melbourne
Bathroom Renovation South Melbourne