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5 Ways to Add Style to your Bathroom

Creating your own unique sense of style in the bathroom can easily be achieved using a range of different options. Your new bathroom tiles will set the groundwork for the space’s overall look and feel while bathroom furniture, accessories, wall and ceiling paint will provide those all-important finishing touches to help you create a space that is truly unique and personal. Bathroom accessories, non-fixed furniture items and wall paint can all be easily swapped out as trends change over time making these bathroom necessities the key to creating a range of different looks in your home. 

1. Set the Scene

Creating a unique look in the space using a combination of bathroom tiles will set the scene for your own unique style, laying the foundation for your entire colour scheme. A sure-fire solution to creating a perfectly balanced bathroom colour scheme is to use a range of neutral tones and nature inspired finishes, creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere that offers the bonus of being easily customisable with a range of colourful accessories. 

A neutral bathroom colour scheme provides the perfect backdrop for a range of exciting different colours and textures. Our White Walls & Basics collection features an array of different sizes and shapes in classic black and white options to help you create the perfect neutral scheme in any space. Bathroom design by Helen McVean Projects

Alternatively, selecting a feature colour for the space will instantly create a sense of style and drama in the bathroom while also offering the perfect inspirational point for the balance of your decorative accessories or artwork. Your feature colour can be introduced into the design using a range of options: you can use feature wall tiles or bathroom floor tiles for example to make a statement or a brightly coloured vanity unit instead to create a strong custom vibe in your new design. 

2. Ceiling and Wall Paint

Traditionally, any wall space in the bathroom that is not tiled is most often painted white, as is the ceiling. These blank areas provide an excellent creative opportunity in the bathroom however and can also be easily re-painted as trends change over time. By choosing a colour other than white for your bathroom walls, you can create a spectacular contrast with your bathroom tiles while also adding a personal touch to the space. In spaces with lower ceilings, sticking to a classic white ceiling paint is of course ideal however, you have a little more freedom to play with colour in rooms with higher ceilings. Black ceiling paint for example, can create a dramatic touch in a monochrome bathroom design, providing a strong contrasting element. This look will work exceptionally well in spaces that feature a lot of glossy white pieces that will allow light to still travel throughout the interior for a design that is still bright and airy.

3. Bathroom Accessories

Once you’ve set the foundations of your new design’s colour scheme using your preferred combination of bathroom tiles, you can get creative with a range of accessories, bathroom furniture and artwork. Using your bathroom’s main colour scheme as inspiration, select a range of accessories that will complement the colours and textures present to create a harmonious experience in the space. 

The exciting Lumia wall tiles adorn this luxurious bathroom design, creating a striking metallic feature element in this neutral toned space. The look is perfectly tied together with the use of aged brass elements as well as soft concrete-look accessories to create a soothing look. Bathroom design by Glenco Building Group

Concrete or terrazzo bathroom accessories are an especially exciting trend we’ll be seeing more of throughout 2021 including vanity accessories such as tumblers and trays as well as soap dispensers. These earthy textures provide the perfect complement to many different popular trending bathroom tile options, from marble look porcelain tiles to more colourful and vibrant retro inspired tiles, creating a perfectly balanced look and style in your new bathroom.

4. Bathroom Furniture 

Bathroom furniture can include loose items such as stools, bath caddies and storage units as well as fixed items such as bathtubs and unique hand basins. An emerging trend we’ll be seeing plenty more of throughout 2021 is the use of more natural materials in the design of bathroom furniture. Materials such as natural stone and concrete are becoming increasingly popular in bath and basin designs, offering a wonderfully tactile and earthy element to your overall bathroom design scheme. These materials can be complemented or contrasted with an impressive range of colours and textures making them a highly versatile feature for the modern bathroom. 

This bathroom design uses a natural stone freestanding bathtub that is perfectly matched with the tall basins to create a spa-like atmosphere in the space. Our stylish handmade-look Brickland wall tiles make for the perfect complement to the organic beauty of the materials used in the design, perfectly balancing each element.

Complement the natural surfaces of your fixed bathroom fittings with a range of furniture options such as bath stools and caddies as well as small storage units. Bamboo is an especially popular material in the home thanks to its strength, durability and warm colouring.

5. Using Plants in the Bathroom

There are many varieties of plants that thrive in the humid environment of the bathroom. Including a touch of greenery in the space will instantly lift and energise the entire vibe of your design and create a spectacularly soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Peace Lilies and even Orchids are all excellent options for the bathroom, each providing a luscious burst of colour to your design while also adding to the tranquil vibe that is desired in this area of the home. 

Each of these decorating solutions will allow you to create the ultimate personal experience in your home’s new bathroom while also allowing you the freedom to easily change the space’s entire look over time as trends evolve or change. Our design experts will guide you through the process of selecting your new bathroom tiles while also offering assistance in the curation of a complete colour palette for your next bathroom design project, inclusive of cabinetry finishes and stone vanity tops. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation with our staff to get started on your design journey!