5 Ways to Style your Bathroom with Glass Mosaic Tiles


1. Statement Floor

Be adventurous with your selection. Go for a bold mosaic colour or pattern on the floor to bring drama and zest to the bathroom.

Bisazza’s 20.97 Le Gemme creates texture and movement to the floor due to the variation of colour tones.

Bisazza Winter Flowers

2.  Get Courageous

Using mosaic tiles on walls, floors and even ceilings sounds a little extreme but if you have a small bathroom, this could be your solution to creating the ultimate creative space with a whole heap of wow factor.

The Audrey blend (left) achieves an elegant look whilst the Gladiolo shading blend (right) creates strong visual impact with its gradation of blue tones.

3.  Feature Wall

A mosaic feature wall enhances visual interest and is your chance to bring in your personality to the space.

Bisazza- Liaisons used as a feature wall

Bisazza- Bouquet

Customised Bisazza pattern

4. Florals

Bring beauty and sophistication to your bathroom with floral patterns.  Whether bold and dramatic or simple and understated, florals add an elegant touch to a classic design.

Bisazza- Hanami Azzuro

Bisazza- Winter Flowers, Oro Nero

5. Bring in the Bling!

Take your bathroom to the ultimate level of luxury by using gold mosaics.  Bring in the bling with Bisazza’s patterns that include a sprinkling of gold for a subtle look, or be more daring and create maximum impact with Bisazza’s Peonia shading blend.

Bisazza- Hermitage

Bisazza- Peonia