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5 Trending Geometric Bathroom Tiles

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Geometric bathroom tiles provide the perfect design element when you are looking to add a stylish feature in your bathroom’s design scheme. There are many elegant tiles available to choose from with options available to suit just about any style of interior design, from classic to contemporary. We’ve selected some of our favourite choices in geometric bathroom tiles to help inspire your next bathroom design or renovation project!

Rainbow Prism Geometric Bathroom Tiles

Playful, colourful and full of character, the Rainbow Prism collection offers a wonderfully unique geometric bathroom tile option. These show-stopping wall tiles will add a creative touch in the bathroom, being an incredibly rich pattern tile solution. The Rainbow Prism collection is a stylish hexagon tile option that features elegant geometric patterns in a variety of vibrant colours. Suitable for walls and floors, these stunning decorative tiles will add a dynamic look in your new bathroom design scheme!

Rainbow Prism Hexagon Tiles_Geometric Bathroom Tiles

A stunning hexagon tile, Rainbow Prism features connecting patterns in a vibrant range of colours. These stylish bathroom tiles will add a dynamic and playful touch in your bathroom design scheme!

Moroccan Inspired Geometric Bathroom Tiles

An elegant and sophisticated option that is inspired by luxurious Moroccan tile design, our latest range of geometric bathroom tiles includes a selection of rich and earthy colour options and patterns. Aptly named Oasis, this collection of elegant wall tiles can be used to add a timeless touch in your new bathroom’s design scheme, creating a strong sense of pattern and texture while using a soft colour palette.

Oasis Moroccan Tiles_Geometric Bathroom Tiles

The elegant Spanish made Oasis porcelain tiles offer a rich and earthy colour palette in a selection of stylish tile shapes and patterns. These stunning geometric bathroom tiles offer endless possibilities when creating the perfect colour scheme in the bathroom, complementing a range of trending and timeless materials and finishes such as gold, brass, concrete or timber.

Decorative Triangle Tiles

Triangle tiles have long been included in interiors as a means of injecting a sense of pattern in a design. These timeless tiles are available in a wide selection of colours, finishes and materials, allowing the creation of any range of stylish interior design styles while also complementing a variety of different patterns and materials. Triangle tiles can be used to create stunning geometric features in the bathroom, being a popular option as a bathroom feature wall tile within a shower area or behind a vanity unit.

Cleo Triangle Tiles

The elegant Cleo collection includes a selection of triangle tiles as well as coordinating classic rectangular shaped tiles to help you create a consistent colour scheme in your next bathroom renovation project.

Elegant Marble Tiles for the Bathroom

Real marble tiles offer a timeless and sophisticated choice for the home. Marble tiles are available in a wide selection of naturally occurring colours and veining, allowing you a world of creative options to choose from when creating your bathroom design scheme. From classic soft white marble varieties to striking emerald green marbles and more, there are many exciting options available! Our Marmo marble tile collection is designed by renowned Australian Interior Designer, Greg Natale. This luxurious natural marble collection combines different types of marbles to create dynamic geometric designs and patterns using a variety of shapes and patterns. These elegant tiles can be used in the bathroom as a floor or wall tile solution, creating a rich and opulent vibe in this area of the home.

Greg Natale Marmo II_Real Marble Tiles

Greg Natale’s Marmo II collection includes a variety of natural marbles in an array of elegant shapes and patterns, allowing the creation of visually striking interiors.

Fishscale Mosaic Tiles

A common feature of traditional and contemporary Moorish and Mediterranean architecture and design, fishscale tiles are most commonly used as a wall tile solution, offering a stylish yet timeless touch to any style of interior design. Also referred to as ‘fan tiles’, traditional fishscale tiles make for the perfect statement piece in the bathroom, offering a wide selection of elegant colours and materials to choose from. You will find many exciting designer tile options available in this format from richly textured handmade ceramic tiles to natural stone tiles and more!

Carrara Marble Fishscale Tiles

Our elegant Carrara marble tiles are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and formats including the classic fishscale tile option. These stunning geometric bathroom tiles are made of real marble, offering a rich and refined quality to any style of interior design.

Geometric bathroom tiles can be used to create dramatic features in your design scheme, adding the rich elements of pattern, texture and shape. Our Melbourne tile showroom houses an immense and ever growing collection of stunning bathroom feature tiles in a vast range of elegant shapes, materials and sizes – Visit us or shop for tiles online here to get started on your bathroom renovation project!