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6 Fresh Subway Tile Ideas

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Subway tiles were first created for use as a hygienic wall cladding solution for the underground subway stations of New York City, hence the name ‘subway’. These classic small format rectangular tiles were first available as a classic white gloss tile however, there have been many modern iterations since then that breathe new life into this timeless design solution. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite subway tile ideas and options that show just how versatile modern subway tile designs have become!

Subway Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Modern subway tile collections include outdoor tile solutions. These outdoor tiles offer a wonderfully tactile decorative finishing touch to your outdoor design scheme being an excellent solution as an outdoor wall tile or floor tile. You may also consider using outdoor subway tiles as a cladding solution for your home’s facades to create a stunning look that will instantly elevate your home’s street appeal!

Bata Brick Tiles

Our rustic Bata collection offers a stunning distressed brick tile option that is available in a selection of classic colour options. These stylish subway tiles can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, offering a versatile design solution.

Handmade Look Subway Tile Ideas

Handmade tiles create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. These tiles are characterised by their luxuriously tactile finish, featuring variations in their thickness, texture, colour and size as a result of the hand making process. As can be expected of a handmade product however, authentic handmade tiles can be a pricey option; if you are looking to achieve this same designer look at a different price point, handmade look tiles are the next best solution!

Although machine made, these tiles are designed to emulate the appearance and texture of a true handmade tile with similar variations in texture, shape and colour to enhance their realistic appearance. Handmade look subway tiles can be used in the home as a bathroom wall tile, as a kitchen wall tile or as a decorative feature in other applications such as the laundry or living area.

Brickland Bathroom Tiles

Our stylish Brickland collection combines classic square and subway tile shapes to create a luxurious sense of pattern in the home. These tiles are designed to offer a handmade appearance with each individual tile being unique from the next to enhance their realistic handmade appearance.

Combining Tile Shapes

A great way to freshen up the classic subway tile look is to combine these rectangular tiles with other tile shapes or materials. Using classic white subway tiles as a starting point, complement your subway tiles with a tile option in a different shape, colour or material to create a contrasting look in your design scheme. The example below combines timeless white subway tiles with luxurious white marble tiles to create a sophisticated and elegant look in the kitchen.

Fracture White Tiles_Subway Tile Ideas

An elegant gloss tile option, our Fracture collection will easily complement a range of stylish materials and tile shapes to create a unique take on the traditional subway tile look.

Vertically Stacked Subway Tile Ideas

Subway tiles are often seen in the traditional brick bond layout however, there are many different looks you can achieve with these stylish tiles that will create a more modern and personal touch. Vertically stacking your subway wall tiles will create a luxurious look in any application, being especially popular in the bathroom. Furthermore, a vertical tile layout will create a sense of height in a room, making this an effective solution for spaces with a lower ceiling.

Riverside Handmade Look Tiles

Available in a wide range of colours from neutral tones to vibrant hues, our Riverside collection adds a glimmering touch in any application. These versatile wall tiles can be used to create any number of stylish layout patterns such as the vertically stacked style feature in this example.

Using Subway Tiles as a Fireplace Surround

Tiling your fireplace surround is an excellent way to create a low maintenance solution in the home. There are many exciting tiling solutions available that will suit this type of applications including natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles and even concrete tiles. Using subway tiles as a fireplace surround cladding will add a strong element of interest and texture in your home while also allowing you to get creative with their layout style and pattern.

Volos Stone Subway Tiles_Subway Tile Ideas

Our elegant Volos tiles are a natural stone solution that can be used to clad your fireplace surround and hearth. These luxurious stone tiles can be laid in any number of tile layouts to create a sense of pattern and texture in your home.

Cladding Cabinetry with Tiles

A great way to add a dramatic touch to your home’s overall design scheme is to clad your cabinetry’s fixed panels with tiles. This is a popular solution for the face of kitchen islands and bar seating areas as the tiles provide an added layer of protection while also adding a decorative feature that can be highlighted with the use of feature lighting. With subway tiles being available in such a wide range of styles and colours, you have complete freedom in creating the perfect colour scheme in your new kitchen!

Taffee_Subway Tile Ideas

Our stylish Taffee collection includes bevelled and plain glossy subway tiles in a selection of soft colours. These sleek tiles create a playful yet timeless look in the home, being an excellent choice when looking to clad you kitchen cabinetry.

Subway tiles can be used in a wide range of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Taking a step away from the traditional white subway look, these subway tile ideas embrace texture, colour and pattern to create a unique and elegant finishing touch in the home. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the tile selection process to help you discover the very best options to suit your project’s budget and unique design style; visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here.